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Top 5 benefits of using a moving service

Moving across the country or to a new home or rental? It might have crossed your mind to try and handle everything on your own and while you might save a little money in the process, you will be shocked by just how much more efficient the entire process can be if you entrust the right commercial movers Portland.

Not sure about hiring Portland moving companies to help you out? Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a moving company Portland:

Get someone to do it for you.

When you hire Portland moving companies, they will handle everything for you. You do not have to worry about the exhaustive planning process that’s involved in pulling off a move because the Portland local movers will do everything on your behalf and professionally so.

The job will be done right.

The right Portland moving help will have access to the right tools and equipment to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hiring movers have access to the right materials such as right-sized boxes and equipment to help them easily move heavier items that you may not be able to handle yourself.

Protection is given from loss and damage.

Qualified and experienced full services movers will not only get you all packed up quickly, but they will also provide you with protection from damage and loss. The best professional moving companies in Portland have insurance that not only covers their staff but also protects you from any damage or loss that may take place during transit.

Avoid injuring yourself

Moving may look straightforward at first glance but it can get quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. There’s often a lot of heavy lifting involved that can cause all sorts of pains and injuries. As such, hiring an experienced moving company in Portland is just about the best thing you can do to reduce the possible risk of injury.


You may end up saving a few dollars DIY-ing the move, but this comes with several limitations. If you are moving a lot of items, you might need a few extra hands to help you get it done, which means that you will probably rely on friends and family to help you complete the move. However, try as they might, family, colleagues, and friends have their limitations too. There is a possibility that things may come up, which means that you are not guaranteed the help you need from them when you need it.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving: Dish Packing Guide

Of all the room in the house, the kitchen is the most difficult in terms of the technicalities involved in packing items and even the modalities of ferrying to the new house. Factor in the grim reality that most people have an everyday use for their kitchen and it makes sense why it is the last room to be packed and the first to be unpacked.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, it could take a few hours to an entire day to have everything packed and ready for Commercial Movers. It is quite frustrating to spend this much time only to arrive and find that half your plates chipped or broke in transit. If you are worried about the safety of your glass plates on your upcoming move, no need to. This article will help tone up your confidence for packing plates;

While is it common to wrap plates in old newspapers, the truth is that paper is too thin to offer sufficient protection. Some people will go with bubble wrap but that option is just too pensive for those who are moving on a budget. A great wrapping alternative is towels, t-shirts, and rags; no only will you be offering your plates adequate cushioning against impact but you will also be packing these materials at the same time.

How do you pack?

Step 1: wrap each plate individually and place on a flat surface. This should be repeated until all the dishes have been attended to.

Step 2: line the card board box you will be carrying the plates in with rags and towels. The bottom should be completely covered with padding.

Step 3: stack the wrapped plates inside the box and fill any spaces with more rags and towels.

Step 4: place a folded blanket on the top and fasten the box

Step 5: label the box and indicate the upright position of the dishes.

The number of dishes you have will determine the number of moving boxes you require for the job and which the Full Service movers will ferry. If possible, use smaller sized boxes that you can carry to the new house in your car or which the moving service staff can carry in a different compartment (away from the bulky luggage). This style of packing dishes can be used for small bowls and glass cups as well.

Remember to exercise caution when unpacking because the same steps should be applied in reverse for best results.

Moving Your Business Important Things to Know

Hire moving company Portland

Moving your business to a new location? Relocating a business is not something that should be taken lightly. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision that could end up negatively affecting your operation or even worse causing significant financial losses.To avoid that from happening, here are some important things that you need to know before moving your business:

How much will it cost?

If you are moving your business, then it makes sense that you would want to hire movers in Portland to handle the process for you. As such, you must put into consideration how much Full-service movers will cost you. There are lots of hidden and secondary costs that will be involved in the moving process so estimating just how much will require some deep thinking.

Typically, the bigger the distance from one location to the next, the higher the expected costs. For instance, moving a 4000 people office across the country is likely to cost a lot less than a 10 employee startup. In addition, you will also want to factor in the overhead costs in your new location and all the hidden costs of the move.

How will your staff be impacted?

When moving, you must make it easier for your staff members to transition from their old workspace to their new ones. If you have clients that frequently visit your business, you must also think about their well-being. Try and think about how both your staff and clients will adjust to your new location.

How much time and planning will it require?

