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Unexpected Moving Expenses

Unexpected Moving Expenses You Should Know About


If you have planned to move, the higher probability is that you have made a moving checklist with properly calculated moving expenses. Right from the gas, cleaners, packers to the movers, you have anticipated the costs you are likely to incur. Unfortunately, moving is a complex process and you are likely to spend more than you have planned for. Some of the unexpected moving expenses you should anticipate to avoid ripping off your budget include:


Unbudgeted Storage Costs

You may realize that your new home is too small right after moving in and may need extra storage space for your belongings. Whether you consider it as short-term or long-term storage space, the truth is you will incur costs to acquire the storage space.


Replacement Costs

When moving, chances are that, you will leave some of the old appliances and household items behind to make a change in you your new house. When unpacking you will realize that some of the appliances you left behind played a good part in your house. Thus you will have to replace the stuffs in your new home. The damaged stuff during packing and loading and maybe refurnish your new home.  Stocking up on minor items like laundry supplies, power extensions, dust bins, empty packages, could also add up to the costs. This could cost you a huge chunk of money, hence set aside money to sort the replacements.


Utility Costs

There’s no doubt that you need utilities such as water, electricity and gas in your home. Moving into a new house can increase your bills for this services. For example, moving to a larger house could mean more utilities and higher charges for the same. Some utility providers may also charge you for installation and transfer services.


Changes in Insurance Rates or Coverage

Whether it is your health, car, or rental, your residential address affects your insurance rates. Moving could also prompt you to change your insurance company if your current is not functional for your new location. This could cause a change in your budget so prepare for that. The better part is you can get lower insurance rates if you are lucky enough.


Miscellaneous Costs

As much as you try to account for every cost, it is hard to anticipate every moving expense. Set aside some money for needs that you may not project beforehand. These costs may be less, but could be a big deal after they add up to significant costs. Preparing ahead will help you swerve smoothly.

Moving comes with a lot of changes and can be stressful. Planning ahead will help you anticipate you expenses and allocate resources accordingly. As you plan, make sure you give yourself allowance for things you may not anticipate now for an easy moving process. You may get a free moving quote from a full service moving company and get a range of how much you are likely to spend.

Moving on a Strict Budget?

Moving on a Strict Budget? Yes it can be done

Moving homes is never easy. As the dreaded moving day looms, anxiety and tempers arise in your household. Moving requires you to temporarily put your entire life into dozens of boxes while you relocate between locations. Nonetheless, there are many ways to make the whole moving process easy. Professional movers are now aplenty and help alleviate your moving worries. Companies such as Portland Movers are not only reliable and affordable but also certified and licensed by regulating authorities.

Moving cannot only be time-consuming but also expensive. Therefore, when moving on a strict budget it is advisable to plan all the costs in advance. Moving companies often charge by the hour and thus, it is advisable to not only scour the internet for moving company reviews but also contact various companies and ask for quotes ahead of your moving date. You should also contact friends and families who have experienced the due pressures of relocating and ask for references.

Prior to moving day, it is essential to carry out these following tips to reduce moving day stress. Hoarding can be very easy but to make relocating simple, it is necessary to get rid of unwanted items such as old clothes, neglected books and worn out furniture. You can either give out these items to charity or make someone else feel better or organize a yard sale to get rid of unnecessary and excess baggage. Organizing a yard sale is also an efficient way to muster up some funds that can be allocated towards moving. This is especially helpful when moving on a tight budget. It is necessary, however, to get rid of unwanted items as they not only take up space and time but also accrue additional expenses.

Another important tip prior to moving day is to package and wrap fragile items first. Fragile items require extensive wrapping and time; thus, it is better to wrap your fragile items such as fine china, glasses etc. before moving onto other items.

It is also important to use quality wrapping material and boxes for your big move. It would be ill-advised to skimp quality over quantity as cheaper material is more prone to wear and tear and could damage your precious items. Additionally, to make moving and settling in to your new location easy, it is advisable to use proper labelling for boxes. Labelling not only allows you to easily keep track of items but also prevents confusion that could arise due to potential mixing of items.

