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Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Office moves, like residential moving, can be just as stressful and challenging, if not more. There are always more electronics and bulkier furniture to be relocated during an office move; and when there is an entire office building to be emptied, the logistics of moving to a new office can be made all the more complicated.

Office relocations are a lot of work regardless of whether it is a large or small office to be moved. A poorly managed moving process can turn an otherwise manageable situation to spiral out of control, which is the last thing any business wants when there are clients and employees involved. So how do you make an office relocation effortless? Here are some tips for when you are moving to a new office space:

Start planning as early as possible

Before you start moving, you should give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your move. Give yourself and your employees at least 3 to 4 months to put everything together. This should also give you plenty of time to decide what needs to be moved, thrown away, donated or sold because you certainly will not need everything to come with you. Planning early in advance will help you avoid potential problems as well as help to keep your employees in the loop so that they can also prepare in their own way

Charge someone with the responsibility of organizing everything

To make sure that you move to your new office space without any hiccups, appoint someone to act as the move manager or point person that will coordinate all the critical aspects of the move. This person will be in charge of following up on each item on your moving checklist ensuring that it is handled and he or she will be responsible for researching local Moving Portland companies or commercial movers Portland that will handle the task of moving your business to a new office space.

Hire the best moving companies

You will no doubt come across a range of moving companies in Portland to facilitate your move, but you should know that not all movers Portland Oregon are created equal. The best movers Portland Oregon should be affordable and well-reviewed so that your move can be effortless.

The right local Moving Portland company should also have access to the right equipment to be able to transport your electronics safely. If your budget allows it, you should definitely invest in full-service movers that will do all the packing for you as well as the unpacking and organizing when you get to your new office destination.

Tips on Moving Large Appliances

Tips on moving Large Appliances

There is a lot of heavy lifting that goes into moving house. However, when you have actual large appliances that have to come with you to your new destination, the moving process can be doubly hard. Lucky for you, most people turn to full-service movers whenever there are strenuous appliances and furniture to be moved.

A reliable and dependable moving company Portland should have the manpower and even the equipment needed to handle any physical moving job that you throw at them. More importantly, when you hire movers in Portland OR, not only will you be able to relocate quickly, but you will also be able to do so in a safe and efficient manner.

Decide whether it is a good idea to move your appliances:

Before you go ahead and pack up all your appliances, first determine if they are worth taking in the first place. Your new home may come already outfitted with newer and fresher appliances that look and work better. Plus, unless your appliances are brand new, you might be better of selling them and using the cash to invest in professional movers Portland Oregon that can ease the stress of the moving process for you.  

Figure out what needs to be moved and prepare adequately:

Handling huge furniture pieces such as desks, sofas, wardrobes, and cupboards are probably the first things that most people think of when it comes to heavy items that need to be moved. However, though these items are hard to deal with on their own, what you should be concerned about are the appliances that have to be prepared before moving day. Most moving companies in Portland require appliances such as oven and fridges to be prepped to make sure that they arrive safely and that no damage is inflicted during the transport process.

Get the right equipment:

In order to move large appliances, there are some pieces of equipment that you will definitely need to help you move safely. Gadgets such as appliance dollies, moving blankets, straps, and sliders will come in handy as they will provide the type of protection that your valuable appliances need. Most of these gadgets are readily available in home improvement stores. However, you can avoid having to purchase these yourself if you hire moving company Portland as they will have all the specialized equipment required to move your appliances securely.

Get insurance:

The last thing you want to do is move your large appliances only for them to sustain damage en route. Therefore, ensure that you invest in property protection or insure your items, especially the high value ones, so that you do not have to worry about replacing them should they get damaged.



The task of moving can seem never-ending. However, there is nothing quite as relaxing and freeing move when you finally unpack everything and settle down in your new apartment or home. If you are like most people, packing and unpacking can be a daunting nightmare that can make it difficult for you to settle down.

But if you do not want to end up sorting through boxes of unpacked items months after your move, you will want to get started right away. Not only will this get you settled faster, but it will also allow you to get the tedious process of organizing your possession out of the way so that you can start to enjoy your new space. Here are ways to keep your home clean and organized after a move:

Figure out your system

Before you jump in and start randomly unpacking and organizing boxes, understand what it is that you are unpacking in the first place. Make sure that you keep the inventory list provided by your Portland local movers safe and secure as it will come in handy when you need to track your possessions. Figure out your system, whether you want to start unpacking according to usage or from room to room.