No one needs to tell you this- but an office relocation can be a major undertaking. Depending on the size of your office, there will be lots of items that need to be prepared and packed before the move can commence. Based on how far your new location will be, you will also have to take into account the transportation methods, and how much time it will take to set up your new location so that it is up and running for business flow.

The actual move

This is where it pays to hire the right Moving help Portland Oregon. The logistics of moving an office can get really complicated. However, with the right support from a well-reviewed Portland moving company, then the entire process can be made a lot more efficient and stress free.

How Much Time Does it Take to Move?

If you are interested in hiring Oregon Movers Portland, you are probably wondering how much time it will take to complete your move. Unfortunately, the amount of time it takes to move one home will be completely differentfrom the next. Several factors impact how long a move will take. Some of these factors are self-explanatory while others can be a little bit more complex than people envision.

As such, there is no straightforward answer to the question: how much time does it take to move? The good news is that if you are hiring a moving company in Portland, the moving process will be a lot more efficient compared to doing it yourself, which means that the process will only take a few hours.

How long does it take to move?

1-bedroom flat

When you work with a Local moving Portland company, you can expect to be up and running in under 4 hours. However, if you opt to handle everything yourself, it can take you 3-5 days to get everything done. If you have lots of belongings, the entire process can take a week or more.

2-bedroom house

With the support of experienced Portland local movers, a 2-bedroom house can be packed in under 7 hours including loading and transportation.

3-bedroom house

A 3 bedroom house can take 10 hours plus to pack and move, including assembly and disassembly. That’s why it is advisable for those moving from and into houses bigger than 3 bedrooms to book an early service so that everything can be done on the same day.

4 bedrooms and higher

Understandably, big houses may take more than a day to move owing to the complexities surrounding such a large-scale relocation.  If you are moving from a big house, it is important to make some pre-move plans that will allow you to stay organized and maintain your timeline so that your schedule stays on track. More importantly, you must also ensure that you have selected the best Movers Portland Oregon to make the entire process a lot more stress-free.

How long does it take to prepare?

If you have time before your move, you should start planning as early as 3 months ahead. That’s plenty of time to do your research and find the most experienced moving company to hire. It will also give you a lot of time to compare quotes and estimates so that you can hire a company within your requirements and budget.

Ways to Protect Your Walls When Moving Furniture

The process of moving houses can be quite unpredictable especially if this is the first time you are doing it. You might end up damaging your belongings and even worse damaging the house you are moving out of. One of the most common misfortunes during moving is wall damage – how do you protect walls when moving?

Come up with a moving schedule

Moving abruptly could lead to possible damage to your walls as you rush to beat Portland Moving help timelines. Come up with a system of how various items or rooms will be moved and stick to it.

Clear the way

Before you or your Portland local movers start to remove furniture, make sure that there is no blockage of the intended pathways. By removing clutter and obstacles along the pathways, you avoid accidents which could involve wall damage.

Arrange for adequate manpower

Let the size and weight of a piece of furniture act as your guide when you are sourcing for moving help. While some items can be comfortably carried out of a house by two people, others require up to six individuals.

Dress for the job

Moving day is characterized by a lot of lifting, shoving and pulling. Let everyone on your team wear a comfortable pair of shoes that will offer necessary support when going about the day. Items such as large rings should be removed because of the possibility of scratching walls.

Disassemble where possible

Items such as beds, tables, dressers and some couches have hinges and screws which you can use to dismantle them for easy moving. This reduces the size and the likelihood that they will damage walls when being carried out.

Use a blanket or bubble wrap to cover robust pieces

This applies to furniture that has protruding edges and cannot be disassembled. Covers prevent unwanted contact between the item and the walls.

Use a moving dolly for extremely heavy moves

Wall damage is likely to occur if you are moving a large object will less manpower and through narrow passages. If there is no room for the mover as they pass an item through doors and corridors, a moving dolly is preferred.

Use drop cloths, cardboard or blankets to cover the walls

Wall covers help to cushion walls against scratches and smudges. You can extra covering materials in areas where furniture items might hit against the walls hard.

Hire a professional moving service

Expert Residential moving Companies have been on the job for a long time. They have handles all manner of furniture and all well skilled to anticipate damage to walls.



Essential Things To Do After Moving

There is a lot that you have to do to ensure that everything in your moving checklist is done right. While the process of finding reliable commercial movers Portland, as well as packing up and unpacking is considered the most difficult part of pulling off a move, most folks forget about settling in. It is usually the things that you do after moving to a new place that indicates whether a move was successful or not.