Another essential tip that cannot be overstated is to take inventory of all your precious items before moving. It will help reduce stress and allow you to keep track of all your items. Keep inventory of not only expensive items such as electronics and home appliances but also of your clothes and other small items. This helps prevent items from getting lost or forgotten during moving. This will also help reduce expenses in the long run as you do not have to replace lost articles with new ones.

While some people prefer to move on their own by renting trucks, it is highly advisable to hire a moving company. If you are in Portland, Oregon, Portland Movers Company should be right at the top of your list. Portland Movers Company is one of the highest rated companies in the Portland Metro region. The company is certified by the BBB and the ODOT. They not only provide full moving services but also labor only moving services at affordable rates. Portland Movers also provide trucks of all sizes to help accommodate your move. The company also offers commercial moving services in addition to their residential moving services.  Hiring a company such as Portland Movers might strain the strings on your wallet but will alleviate the pressures and stress on your mind.

Home Relocation

Reminder for Long Distance Home Relocation

A home has several attributes in it. You usually have a house which configures for all of your basic needs and it facilitates you in all respects. Moving to a new place is really a challenging lifetime event which haunts you throughout your decision till you have a new occupancy. You absolutely cannot easily uproot your entire possessions and it is really stressful to adjust with the decision. An unplanned move can add to the emotional injury you face and can be terrible for your nerves. Several steps can be taken for your preparedness of the moving plan and the technology can be a promising partner in this. Coordinate your moving decision with your family, friends and relatives to release your stress.

With the advent of technology, you can keep yourself better informed and scheduled. The chances of forgetting become less if you get certain automatic reminders daily. Electronic mails can be one of the sources. Though you often do not remain stick to the plan but at least you get an idea that how much time you still have and what should have been completed by this time. Calendar reminders can tell you that what type of your home stuff should have been packed in this time frame. Sharing with more and more people can also be helpful. You may get some of them to help you in packing process. Electronic gadgets can be a useful source of constant reminders for you. These types of reminders will also improve your coordination regarding the pre-arrangements you should accomplish before you have shifted. Inform at your workplace, clear your utilities and dealings, update your online records, notify all financial partners and locate your all important documents meanwhile.

Relocations decisions are usually complex. Plan ahead by finding an appropriate moving company at least two months before you have to leave. This will release some pressure from you and will be a relaxing point. Give a thorough survey to your home and figure out the extra and unwanted stuff you can get rid of. Then call the moving company you feel fit for you and allow them to have a complete survey of your home to estimate the quote for you. Downsize or donate all perishable items and consume the stuff you will not need much or can be bought at the new placement. Clean your cupboards and remove the stuff you will not need prior some big event. Organize that stuff into the boxes and pack them well. Start consuming your stored materials and invest on only very important goods. Buy the food with which you be done till the moving day and try not to pack food items with your luggage. Keeping the dimensions of your new home in mind, sort the furniture. Oversized stuff can be sold out and the un-required materials can be replaced. Start packing up the least consumed materials and properly label with the purpose they are used for on each carton. Prepare the boxes for packing your mattresses to avoid them tarnished. Ensure safe packing as the stuff will be handled by a lot of team workers and there will be no claim. During loading, see that everything is properly cushioned.

Long distance relocations can be a wonderful experience rather than a stressful one. Portland Movers thoroughly understand your anxiety for long distance moving and therefore owns everything you want to take with you at your new destination. We have skilled labor and all potential resources by which we can successfully manage your comfortable long routes relocations. Portland provides packing services for large and small items, moving trucks and packing materials, and on demand moving supplies to ease your process of long route transitions.

Tips on Relocating your Senior Parents

Relocating your Senior Parents

Life is like a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. These ups and downs can get unpredictable beyond your imagination. They leave you with little or no choice at all and force you to make decisions which are not easy. You must have heard that hardships are nothing but lessons which the God wants to teach us. Your mind is under the continuous mode of practicing.

By the time you become a responsible adult the hardships does not bother you at all and you deal with them as you already have been rehearsing about how to overcome them. There will come a point in your life when you will realize that the home in which you have been living is no more a suitable place for you. The reasons can be financial or personal.

