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What to Budget for When Moving Out: Moving Budget Checklist

What to Budget for When Moving Out: Moving Budget Checklist

Whether you are moving out from your parent’s house or relocating to a new address, you will need money for the process. Moving expenses can easily pile up on the day of moving and if you are not well prepared, it is easy to get stranded halfway. It is important to carefully think about what needs to be paid for, bought or replaced before the actual day arrives. If you are thinking of a DIY move to cut costs, you might be successful to some extent. If you are moving across the street from where you currently live, you can organize a barbeque for friends and relative who assists during the move; this will save you lots of money on Portland moving help. Regardless of the distance of the move, these are the standard expenses you must factor into your budget;

Moving help:

Many people prefer moving with professional residential moving companies for their reliability and professionalism. Before you include this cost in your budget, get a service quotation from various Portland local movers. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family. Even though your focus is on spending as little as possible, consider the performance records for each of the mover you are considering.

Moving supplies

It is easy to overlook the many supplies you need for a successful move. A few carton boxes and a roll of tape might not cost much but what if you require a huge pile of boxes and several rolls of tape? Add permanent markers, labels, and padding to the list of what you need and you end up spending a significant amount. Go high on the estimates but focus on bringing the cost down by using old newspapers as padding and borrow boxes from close contacts.

Utilities connection and security:

All you need to disconnect use of current utilities is to stop using them. You however need to have money to pay as connection or deposit charges for utilities to be established in the new premises. Take note of clauses in your current tenant agreement that hold you liable to damages not covered by the deposit money.

Cleaning services:

Vacated property in many cases requires to be cleaned thoroughly. Some people will reduce the size of their budget by doing the cleaning on their own or hiring random help. If you are cleaning because it is part of the tenant agreement, better have a professional do it. There are many in Portland and are willing to offer a bargain.

Food, gas and lodging:

How far from your current location are you moving to? The further it is, the more likely it is that you will spend a few nights in a hotel. Budget for and make reservations early to avoid delays and disappointments.

Hidden expenses should not surprise you but they will cause extreme stress on your finances. Allocate a considerable amount of money to miscellaneous expenses. You are better off with surplus than with a deficit.

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving is a process that requires proper planning. Some people take months to prepare while others don’t have adequate time for preparation. They will hurriedly pack their stuff before starting to consider going through the certified moving companies in Portland. Such people don’t mind hiring commercial movers Portland or residential moving companies for moving help as long as they can accomplish their goals conveniently. Moving in a short period of time comes with its pros & cons.


New Opportunities

Hiring a credible Portland moving company to relocate you to a new destination can cultivate new opportunities for you. People move abruptly in search of greener pastures. The lucky ones end up with exciting new experiences in new environments. In other words; moving puts you in a better position to find better working positions, career growth and even greater educational opportunities for your little ones.

Improved quality of life

Are you seeking a Fresh Start? Well, hire moving company Portland and get started. Relocating to a new environment might be what you need to declutter your life and start life afresh. Sometimes, leaving your past life behind is a great idea. You don’t have to stay in a place where you’re finding it difficult to beat negative old habits. Moving in a short period of time doesn’t have to be a stressful affair if you can find a reputable local moving Portland company. It’s time to discover new places, experiences and exciting things that will help you improve the quality of your life.

It’s a chance to de-clutter

Moving in a short period of time allows you to declutter your space. You’ll have made up your mind on what stuff is important or not by the time you’re scouting Portland movers. This adrenaline-generating task allows you to only pack valuables thus giving you very limited time to be emotional when letting go of the useless things you’ve been clinging onto yet don’t need them.

Boosts your confidence

Relocating to a new location in a short span of time can be a blessing in disguise. In fact, moving urgently pushes you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to do more within the shortest time possible. Resultantly, you’ll be able to deal better with pressure and stress. Additionally, and you’ll have the confidence to focus on achieving your goals successfully even when under pressure.



With the help of Oregon movers or not, moving in a short period of time can be quite stressful for many people. You’ll be required to pack all your essential stuff carefully to avoid damaging or breaking them. Prepare for major emotional breakdowns when moving with a short timeframe.

Higher moving rates

With limited time to pack your stuff, you’ll find it difficult and stressful doing it alone. In such events, hiring professional full-service movers is the only option. As a result, you’ll end up paying shelling out higher moving rates to Movers Portland for moving help as compared to someone else who has all the time to book for Oregon Portland local movers beforehand.  