Getting used to the new space and surroundings, the new people, as well as prioritizing what needs to be done can be extremely daunting. We know that you have a lot going on already. So to help you out, here are a couple of essential things that you need to do after moving:

First, do a walkthrough of the new space

There is no better way to get a true sense of your new space while visualizing where the Portland movers will place all your belongings than by doing a walkthrough when it is empty. So before your moving company Portland unloads the truck, ask them to give you time to take a look around.

During the walkthrough, check that:

  • All the repairs have been completed to your standards and specifications.
  • Everything included in the sale or rent agreement is included in the new house or apartment.
  • All the outlets and fixtures are working properly including running water, the washer and drier, etc.

Figure out what goes where

During the walkthrough, you want to figure out what goes where with your local moving company Portland first before actually starting the unloading process. This will save you time and trouble instead of simply winging it.

Be sure to be very detail-oriented when explaining to your Portland moving help how and where you want everything arranged. The best residential moving companies in Portland will do their best to ensure that you are as settled as possible so that you can begin settling down easily.

Child and pet-proof

If you are moving with little children or pets, make sure that you child and pet-proof as much as you can. You may not be able to childproof fully but do what you can to keep everyone safe before getting your full setup in place.

Get something to eat

Packing can be so nerve-wracking that people often forget to eat during the move. Before you attempt to organize everything, make sure that you have something to eat first. Organizing on an empty stomach will only make you more jittery and anxious. Your options may be limited so something as simple as a pizza and some soft drinks will do.

Moving Supplies Checklist That Mill Make Your Move So Much Easier

Are you planning a move in Portland? If you have an upcoming move, you know how important it is that you have a smooth moving process. If you keep all these things in mind, you are likely to forget or overlook some of the things that need to be done before making tour move. Getting your moving supplies will help make you organized and help you save time while easing your overall moving process.

This makes moving a less stressful experience. Portland moving companies often provide moving supplies checklist and using this detailed moving supplies checklist will help you keep track of everything, meet your deadlines and have a better understanding of what needs special attention. It is great if you are self-packing. If not, you can hire OR full service movers. Here are moving supplies checklist that will make your move so much easier:


Have boxes for a smooth move. In fact, boxes are critical and help organize all your belongings by room, by type and by other factors such as whether the items are fragile and whether they require special attention. Have both large boxes for large items and smaller boxes for heavy, breakable and delicate items. You can also have boxes with dividers to help pack away stemware. The most common boxes that Portland moving companies use are cardboard. However, some people do opt to rent plastic moving bins.

Packing Supplies

Aside from boxes, here are other supplies that will be imperative for your packing process:

  • Tape

You will need tape to secure your boxes and ensure that they are well sealed. Choose tape that is durable and tape that has strong adhesive. There are many types of tape that you can use to seal your boxes such s packing tape to seal, shipping tape, masking tape that you can use for labelling your boxes, duct tape to reinforce heavier boxes and painters tape. 

  • Scissors

Having a sharp pair of scissors will make packing and unpacking so much easier and faster.

  • Tape Gun

Don’t you hate it having to keep looking for one end of the tape and cutting it off? A tape gun such as the one Portland movers use will make it easier to seal your boxes without having t spend so much time and experience a ton of frustration.

  • Bubble Wrap

This is important if you need to wrap fragile items and fill up spaces in your packing boxes.

  • Toolbox

Your toolbox will come in handy when you are taking apart and reassembling furniture as well as in performing quick repairs.

Moving With Kids Tips: Your Guide For A Smooth Move With Children

Moving is already a stressful affair but moving with kids? You can say hello to insanity. When moving with kids, it is all too easy to shift from an exciting process to a nightmarish hell because between dealing with paperwork, packing and unpacking, hauling, adjusting to the new environment etc. things can get out of hand pretty quickly. First off, you need to tell your kids about the move as this will affect them, they will have to leave their friends and familiar environment behind and hence, telling them in advance will help them adjust to the move as early as possible.