It is natural that you and your parents love that home and do not want to move to another place. But as the situation stands at that time you think more about survival and think less about the affections. It may be easy for you to overcome those affections for your home but it will be tough to deal for your parents. Life forces you again to make a tough decision. On one hand there is a home where you were raised, the home which is dear to your parents and on the other hand you have new opportunities if you move someplace else.

Gather Your Info!

Gather your family members and have a talk with them. Be with your parents and let them know why it is necessary. There is no doubt that the ones who brought you in this world love you more than anything else, all they need is more right attention and love. If you talk it out with your parents then it will be easy.

The successful people always have one thing in common which is to be mentally ready beforehand for taking tough decisions. Once you have made up your mind let us know. The name of our company is Portland Movers. If you have watched Gintama then must know about Gintoki’s “Odd Jobs” company, just like him we can deal with every kind of stuff whether it is home appliances, fragile goods or your furniture. We are providing commercial relocating services as well as residential relocating services. You need not to worry about our credibility as well because we are BBB and ODOT certified.

Portland Movers understand that you have gone through enough for making tough decision of relocating to another place. We are here to less your worries of moving the stuff to your new place. You can choose the time and leave the job to us. We have movers and trucks of any size, so it does not matter what things you have in your home we can move anything that you asks us to do. There are no long procedures to be followed we will be at your service if you just give us a call.

Moving with kids? Things to keep in mind

Moving with kids? Things to keep in mind

Many families have the likelihood of moving and this can equally be exciting or a nightmare for the parents and kids. Usually kids are not the part of decision of move and this can be traumatic for them. In this disruptive situation, kids usually need more attention and care. Sometimes, the decision of move is not by choice such as job transfers, family or financial crises or sometimes the home does not account for all family needs.  

In all mentioned aspects, you are bound to move and this can be very stressful for the kids. Kids usually love the place where they grow up and thrive on routine they have. Decision of moving can be deteriorating and they demand special attention during this transition. Advance preparedness can ensure lasting memories for your family in this regard.

Whenever, wherever you are moving, take your kids in confidence. Make them aware of the actual situation and talk with them about the circumstances which are forcing you to move. Even if you are moving for some good reason, explain them about the benefits of moving. More sitting and discussion with your family will ease you out.

Answer their reservations and concerns truthfully. This type of discussion will make them responsible and shareholder in moving process. They will feel more like the participants and less affected by the plan of move. Positive attitude of parents can be the biggest promise and kids who look usually for reassurance of pleasure feel less frightened in this scenario.

After discussing the decision of move with them, plan the move accordingly. Make them exciting partner in this adventure and find the right balance between rest and activities for them. Talk to them and entertain them throughout your packing process. Pack their stuff carefully and let them decorate their boxes with drawings and crayons. During your trip, keep them motivated by telling that you have hidden a surprise for everyone in their luggage box.

More Tips!

Let them draw their new room and its design that how they want it to be, this will lessen their anxiety. Games will also help your kids to be easy while moving. Do the memory testing games with them and also have some board games. Keep them away from lifting heavy loads and doing help in taking the goods to the truck. Make them busy in taking care of their own small bags, toys, pets and packets of the food which family will need instantly after move.

Prepare the small packets of their favorite food and snacks. Though everyone properly plans a move but the delays can be there due to some extreme weather conditions, traffic delays and kitchen arrangements. So, keep some drinks handy, make ready some instant snacks and biscuits to cope some unusual hunger pangs which can arouse. Keep ready your first aid kit just in case. Any unexpected situation can come in the way and children should be trained to do the first aid at least.

You can enjoy an excellent moving experience with Portland Movers. Company has all the basic ingredients, professional staff, trained labor, understanding and demanded attitude towards client’s goods. We treat our customers as respectable members of ours who take our services and trust us for their stuff. Company puts all efforts to provide all facilitation during the massive exercise of moving when you have to do it with your kids. We want you to have cheerful moving time with your family and soothing first night sleep at your new place. All you need is to trust us for transporting, packing and loading your goods to a new occupancy and we will assure you a reliable and comfortable move.