10 Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

10 Tips for Moving Out for the First Time

Tips for moving out of your parents’ house means that you are finally old enough to live on your own and by your own rules. It is surely a big step and while most young people only tend to focus on the freedom, the reality is that the entire process can be quite daunting. It does not matter your age when you decide to leave the nest; moving out to live by yourself brings on a ruthless maze of horrors and joys. The following tips will guide you on what is essential for the move and how to survive out there;

1. Save, save, save

You must factor in expenses such as rent for the first 2 or 3 months, security deposits, utilizes and any unforeseen emergencies that might come up.

2. Get a job

Take the few months leading up to the move as a serious period of job searching. If you have a job, consider its security before moving and plan for if you get laid off.

3. Start small

Look for an apartment that matches your budget, current income and situation. If your finances are tied up in essentials such as student loans, you might not have much to spare on a lavish lifestyle.

4. Stick to the budget

You need a lot of things to get started on a new life; apply math, common sense and discipline to only include what you need. When considering rent, allocate a maximum of 30% of your net income to this expense.

5. Create a list of tasks to accomplish for the move

The more people you tell about the move, the more advice you will receive on dos and don’ts. Write down everything that you think will work for you and use that to organize your time before the move.

6. Hire professional moving help

You might have already bought some pieces of furniture or electronics for the new house so you will require some help. Residential moving companies charge by distance and amount of load so you could end up paying very little. In exchange, your move will be handled by professionals.

7. Pack only what you need

The more items you have to carry when you are moving out, the more money you will spend on Oregon Portland local movers.

8. Request for help

Do not shy away from seeking help especially if you are busy at work or school. If you feel like you might need help at any point during the move, ask early so that people can factor you into their schedules.

9. Gather friends for a farewell party

This is important as it creates an official platform for giving your new address to those closest to you. The fact is that you cannot tell when you will see them again. Make it fun by holding it after a busy day of packing or moving stuff between locations.

10. Schedule your chores

If you followed all the above tips, you will find yourself in the new house eventually. Start by making a list of all the rooms in the new house and allocate time to organize each of them.

7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

No house move is the same as another; although the reasons for moving could be similar. If you have moved more than once, this definitely makes sense. While most people are used to moving with all their belongings to the new house, sometimes all that is required it to bring some essentials. It can seem like a puzzle trying to organize and plan for a partial move but moving companies are familiar with such scenarios. Is it possible to hire commercial movers Portland just to move a single item across the country? What is the process of planning for a small move?

The following tips will equip you when there comes a time when you are planning a partial move instead of the familiar full move?

  1. Make sure it is a mini move – typically, moving houses means that you transfer all your belongings from one house and into another. In such cases, the services of a full service mover work best. Some circumstances may necessitate the move of a limited number of what is in your house; for instance, a piece of furniture, certain household appliances, or a specialty item. Many professional movers have weight clusters by which they charge. Make sure you get a moving solution for your specific move type – it is alright to ask around to compare different quotes.

  2. Make sure you need small moving services – certain scenarios require the services of small load movers; the move is temporary so you will be back after some time; you are only relocating one room; you are shipping pieces of furniture or appliances to people as gifts; a specialty item has been bought from an auction and needs moving. Moves across the country are usually over long distances and any attempts at DIY are likely to be detrimental.

  3. Understand the costing of small moves – even before you settle on a particular mover, have a rough idea about how they arrive at their final charge or a small move. With this knowledge, you can influence the cost by altering certain aspects of the move.

  4. Source for reputable moving companies – can you fit whatever you are planning to move into your personal vehicle? Even if you could, how would you manage to load and offload it? While full service movers may give you a plan for small load moving, it is best to seek the services of experienced and top rated movers of small loads across the country.

  5. Reduce costs where you can – is the item or object you plan on moving able to come apart? To bring down the weight and bulk considerable, disassemble such items. Move will more often than not charge extra if they do the packing for you. Do as much as you can to low the charges.

  6. Start packing now – moving a single item of a handful of item might seem like a small task and packing might not top the list of priorities. If it is up to you to pick items you are moving, ensure they are essential and really necessary to pay for them to be moved. You might think that you are being too careful but the professional are better off packing valuables and fragile items.

  7. Take note of the details of a small loads move – Remember to book the move early so that the moving company has plenty of time to arrange for joint transportation. If your move is combined with that of another person you are likely to pay less.


Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Relocating to a new home can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. As a result, most people in Portland find themselves debating on whether to opt for a DIY option or hire professional moving companies in Portland for the job. Whilst a DIY move gives you total control over the whole moving process, and saves money, doing it yourself can potentially end up being more complicated than when working with reputable full-service movers. “5 Benefits of hiring professional movers are

Guaranteed Safety

Using professional Portland moving companies is one way of safeguarding the safety of your belongings and family. All certified and fully licensed residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland are well trained and equipped with the right equipment for safe moving. Some of the equipment professionals’ have are ridiculously expensive making them difficult for individuals to afford.

Insured, certified and experienced

All genuine Portland movers are fully licensed and insured. Using such professional Portland local movers can be advantageous when moving. For starters, the safety of your stuff is guaranteed. In an event of any damages or breaking, you’ll not be left without compensation. Secondly; you’ll enjoy an abundance of peace of mind knowing your valuables are insured. With their vast experience in moving, you can count on professional Oregon movers to get the job done without damages.

Stress-Free moving experience

Moving companies in Portland have a reputation for being highly-experienced and disciplined. There is no reason whatsoever to do it yourself when you can easily hire movers in Portland to do it for you professionally. Furthermore, packing and unpacking can be a stressful experience for you. All you have to do to enjoy a stress-free moving experience is to hire the right local moving Portland Company.

Affordable service

Hiring full-service movers is nowadays very affordable. For best deals, it is imperative to consider comparing quotes from various Portland local movers. Interestingly; Movers Portland offers high-quality moving services at competitively straight forward estimates depending on the distance you want to be covered. Why trouble yourself when you can just part with a few dollars for the job to be done professionally?

Better storage facilities

Professional Portland movers have better, flexible storage facilities where you can be offered short term, long-term or even overnight storage service at additional charges. With such arrangements, you can go about your business knowing that your valuables are well protected and safe.


Evidently, hiring professional movers is more advantageous as compared to a DIY move.  

Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

 Whether you hire professional full-service movers or do it yourself, moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Needless to say, relocating to another home can also be a costly business. Without proper planning, it is easy to find yourself struggling financially when and after moving. Wondering how to save money when moving? The following cheap moving tips that will help you save money

Timing is everything

Oregon movers will probably charge you less in terms of moving fees during low seasons as compared to peak times. Most people move during the weekends, summer, or start/end of the month. Time your move well and you’ll get fantastic deals.

Get rid of clutter

Hire moving company Portland after getting rid of all the junk you don’t need. Consider selling, donating or even giving them to your friends/colleagues/relatives to save money. The more belongings you have, the more you’ll pay since professional moving companies charge according to weight and distance.

Be More Flexible

Flexibility can be an added advantage when considering moving. Allowing professional Portland local movers to pick a moving date for you rather than the day you requested is an automatic way of getting discounted moving rates.

Plan well

Getting well-organized is a perfect way of saving money when moving. Get your new address right, pack early and be ready to move before your local moving Portland company truck arrives.

Consider a DIY option

Can’t afford to hire Movers Portland? No problem. Consider doing it yourself. Look for a good rental moving truck from moving companies in Portland at an affordable rate, get everything packed, load everything and get moving.

Have a moving budget

Portland moving services come at a price. The best way of controlling your moving expenses is through a clear, reasonable relocation budget. Setting some money aside gives you better control of your spending.

Hire affordable professional movers

Want to save money when moving? Well, go for the cheapest rates available in Portland. Some Oregon movers guarantee high-quality moving services at reasonable moving rates provided you do your homework well.

Pack essentials only

Consider sorting out all the unwanted things and pack what you need only. Leave behind what you never use if you’re moving towns.

Hold a garage sale

Consider holding a garage yard sale to make money from selling your unwanted items. Alternatively, take photos of the things you don’t need then sell them through online websites such as Amazon, Craigslist and eBay.

Scout for free moving boxes or top-quality second-hand boxes

Hire movers in Portland after getting good free boxes from friends, grocers, and retailers. On the other hand, ask for recommendations from Oregon movers on where to buy quality, cheap second-hand moving boxes.

Find alternative cushioning materials

Save money by using old newspapers, socks, containers and old clothes for small, delicate items. 

Pack everything by yourself

Looking for the cheapest moving rates in town? Well, do all the packing by yourself rather than hire professional packers from Portland moving companies.


Have you found the right moving company Portland? Now, it’s time to negotiate on pricing with your designated professional mover.

10 Tips for Moving Day

10 Tips for Moving Day

 Are you contemplating moving into a new home? Well, moving can be a fun-thrilling and smooth experience for you. Here are 10 tips for moving day;

Choose an appropriate date

Most moving companies in Portland are usually in high demand at the beginning /end of the month, on weekends, on holidays and during summer. For this reason, picking your moving timeframe carefully is highly recommendable for those seeking to enjoy budget-friendly moving rates.