It is going to be hectic and be sure to expect quite a few tantrums, but all in all, it is way better than uprooting them without notice. Relocating to Portland with kids is also easier if you choose to hire moving company Portland to make the move easier. And according to our very own little tips, here is how to ease the process when you are moving with kids:

Plan around the School Year

Liaise with your Portland local movers to help you book a time that is most suitable. This should take into consideration your kid’s school year as you want to be as less disruptive as possible and to get them settled in before they can start in their new school. Thus, this requires careful planning and hence takes your time to plan the process with your moving company and your realtor and have realistic deadlines to help you with a smoother move.

Create a Team Mentality

Getting your kids involved in the move is important as they will be much more welcome to it and have an easier time adjusting. Include them in the decision-making process allowing them to have some say in the things they can take. Remind them about the move and talk about it in a positive light. This will bring them on board and help them look forward to a new house, neighborhood and school. Besides, encouraging team mentality by involving in moving activities such as sorting through their belongings will also help them gain a positive attitude towards the move.

Visit New Schools

Coordinate with your movers Portland or realtor and the new schools to provide you with information that can help you visit the school in advance for a tour as this will give them an opportunity to get excited as well as have an idea of what extra-curricular activities they may want to get involved in.

Invite Their Friends for a Sleepover

Having a sleepover with their friends will help your kids say goodbye and give them time to share their excitement and worries as well as ways to stay in touch with their old friends.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Unwanted Clutter When Moving

So you’ve decided to find the best Portland moving companies to help you with your move. First things first, you couldn’t be making a better decision if you are looking to get your move done efficiently and professionally by commercial movers Portland.

The only trouble is that over the years, you’ve may have amassed items that you do not need. Before you move, you will need to get rid of any items that may have become unnecessary or obsolete. You probably won’t want to get rid of stuff that you consider dear and near. But if you want to save money while having a stress-free move, you will need to do it.

So here are tips to help you get rid of unwanted clutter when moving:

Start by cleaning up

All the best Portland Movers ask their clients to clean up in preparation for the move. This simply involves organizing and tidying up so that everything is in its place by the time your chosen moving company Portland arrives.

Sort and categorize your items

Ideally, you should have 2 piles of items; things that are going with you to your new place and things that aren’t. Be firm when sorting and categorizing your items into these piles because you will be tempted to keep items that you don’t need. If you are having a difficult time sorting everything, keep this in mind; the more stuff you have to move with, the more Portland local movers will charge you.

Sell what you can

This is the fun part of getting rid of unwanted clutter. Not only does selling your unwanted items give you a chance to make some money but it will also give you some peace of mind knowing that your items will be put to good use by the new owners.

If you don’t have time to organize a sale, consider talking to the full-service movers that you have hired. Usually, the most experienced local moving Portland companies offer an extra disposal service at an extra cost. Talk about convenience less than one roof!

Donate some of it

Wherever you can, donating your items to goodwill can also be a great and positive way to share your items with others that can put them to better use. Remember, one man’s trash…


Moving is a great opportunity for a new start. So treat the decluttering process as such. Get rid of what you do not need so that you can make space for what you do need. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Local Moving Tips: What To Include In Your Checklist

Moving is one of the most stressful things that you can do. So if you have an upcoming move, here are a couple of things to include on your moving checklist to help you stay on track. With some proper planning, you and whichever local moving company Portland you’ve hired should get things done in no time.

Research and find the right moving companies Oregon

You want to start researching commercial movers Portland as early as possible. Because there are so many moving companies in Portland to choose from, you will need some time to do your research and compare each of the Portland moving companies that you find.

Starting the research process early will give you the options in your area and give you ample time to plan out your budget. If you decide to go with specific commercial movers Portland, make sure that you check out their references and their professional qualifications. All the best Portland movers are licensed and insured so that you can be sure that your belongings are being handled by professionals.

Visit your new neighborhood

Before you make the move, be sure to visit your new community for a day or an afternoon. Being there in person is not only a great way to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, but it will allow you to get a better feel of your neighborhood and the amenities available.

Budget properly

Before you go ahead and hire any Portland local movers, make sure that you have enough saved up in your overall relocation budget to cater to full-service movers. If you need to hire residential moving companies in Portland for a long-distance move, this might require a higher budget than a local move. If you are moving because you are starting a new job, be sure to find out from your new employer if they will cover the fees for the local moving Portland company that you end up hiring.

Give notice where required

If you’ve been renting, make sure that you give your landlord notice about your impending move. A lot of leases require their tenants to give their landlords at least 60 days’ notice before moving out, although this will vary from one place to the next. If you are unsure what the rules are, check your lease agreement for all the specific details.