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Essential Things To Do After Moving

There is a lot that you have to do to ensure that everything in your moving checklist is done right. While the process of finding reliable commercial movers Portland, as well as packing up and unpacking is considered the most difficult part of pulling off a move, most folks forget about settling in. It is usually the things that you do after moving to a new place that indicates whether a move was successful or not.

Getting used to the new space and surroundings, the new people, as well as prioritizing what needs to be done can be extremely daunting. We know that you have a lot going on already. So to help you out, here are a couple of essential things that you need to do after moving:

First, do a walkthrough of the new space

There is no better way to get a true sense of your new space while visualizing where the Portland movers will place all your belongings than by doing a walkthrough when it is empty. So before your moving company Portland unloads the truck, ask them to give you time to take a look around.

During the walkthrough, check that:

  • All the repairs have been completed to your standards and specifications.
  • Everything included in the sale or rent agreement is included in the new house or apartment.
  • All the outlets and fixtures are working properly including running water, the washer and drier, etc.

Figure out what goes where

During the walkthrough, you want to figure out what goes where with your local moving company Portland first before actually starting the unloading process. This will save you time and trouble instead of simply winging it.

Be sure to be very detail-oriented when explaining to your Portland moving help how and where you want everything arranged. The best residential moving companies in Portland will do their best to ensure that you are as settled as possible so that you can begin settling down easily.

Child and pet-proof

If you are moving with little children or pets, make sure that you child and pet-proof as much as you can. You may not be able to childproof fully but do what you can to keep everyone safe before getting your full setup in place.

Get something to eat

Packing can be so nerve-wracking that people often forget to eat during the move. Before you attempt to organize everything, make sure that you have something to eat first. Organizing on an empty stomach will only make you more jittery and anxious. Your options may be limited so something as simple as a pizza and some soft drinks will do.

Tips for Staying Safe and have No-Contact during your Move

Let’s face it: moving in the middle of a pandemic can be scary for you and your family, whether you’re heading across town or crossing state borders. To make sure your move is safe and No-contact, use these savvy strategies.

Double-check with your moving company in Portland

Moving is regarded as an “essential service” in Oregon, but not all Portland movers are still operational. It pays to double-check with your moving company in Portland, particularly if you booked them several months prior.

Ask those oh-so-important questions:

  • Are you still offering moving services during the pandemic?
  • Are there specific safety measures and safeguards you should follow?
  • What safety measures have they put in place to ensure a safe move?
  • Do they offer a contactless move?

Invest in new packing supplies

In the pre-COVID era, most people would reuse packing boxes in a bid to save a few bucks. Nonetheless, this isn’t a safe strategy if you’re planning to move during the pandemic. As such, consider using fresh packing boxes and other supplies.

Practice social distancing during moving day

Chances are you don’t have the tools and time to move on your own. If you’re planning to hire moving help in Portland, make sure to social distance as much as possible. There should be at least 6ft of space between everyone involved in the move at all times.

If possible, limit in-person interactions, whether by getting estimates virtually, hashing over moving plans via ZOOM, and so on. At the end of the day, you should consider hiring one of the best no-contact moving companies in Portland.

Hand wash and sanitize, often

The safety of everyone involved should be your top priority. So, wipe down boxes, furniture, and other items with an appropriate disinfectant before packing and moving. Provide Portland movers with sanitizer and hand-washing supplies.

Schedule your move for low-traffic hours

One of the best ways to minimize contact and exposure is to choose off hours for your move. This is especially true for those who live in a condo, apartment, and a multi-residential dwelling. The fewer people around, the lower the chances of getting infected with the virus.

Hire commercial movers in Portland to pack

If you’re moving your office, it might be a wise idea to let professional Oregon movers handle everything, from packing to unpacking at your new location. With most workers working from home, this is a smart move.

When all’s said and done, it’s best to follow all recommended safety protocols laid out by the CDC and local health officials. Have a safe move!

How to find the right neighborhood

How to find the right neighborhood

There are various reasons for you to consider moving to a right & new neighborhood; your job posted you there, you are looking for a place to call home, you need a change from your current life or it might just be out of your control. Whatever the inspiration for moving is, it is important to choose a right neighborhood that aligns to your lifestyle. Whether buying or merely to rent, here are key factors to consider;

What does your neighborhood profile look like?