Have a budget

Both residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland render their services at different rates. For convenience, it is wise to have a budget plan in mind before deciding to hire movers in Portland. Some full-service movers will charge higher rates than others.

Be well-organized

Moving companies Oregon enjoy working with well-organized people. Make your moving day smooth by planning your time in advance, create a to-do list and make sure everything is in good order before calling your preferred Portland Moving company.

Hire the right Portland Movers

Conduct an extensive research on all the listed moving companies in Portland before making up your mind. An ideal hire moving company Portland should be trustworthy, reliable, punctual, affordable, flexible and professional.

Keep your phone fully charged

The last thing you want on your moving day is having to deal with the stress of a low-battery phone. Having a fully-charged phone makes it easy to communicate with Portland movers, relatives, and friends. In simple words; it’s easier to coordinate with your designated Oregon movers.

Maintain Cleanliness

Don’t leave your current home in a bad state. Spare a few minutes to keep it clean before moving out. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that the home you’re moving into is extensively cleaned before starting to unload your stuff. After all, maintaining cleanliness is good for your health.

Ensure it’s the right house

One of the most important things you should do for a stress-free moving day is to ensure that you have the right new house. Ensure that all your belongings like furniture will fit well in your new home before your chosen Portland movers can start loading your stuff in their Lorries.

Secure your stuff

Packing your stuff in the right moving boxes is an excellent way of securing your earthly possessions. Use cushioning materials when packing delicate stuff to avoid unnecessary complications with professional movers in Oregon Portland.

Label boxes clearly

You should consider putting visible labels on all your boxes before moving out. Labels make the unpacking process more convenient, faster and safe. Besides, labeled boxes are easier to track when moving.

Keep time

Keep track of time when moving out to avoid inconveniences. Keeping your local moving Portland contractor waiting is a bad idea. On the contrary, you should be ready to move by the time your Portland moving company arrives in your driveway.

Follow the above tips and your moving day will be smoother than you ever imagined.


De-cluttering Before Your Move

De-cluttering Before Your Move

 De-cluttering is an excellent way of preparing to move out of your current home into a new one. There’s no point in hiring Portland local movers to move junks that you don’t need.

Importance of De-cluttering before your move:


It’s good for your health

Believe it or not, but moving with stuff you hardly need is a total waste of space. Decluttering reduces waste thus making your new environment more conducive for healthy living. It is important to let go of things that you’ll probably never use ever again. Take your time, go through everything you have, sort out what’s important and what’s not and you’ll definitely feel better as you move into your new home clutter-free.


Moving companies in Portland charge their moving fees according to your stuff. One of the easiest ways of saving money is by getting rid of all the clutter before moving out. Portland movers will not tell you what you need or don’t need. Their work is just to offer moving services at affordable rates. Remember; the more you move with, the more you’ll spend in packing supplies and moving fees.

An opportunity to make extra money

Did you know that you can generate enough money to hire movers in Portland by selling some of your junks? Well, you don’t have to give your stuff for free if you can manage to find willing buyers. Take photos of the things you don’t need any more then post them online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and eBid among others for buyers. You’ll be surprised to find yourself with enough cold hard cash for things you no longer use. Alternatively, you can opt to organize a yard sale and still make extra money.

Saves time

While most full-service movers have what it takes to move anything, de-cluttering saves time for all the involved parties. Moving can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming experience. Getting rid of unnecessary clutters can make things much easier for you in terms of packing, unpacking, moving and even arranging stuff in your new home.

Smooth moving

Hiring professional Portland local movers is always a good idea when moving into your new home. One of the best ways of simplifying your move is by de-cluttering. Just pack what you consider as junk in separate boxes and set them aside. This will allow your favorite Oregon movers to only load the more important things. With proper planning, you’ll have a smoother moving experience.


De-cluttering before your move gives you a golden opportunity to help others. Don’t have an idea about where to donate things that you don’t need? Well, ask for recommendations from movers Portland. Moving companies in Portland know of plenty of charity organizations that will gladly accept all the functional stuff you no longer need.

In conclusion, de-cluttering before your move is good for your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

With the help of moving companies in Portland, moving doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking, frustrating and time-consuming affair. For a hassle-free moving, you should take care of certain essential tasks on move-in day. Here are 10 tasks that should be completed on move-in day:

Be organized with your Stuff

Consider sorting through your stuff before moving out of your current home. Start by separating the important things from the junks. Make extra cash by hosting a yard sale right before you start moving. Alternatively, you can donate the things you don’t need to charity as a prudent way of doubling your blessings.