Find time to do it

Before you can start unpacking, you want to make sure that you will have the time to do it. Although weekends and evenings might suffice at first, this may not be sufficient time to get yourself organized. So, you will have to find time to get yourself organized even if it means asking for some time off work to do it.

If you have kids, it might mean hiring a babysitter that will take your kids out of the house so that you can be able to concentrate on the organizing job at hand. The point here is to set a simple schedule that you can stick to that will allow you to unpack the majority of your possessions.

Unpack each room at a time

When moving into your new apartment or house, it is often a lot easier to unpack one room at a time instead of doing it sporadically. For instance, you will obviously want to unpack your bedroom first, sorting out your personal belongings so that you can start to settle into your new space.

If you are moving with a family, starting with your bedroom is especially vital as it will help your kids feel more comfortable and at home in their new space. Later on, you can move on to the other rooms, which will make the entire organization process more manageable.



The demand for moving companies professionals is on the rise. Many people are moving houses and for one reason or the other, they cannot organize and facilitate the move. The advantage of hiring Full-service movers is that they have been moving clients for a while so they are experienced in the job. They can also work long hours and arrange a new house for you. As one of the professional moving companies Oregon, every move is a delicate mix of speed and safety of the property. Here are the main steps we take to ensure that every move is a success;

Bumpers on doors

If you watch Portland local movers at work, you will notice that most of the time they are either moving inside or outside a building. This is the same thing that happens within the rooms inside the house. Not that it will make the move easier, but putting bumpers on doors ensures that the action of opening and closing them does not damage the adjacent walls. Furniture and belongings are also protected because the doors do not hit against them.

Equipment is wrapped

Yes, because we do a lot of moving, the equipment we use also comes with us. To prevent damage to equipment, we wrap what we use to move in blankets. Damaged or poorly treated moving equipment has the potential to damage property.

Use the right equipment

Have you ever imagined that there was a rubber band large enough to wrap around a padded chair? Hire moving company Portland, we have it! We anticipate damage before it happens and therefore bring along items that will ensure that it does not happen. Moving large household items requires a delicate balance between proper packing and condition of the road. The best we can do is a thorough job at packing so that property does not stand a chance of damage while being moved.

Wrap everything

From dining table chairs to your kids’ toys, wrapping is our way of securing your belongings. This is mostly applicable for people who have items that do not completely fill a truck. To avoid movement when the truck is moving, the available luggage is securely attached to the truck.


Residential moving companies have been moving people from house to house for a long time and some of the precautions we take are based on mistakes from the past. We understand that clients may not understand the necessity but this is the best way to ensure a secure move for your property.

When Do You Start Researching Moving Companies?

When Do You Start Researching Moving Companies?

Most people dread the idea of moving. The idea of having to pack, lift, and load all your worldly possessions on your own can be intimidating even for the most enthusiastic mover. That’s why many people opt to hire a moving company Portland that can handle all the responsibilities for them so that they can, in turn, avoid being overwhelmed and frustrated.

The decision of whether you should hire Commercial movers Portland will probably be based on your budget, proximity to your new residence and the complexity of the move. It obviously does not make sense to do all the moving yourself if you do not think you can handle the heavy lifting. It also makes more sense to rely on the assistance of reliable full-service movers if you have the funds for it.

Not only will hiring Portland local movers save you both time and energy, but it will also allow you to concentrate on other more important components of your move as everything will be done by the professionals- you will not even need to lift a finger. If the idea of hiring moving help Portland Oregon sounds appealing to you, here are some tips to help you when researching residential moving companies:

When to start researching moving companies in Portland

If you have made the decision to hire movers Portland Oregon, you may be wondering how far in advance you should start researching moving companies Oregon. To ensure that you are prepared as much as possible, you start the research process as soon as you decide that you want to move. Ideally, you should start before you place your house on the market or before you find a rental to move into so that you can have plenty of time to budget your move.

Qualities to look for in a moving company Portland

To prevent yourself from falling victim to fraudulent Portland movers, there are some vital qualities that you should be on the lookout for such as:

Proper licensing and registration

The right moving company should have the appropriate insurance, registration, and license to protect your move and to ensure everything is done efficiently.

A pre-move survey

Before you hire movers in Portland OR, the company should provide you with a pre-move survey that will consist of a home visit. a pre-move survey is critical because it will help the movers Portland to assess your home thoroughly so that they can plan your move effectively.