Downsizing: Steps to help you declutter

Downsizing: Steps to help you declutter


People move from place to place and you know that this will be happening in future as well then you must know how to pack your bags with the things you need most and not to carry the extra burden of the things that you do not need in near future. This simple trick is called as downsizing.

To illustrate the importance of downsizing we can take the example of an employer who needs five employees but he has ten employees in his team. He is having those five extra employees with no factual reason at all. If these extra employees are not of any use to him, then what is the point in keeping them in his company? He is paying them handsome amount of money as well, so is it not wise if he get rid of them? Yes it is.

Why De-clutter?

If we apply the same condition the stuff that you have in your home then it will be easy to understand how difficult it can be to decide what you need and what you do not need.You know well what your next place will be like so keep that in mind when you are selecting which things to take with you. If you have 3 beds and the place where you are moving to have space to keep only 2 beds then you should carry the extra burden of one extra bed.

Make a must have list of things and do not forget to keep them with you.One you have sorted out what things you will carry with you to your next home then you need someone who can transport your stuff to your new home. It can be bothersome if you have to pay a lot of money to transfer that stuff and still compromise on the kind of service you get. Portland Movers Company can give you the best service for moving your stuff to that place. You will be amazed by our work ethics.

We can deal with your supplies, the appliances present at your home, all of the fragile goods and your furniture as well. Our staff is one of the best staff out there. They are professional in their work; they are trained and can help you out with packing and unpacking the stuff as well.Portland Movers Company holds the certification of BBB and ODOT as well. We do not believe in treating the customers as customers rather we treat them as our own family so that you can also entrust us with moving your stuff from one place to another.


Things to keep in mind when packing your move

Are you moving away? Congratulations, you purchased a new home. Are you ready to pack up? Does it sound chaotic? Do you need some help? I hope my tips will help guide you and teach you some valuable tips you must keep in mind before moving and packing your stuff.

Before you start up, you need to sit down and decide how you are going to manage all this. Never ever do the packing stuff randomly when you plan to shift your home. The following list of advices is for you to plan your packing in a more convenient and manageable way.

Categorize Your Stuff

When you begin your mission of packing up your stuff, Make sure you really pull out all your things and not forget things in the basement. Categorizing your stuff makes it easy to plan where you should start from. For an instance, you must have some furniture, books, kitchenware, clothing, fragile items, etc. it is better to include all of your stuff in each category. Even before you start cleaning, list up the stuff and organize it accordingly.

Put Aside Some Unwanted Stuff

There must be some unnecessary stuff as well which you might not need anymore. Why to take it to the new home anyway? Why not you enlist the unwanted stuff and put them aside? Be it some worn out clothes or shoes, some old books or furniture; give it away and get rid f everything you do not want anymore.

Plan Your Time

We all know that packing needs time. It is advisable that you plan your time before hand. You need time for categorizing, wrapping, and packing, then you must schedule it earlier.

Fragile Items First

When it comes to packing, always start from wrapping the fragile goods first. Fragile items always need more time in wrapping. It is better that you wrap them earlier than other goods, just in order to stay away from any hustle and panic.

Quality Matters

Always use quality stuff for packing. The boxes you use, the tapes, the plastic rollers, nails, and markers; all these must be of excellent quality, so that it would not cost you much while traveling. Using low-quality material may be a danger while putting up the boxes and placing them.

Label the Boxes with Stuff and its Destination

When you wrap up the stuff, label the boxes with each item in it. Carefully label the fragile items boxes from all sides, just to avoid any mishandling while traveling. If it is possible for you to decide where you will put what stuff in your new home, label the destination as well. For example in the box of books, label the destination where you will be putting them. It will make things easier for you and save your time of placing your stuff when you reach to your new home.

Cleaning is Must

Before moving, clean up your new destination. Make sure your new place is well cleaned before you decorate it. Be it bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchen; cleaning will help you in placing your stuff right away.

Keep Your Hands Full with Wrapping Stuff

When it comes to wrap and pack, you always need hands full of wrapping stuff. You may need to grab excellent quality tapes, bubble wraps, plastic rollers, news printed papers, towels and cloth pieces for padding fragile items, scissors, and markers.