Everyone has a list of features that their ideal neighborhood must have. This largely depends on personal preference so the variations from one person to another could be very diverse. The features you list for this step must then be arranged in order of priority. Which are some of the features you cannot overlook? Once you are done with this step, you can begin your search.

Crime and safety considerations

Some of this information can be found online but the local law enforcement agencies might be able to shed light on crime control measures in place. It is important to take a walk or drive through the area to check out the area for yourself. Do most homes have crime deterrents such as burglar-proof windows and high fences? The types of dogs you see around the area an indication of the security situation and how concerned the residents are.

General appearance of the area

Is the area well maintained? Is it clean? Take note of abandoned lots or properties in the area. If they have been in the same state for a while, it will be no surprise if they are taken up by a commercial developer. This move could change the overall look and feel of a neighborhood and so it is an important consideration before settling.

Nature of amenities

This step is best accomplished alongside the list of preferred features. You might discover the there is a grocery store in the area but it is closed pretty early. Are you willing to make necessary adjustments to cope or are you alright with driving far to the next one on a regular basis? If you have children of school going age, you must consider how far the neighborhood is from your preferred school. Do the kids require transport to and from their school/ are you in a position to pay for school transport or will you manage to drop/pick them every day?

Ultimately, the neighborhood you find yourself living in depends on the property value in the area and how much you are willing to pay. The commercial movers will carry your belongings to the new house but it is you that has to put up with life there. Choose wisely!

Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Office moves, like residential moving, can be just as stressful and challenging, if not more. There are always more electronics and bulkier furniture to be relocated during an office move; and when there is an entire office building to be emptied, the logistics of moving to a new office can be made all the more complicated.

Office relocations are a lot of work regardless of whether it is a large or small office to be moved. A poorly managed moving process can turn an otherwise manageable situation to spiral out of control, which is the last thing any business wants when there are clients and employees involved. So how do you make an office relocation effortless? Here are some tips for when you are moving to a new office space:

Start planning as early as possible

Before you start moving, you should give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your move. Give yourself and your employees at least 3 to 4 months to put everything together. This should also give you plenty of time to decide what needs to be moved, thrown away, donated or sold because you certainly will not need everything to come with you. Planning early in advance will help you avoid potential problems as well as help to keep your employees in the loop so that they can also prepare in their own way

Charge someone with the responsibility of organizing everything

To make sure that you move to your new office space without any hiccups, appoint someone to act as the move manager or point person that will coordinate all the critical aspects of the move. This person will be in charge of following up on each item on your moving checklist ensuring that it is handled and he or she will be responsible for researching local Moving Portland companies or commercial movers Portland that will handle the task of moving your business to a new office space.

Hire the best moving companies

You will no doubt come across a range of moving companies in Portland to facilitate your move, but you should know that not all movers Portland Oregon are created equal. The best movers Portland Oregon should be affordable and well-reviewed so that your move can be effortless.

The right local Moving Portland company should also have access to the right equipment to be able to transport your electronics safely. If your budget allows it, you should definitely invest in full-service movers that will do all the packing for you as well as the unpacking and organizing when you get to your new office destination.

When Do You Start Researching Moving Companies?

When Do You Start Researching Moving Companies?

Most people dread the idea of moving. The idea of having to pack, lift, and load all your worldly possessions on your own can be intimidating even for the most enthusiastic mover. That’s why many people opt to hire a moving company Portland that can handle all the responsibilities for them so that they can, in turn, avoid being overwhelmed and frustrated.

The decision of whether you should hire Commercial movers Portland will probably be based on your budget, proximity to your new residence and the complexity of the move. It obviously does not make sense to do all the moving yourself if you do not think you can handle the heavy lifting. It also makes more sense to rely on the assistance of reliable full-service movers if you have the funds for it.

Not only will hiring Portland local movers save you both time and energy, but it will also allow you to concentrate on other more important components of your move as everything will be done by the professionals- you will not even need to lift a finger. If the idea of hiring moving help Portland Oregon sounds appealing to you, here are some tips to help you when researching residential moving companies:

When to start researching moving companies in Portland

If you have made the decision to hire movers Portland Oregon, you may be wondering how far in advance you should start researching moving companies Oregon. To ensure that you are prepared as much as possible, you start the research process as soon as you decide that you want to move. Ideally, you should start before you place your house on the market or before you find a rental to move into so that you can have plenty of time to budget your move.