A great reputation

Before you hire a local moving Portland company, you want to ensure that the company has a great reputation. The right movers Portland OR should be well reviewed and listed with 3rd party organizations like the Better Business Bureau.


Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage 

A house with a garage counts as a house with extra storage space. While you might have other plans for the garage such as a gym spot or workshop for your personal projects, sooner or later, it becomes a dumping ground for everything that is not usable. Decluttering your garage is simply dangerous and a headache for Commercial movers Portland in case you plan on shifting house your garage if well-organized could double up as an office, or warehouse. Here are some tips to de-clutter;

Disregard the sentimental attachment

You have most likely been storing junk in the garage because you are unwilling to let go of it. When it is time to de-clutter look at everything for the current value, not what it used to be. If you must, have a heap for items that can be repaired and brought back to life.

Did you know that when you hire moving company Portland, they charge you for the amount of items they carry? Make sure you have the basics to get a good bargain when moving. While some items are just fit for the dumpster, consider giving out items that are still usable. For instance, do you still hold on to your 10-year-old son’s stroller? Unless you have plans to grow your family, give it out to someone who needs it.

Develop a storage system

When everything is lying everywhere on the floor, a large garage might appear quite congested. You do not have to make cupboards or shelves in here as the needs of this space may change over time. Instead, use hanging pockets and racks or other vertical storage options. Frequently used items should be within arm’s reach.

Your Portland local movers can recommend best storage boards that you can use hooks on. This garage storage accessory will make it easy to use space sparingly.

Organize everything

When you have removed everything that you no longer intend to use later from your garage, it is time to re-organize what remains. Zoning is a good approach because it offers easy access and makes it easy to touch up. As much as possible, leave plenty of room as to free space which you could even rent out to someone who needs it. At the same time, you can make extra money if your local Portland movers know about the space and your desire to make money from it.


Things to Consider When Moving Out of Your Parents’ House after College

Things to Consider When Moving Out of Your Parents’ House after College

If you have decided that it is finally time to move out of your parent’s house after college, congratulations! Moving out into your own piece of heaven is a bigger deal than you might realize as it is a process that will need careful planning and consideration to pull off successfully. If you are thinking of leaving the nest soon, here are some things that you need to consider:

Figure out if you are really ready to move

Living at home with your parents may not be what you had planned for yourself but if you are struggling financially, moving back home after college can be a great decision for you as it will allow you to save. Before you make the decision to move into your own house, ensure that you are fully capable of handling the responsibilities that come with living on your own. The last thing you want is to struggle with rent, while still taking care of your smothering student loans on an entry-level salary.

Understand the living expenses

You might have lived on your own during your college years successfully, but you should that living on your own in the real-life world will be a much tougher challenge to overcome. Living alone consists of more than just paying rent, there are other expenses such as electricity, gas and phone services that will also have to be catered to.

In addition to these living expenses, there will also be an array of personal expenses like auto loans, student loans, and credit card debts that will have to be sorted. If you are not accustomed to living on your own, educating yourself about these costs of living will help you prepare so that you move out comfortably.

DIY or hire movers in Portland OR?

If you have already made the decision to move out and have even found a home to move into, you will need to determine whether you will handle the move yourself or hire professional full-service movers that will do all the work for you. If you opt to go for the DIY route, you will have to pack and do all the organizing on your own, which can make the moving process more stressful than it needs to be. However, if you hire Portland local movers, the moving company Portland will take care of everything which will save you both time and money, as well as leave you free to organize other more detailed aspects of your move.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

We all know that moving can be a taxing and unnerving experience that most people do not look forward to. That is why having a detailed checklist can help to take the stress out of the process. Checklists have a way of ensuring that you do what needs doing quickly and efficiently. The intent of your moving checklist should, therefore, be to make your work and life easier and not to burden or slow you down.

Why you need a moving checklist

It will make the decision-making process easier

Checklists are important when moving because they will help to reduce decision fatigue as you will not be forced to remember every small detail that needs to be done. The moving checklist will help you prioritize so that you can give yourself the space that you need to move with minimal effort.

It will help you eliminate unnecessary mistakes

 Nobody ever starts out the moving process hoping to make mistakes, but sometimes it is inevitable especially when you are occupied with something as tiring as moving. Following your moving checklist helps to eliminate any potential errors by ensuring that all your decisions are well thought out and planned.

To ensure everything is done

Your moving checklist should lay out exactly what has to be done so that you do not leave anything out. At the end of your move, your checklist will come in handy to use as a final check to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Your moving checklist

As soon as you decide to move:

Start organizing yourself: The process should begin by creating your checklist and keep it in a designated binder.