Moving Companies

It is also advisable that you take some help by hiring labor from the moving companies. They might be helpful for you as you get tired of wrapping and packing, these companies will load and unload your stuff carefully.

These tips will make your moving experience easier anyway.

Must know tips before hiring a moving company

Must know tips before hiring a moving company

Moving is a stressful process but there are a few things that you can make sure that the process is stress-free and smooth. A lot of people choose to go for moving companies but there are certain tips regarding these that should be kept in mind. When it comes to moving companies, there are a few essentials you need to know. These are:

Ask For References

The first step in getting a moving company is to check for references. Ask for other people who have moved and check with references. Check with the word of mouth advertising, as it is one of the most effective. Advertising might be better than promotions in newspapers and phonebooks so make sure you check in order to make sure you are making the right choice.


Money is a measure of quality but there are no given or set rules.If we are talking about moving companies, it is also important to make sure that you are getting multiple quotes from more than just one moving company. Try to ensure that you do not settle for a company that is least expensive because that won’t do you any wonders. Also, make sure that you don’t assume that you will get more service or a better service with a higher amount that you are paying.


When it comes to choosing a moving company, you also have to see if they are licensed and regulated. You can check and inquire regarding the state agencies about the transportation services. Ask if the mover that you are choosing is also a part of the trade organization. For instance, good moving companies are part of the American Movers Conference too.

You have to also make sure that you check the reputation of the moving company. Check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints that might be or any that are made against the moving company. In addition, you should also try to ensure that you verify that the moving company that you are choosing is registered with the FMCSA.

Choosing a moving company can be a troublesome process because there are choices available and for choosing one, you might have to keep certain important considerations in mind. Talking about moving companies, make sure you always check for personal recommendations and warnings regarding one as well as that will give you incredible insight regarding which one to choose and which one to shy away from.

In addition, you cannot just let it go when it comes to moving companies. It is all about choosing the right one and making sure that you are mindful of a few things. So for starters, you have to question the moving company regarding how they transport and pack. Moreover, try to find out how the items are kept in the storage facility because you will not have immediate access regarding them. In addition, if it is possible, try to make sure you are visiting their storage facility as well.

Moving Day Stress? Tips to make the moving day smooth

Moving is a stress. Yeah, that’s right. Any ideas how to avoid your big day of stress and stay relax? No! Portland Movers will guide you to travel through the stress-free journey of moving to your new destination. These tips will show you a direct path to be as peaceful as much possible when you actually take these big steps of your life. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to be on a fearless trip of moving out.

Prepare Yourself

It is very important for a mover to prepare themselves in advance. Moving is not just for a day. It takes a lot of days, weeks actually to do successful and hectic free move. So always prepare yourself in advance for the big things you would be doing. If you are not planned enough in advance, you will end up in panic and chaos. So it is better to mentally gear up yourself.

Stick to the Plan

Whatever plans you make, whatever checklist you have prepared, make sure you stick to it. Many people make plans and then go against it. Be firm, be planned, and be consistent with your planning.

Wrapping and Packing

Wrapping and packing is one of the most essential things of moving day, but you will not do all the wrapping and packing on the moving day. Wrapping and packing takes a lot of time, so you have to be patient with it. Categorize your stuff and start wrapping up with the delicate objects first. Wrap your fragile items in bubble wraps, fill them with newspaper, and pad them with cloth, towel or blanket. Do not wait for the final day to fill up your boxes. As soon as you wrap, pack it up accordingly.

Label Up

One more time-saving idea is to label up your boxes with the stuff it contains. For instance, label boxes with the titles of books, dishes, clothing, kitchenware, electronics, and fragile items. It is extremely important to label the fragile boxes, just to be at a safe side in carrying them while you travel.

Organize Your Stuff

Organize yourself and your stuff. When you categorize your stuff, organize them room wise. For instance, start categorizing and listing from kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom, etc. Enlist the items in a way that makes it easier for you to place them where you want them to be placed in your new home. This organization will help you in staying away from panicky situations. Start from one room at a time. Do not be in a rush of taking out stuff from all the rooms at the same time. Wrap and pack your kitchen first, and then move respectively to other rooms.