Get your packing supplies

With the right packing supplies such as boxes, cushioning materials, scissors, tape, newspapers and bubble wrap, moving can be an exciting and stress-free experience. Interestingly; you can also acquire high-quality second-hand boxes and additional packing supplies from commercial movers Portland.

Hire a reputable Moving company

Want peace of mind? Hire a trustworthy local moving Portland company that offers high-quality service at an affordable rate. Consider comparing quotes from different Portland movers until you find the right full-service movers.

Schedule your moving day

 Planning your journey makes life much easier for you when moving to your new home Consider choosing an appropriate moving date, confirm the time of arrival with your movers, know the route to your new address, and check the traffic routines beforehand for your convenience.

Change Your Address

Change your address before moving out of your current home. You can contact your local post office via call, email or even notify them of your new address in person to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. You need to maintain your communication with your insurer, bank, credit card companies, and even friends/relatives/colleagues.

Start Packing Early

Consider starting packing your belongings early enough if you want a smooth moving. Sort your stuff early, fill those boxes with what you need and label them accordingly to avoid a stressful moving out day. Being organized is an excellent way of making your life easier when moving in or out.

Disconnect Your Utilities

Don’t call your local moving Portland Company before ensuring that all the utilities in your current home including gas, electricity, TV, internet, and water are disconnected. Contact all the relevant utility companies as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements to avoid unnecessary hassles with them.

Focus on Your Utilities

Residential moving companies will take you wherever you want, but will not check your utilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that the home you are about to move into has running utilities such as clean water, heat/AC, electricity, gas, phone, internet and TV connections.


Don’t ever start unpacking your stuff before cleaning your new home extensively. You can either do it yourself or seek help from cleaning service companies at a fee. Cleaning makes your life stress-free after moving.

Unpack Your Essentials

You’re finally home at last. Now, start unpacking all your most essential stuff including beddings, foodstuffs, toiletries, clothes, and cleaning supplies for easy accessibility.

10 Things to Do After Moving

10 Things to Do After Moving

You always have racing thoughts during moving, from the moment you make your mind to moving up to days after moving. Loneliness, drastic change of routine, food insecurities, a whole new area to explore and many other challenges confront you. But, the good news, there is a basketful of things you can do to relish the change.

Learn from Your Neighbor

Your new neighbor knows a bunch of things about your new surroundings. Find a way of stirring a conversation and portray some friendliness. They can come in handy during an emergency or shower you with tips you never imagined.

Contact Utility Providers

Even if you checked and ensured the perfect working of utilities beforehand, redo the exercise. Don’t wait for surprises. Ensure the contacts you have work. And enlist new security systems and security providers if possible to avoid trust issues.

Create an Emergency Plan

Confirm functioning of emergency exit doors, fire extinguishers and circuit breakers with your family. Everyone should know their location. Install escape ladders for upstairs rooms and ensure everyone has access to important emergency contacts.

Keep an Inventory of Items as Your Mover Offloads

Breakage, loss, and misplacements are common occurrences when moving. If you had hired a professional moving company, ensure you take inventory of the items as they offload them. Better, when an officer from the company is present. And remember not to sign the clearance contract until you confirm breakages.

Clean Before Unpacking

It is hard to skip cleaning when you’re moving into a new house. But before unpacking ensure thorough cleaning of the home, both interiors, and exteriors. Fumigate if possible to lessen fears of insects and comb the compound for rodents

Make Sleeping Arrangements

The heftiness of the first moving day can be overwhelming. Remember to ensure bedrooms are well refreshed and set. You don’t have to complete the decor of the room but some place to unwind will serve you well.

Don’t Unpack Straightaway

It is important to have a first night bag containing basic items like sleeping clothes, soaps, toothbrushes, prescriptions, etc. If you never thought of the bag, unpack only the essential items and wait until your mind is fresh before you unpack.

Follow a Strategic Unpacking Plan

People are prone to haphazard unpacking when in a new place. Follow a simple step by step unpacking plan. Put boxes in the rooms they belong first and follow up with the organization of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Update Your Address

You’re in a new home, but bills still need settling. Change your postal address and furnish your utility providers with it to ensure you receive your bills on time. Your friends and families will also need your new address.

Visit the DMV Office

You must update your driving license and number plates if you’ve moved to a new state. Check with the regulatory offices to ensure you can drive without frustration in your new home city or state.