Create a realistic moving budget: Set a budget and if money is tight, try and save up so you can have enough for your move.

Start researching moving companies in Portland: The right movers Portland Oregon should be well reviewed and have all the necessary certifications and licenses to help you move efficiently and securely.

Once you finalize the move:

Finalize your plans: Once you hire moving help Portland Oregon, ensure that you get the Portland local movers to sign a contract.

Start decluttering: The last thing you want to do is waste time moving items that you do not need to move. As such, you can save yourself the trouble of packing and unpacking unnecessary items by decluttering very early on in the process. If you can, start packing items that you do not use on a day to day basis.

Protect your valuables for the move: You will need to protect your furniture and large appliances for the move as most moving companies Oregon require this from their clients before any moving can be done.

Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is fast approaching, which means that it will soon be that time of the year when you have to start thinking and planning for spring cleaning. Whether you love it or look forward to it with trepidation, there is no denying the power of a good spring cleaning. Having more clutter in your home means dealing with more stress. Furthermore, if you are prone to respiratory diseases and allergies, you will want to dust and clean every area of your home before spring rolls around. So, to help you do it properly, here are some spring-cleaning tips:

Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it

Go through every room in your home and decide which ones need the most work. Start with the rooms that will require thorough cleaning and have a plan or system that will keep you focused on the tasks that you have to handle.

Ensure that you get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter will not only make the cleaning process easier for you, but it will also ensure that you are organized throughout. You can declutter by organizing your closet to get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year, dusting all major surfaces, and finding items that you can either gift, throw away or recycle.

Clean all air ducts and HVAC

Check that your HVAC or air ducts have accumulated any dust or mold, dust or debris and get rid of it. If you are currently using an HVAC system that is 10 years old or more, you should definitely have it serviced or replaced. Regular maintenance will ensure that your system serves you for years to come and it will allow you to breathe in the fresh spring air without any difficulties.

Start cleaning from top to bottom

When cleaning, it is always better to start from the ceiling and work your way down. This will force the dust and debris downward and prevent you from having to reclean your entire space. If you have access to a vacuum with an extended hose, use it to clean hard to reach surfaces such as your ceilings and fans. After cleaning the top, you can then work on dusting your furniture and other items that contain dust.

Use green supplies

You want to start off your spring cleaning on the best note, so you should use green and organic cleaning products instead of chemical ones. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning supplies that you can use that will be much safer for you, your family and pets, as well as for the environment. You can also use essential ingredients that you may already have in your home such as lemon and vinegar to clean without necessarily breaking the bank.

Need Extra Cash? Moving Sale Tips & Tricks

Need Extra Cash? Moving Sale Tips & Tricks

If you are up for clearing some clutter before your big moving day, nothing could be better than selling items that you do not need. Not only will selling valuables that you do not need help you declutter and make extra space needed for moving Portland, but it will also make you some quick cash that can then help you to facilitate the move.

While you can always try selling some items online, you can also get rid of your unwanted items easily through a garage sale, particularly if you have a lot of possessions to get rid of. To help you make the most of your garage sale so as to make as much money as possible, here are some tips and tricks to help you make sales:

Clean and organize everything to be sold

You want to make your valuables as attractive and as clean as possible so as to attract as many buyers as you can. Take the time to make your items clean by wiping them down especially if you are looking to get rid of a lot of toys, home décor items, and furniture. Set aside a weekend to go through everything in your hose and be on the lookout for some valuables that can make you quick cash.

Price your items correctly

Pricing is vital at a sale as it can attract buyers or keep them away. If your prices are too high, you will have a difficult time offloading your goods. If the price is too low, alternatively, you may not be able to make any money at all. Therefore, try and do research online on sites such as Craigslist to determine what other similar items are being sold for. Additionally, you can also visit other garage sales in your area to see how other sellers are pricing their items.

Sell one-of-a-kind items online

If there are any items that you have in your possession, you will have a much better chance of selling them for a higher price or locating sellers online than in-person at a yard sale. Try hosting a virtual sale on social media or posting your items in specialty websites for art, antiques, furniture and so on a few weeks before the actual garage sale to see if some buyers will bite.

Pick a great location

For your garage or yard sale to be successful, it will need to be located in an accessible area that is centrally located. A good location should have plenty of parking space available as well as sufficient space so that you can display all the wares that you want to sell.