Choose Transportation

It may not be possible for you to drive the truck, take assistance from the truck rental companies or moving companies. They will be a great help if you need them. You need not be picking up any stuff by yourself. Their labors will carry the boxes and deliver them safely at your home. They are trained and skilled workers, who are efficient in dealing with heavy household goods.

Ask for Help

Call a couple of reliable friends who can come over and help you in moving out. Take their support in packing and wrapping. Later on you can call them over a nice dinner at your new home.

Save Your Last Minute

By following these steps, you can always save your last minute to just recheck the list and make sure nothing is left. In this way, your moving day will be stress-free and comforting.

Is renting a moving container more affordable than hiring a professional moving company

Moving is a back breaking task. Whether you are moving house or office, whether it is to the next lane, another locality or a different state, moving brings with it tremendous stress. Usually, people are all very inexperienced as far as moving is concerned and the whole task ends up in a mess and chaos.

Hiring an efficient packers and movers service solves all these problems. The services are often handled by professionals who know their job well. The moving help deploys appropriate treatment to the items to be shifted and works in a well-organized manner. With an efficient service by your side moving doesn’t seem as tiresome anymore. But, off course you have to lose something to gain something. These services aren’t for free. The movers and packers charge exorbitantly. 

When about to move you as an individual have to take the call, whether you really require the services of professional packers and movers. You even have the option of just renting a moving container, a concept which is fast gaining popularity.

Renting a moving container is much preferable as compared to hiring a professional moving company as; in this case, are packing according to your convenience. You get to call the shots when it comes to scheduling. This is a fantastic option for those who are moving and need storage. You can keep the moving containers for packing, unpacking and storage for as long as you want.

For added convenience, you can hire labor movers for packing and loading help. Though moving containers are more affordable but they are more suited for local moves to small houses or apartments. As, moving out from a larger home will require more than one container which can raise the cost. Also, the option could work out to be more expensive for long distance moving as your bill will include the payment to the driver, fuel, insurance, toll, etc. Containers are not a good idea when you have a short time frame for moving or when you are moving at a short notice. This mode of moving is perfect if you are planning a move a few months down the line.

Before opting for the moving containers it is better to find out the regulations regarding parking at both the locations. The one that you are moving from and the one that you are moving to. Find out details like whether it is legal to park on the street and the permissible time limit, so that your container is not a cause of nuisance and you do not incur parking fines.

In case you are alone and unable to arrange for moving help then acquiring a moving company quote will help in taking a decision. While looking out for efficient packing and loading help, it is advisable to consider the type of moving you are undertaking. Contacting special office movers for your office relocation will keep you stress-free, as they are professionals and they know their job well.

Often while seeking moving help, you are faced with questions like how do I find the best packers and movers? How do I find movers near me? The answers to these questions are very simple and practical. The best way to find movers near you will be to ask within your circle and friends, acquaintances and relatives who have moved around lately. Recommendations are one of the best ways to zero down on efficient Portland movers or Oregon movers. If you still want to research further, then online is the next option. Online customer reviews are also a safe bet. Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction is very evident in these reviews, which can aid you in your decision-making process.

Price is also an important decisive factor. Contact a few Portland movers and get estimation from each of them. If the deal seems too good, be wary. As there could be a catch somewhere. Double check what exactly the services are that are being offered and at what rate.


Portland Movers Company is one of the highest rated moving companies in Portland Metro area. We are BBB accredited and ODOT Certified. For us our clients are not just clients but they are our family and neighbors. We customize our service according to the needs of the client whether you require a full-service moving or only moving labor help, we are ready to accommodate according to the needs of the client.

Generally, a moving company quote is overpriced, but not so with our company.  Portland Movers Company is well known for its affordable and expert service in the whole of Washington region, including Portland Oregon and the surrounding cities of Oregon.

Whether you need moving help or just an estimate feel free to give us a call and get a free moving quote.