Qualities to look for in a moving company Portland

To prevent yourself from falling victim to fraudulent Portland movers, there are some vital qualities that you should be on the lookout for such as:

Proper licensing and registration

The right moving company should have the appropriate insurance, registration, and license to protect your move and to ensure everything is done efficiently.

A pre-move survey

Before you hire movers in Portland OR, the company should provide you with a pre-move survey that will consist of a home visit. a pre-move survey is critical because it will help the movers Portland to assess your home thoroughly so that they can plan your move effectively.

A great reputation

Before you hire a local moving Portland company, you want to ensure that the company has a great reputation. The right movers Portland OR should be well reviewed and listed with 3rd party organizations like the Better Business Bureau.


How Much Should You Tip Movers?

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

When you enlist the services of a professional mover, you are banking on the fact that their training and experience will guarantee a stress-free move. While this category of workers falls under service providers, they differ from waiters and hairdressers. Well, to get the perfect picture, think about a mess that would be made by a waiter and that which would be made by a mover. This is what you should be thinking about when considering a tip for them.

Many people hire Commercial movers Portland because they want someone to do the heavy lifting for them. This is perhaps the major reason they are not considered professionals. If you listen around, you will be amazed at the various thoughts on tipping movers.

The truth is, movers are in a class of their own as far as tipping is concerned. In a restaurant setup for instance, the average tip is around 15% of the final bill amount. Considering the nature of costs involved in paying professional movers, such calculations could mean paying a fortune to your movers. It is not a must that you treat your movers because you have already paid for the service as a package. While this is true, there are many ways you can show appreciation for their work;

Buy them refreshments – moving is hard because it involves a lot of manual labor. The movers will not tell you but the sweating and heavy breathing makes them thirsty really fast. Having a few rounds of soda or water will make them feel better during and after the exercise.

Offer to sponsor lunch – depending on how much belongings you have, moving could take the entire day. When it gets to lunch time and the crew wants to take a break, offer to buy. Let them choose their preference so that you do not add to the pizza meals that they have already been having.

Tip each individually – if you decide to give Portland movers some money as a tip, resist the urge to give the driver or foreman because that saves time and the hustle of speaking to all of them. The tip may vary from one client to the next but a good way to calculate is from the hours they have been working. Consider $10 per person as the fair tip for 4 hours of work.

Word of Caution:

Many people think that beer is a good token to offer people after they have helped you with some manual work. It is not! Many moving companies in Portland have strict regulations about drinking at work. You also would not want to make the crew clumsy as they handle your belongings.

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving with a fish is a little tricky. But with a bit of ingenuity and the following tips, your move will become a success.

Don’t Transport Your Fish in their Tank

It’s imperative that you don’t move your water friends in their tank. That is a big no-no. Instead, take out the fish and remove as much water as possible. The thing is that fish tanks are not designed to tolerate long-distance moves, at least, not when the water is still inside. The last thing you want is for your fish to spill over from the container with water. You can use a bucket or polythene bag filled with tank water.

Load your fish last

Your fish container should be the last thing you pack. It should also be the first thing you unload from the truck. Not only will this reduce the stress on your water friends, but it will even make sure that they are placed in the safest spot.

Use Some of the Water from the Tank

Fishes are sensitive to changes in the environment. While you don’t want to take the aquarium when it’s filled with water, you should try to take some of the original water. This will help the fish accustom to the change.

Do not feed them a day before the move

Most fish lovers know this – it’s not recommended to feed the fish at least a day (24 hours) before they are transported. It will simply do more harm to the fish than good. You see, fish, especially the larger ones, regurgitate food if they are stressed. By not feeding them before the move, you will minimize the amount of waste in the transportation container. Of course, excess waste in the water can become toxic to the fish.

Use a Strong, Clean Polythene Bag

If you are making a long-distance move, it’s important to use a sturdy polythene bag to keep your fish. You can get these bags for a good deal from your local pet stores. Seal the bag ensuring there’s enough breathing air. You can also double the bags to minimize the risk of leaks. Before loading, gently place the bag in a polystyrene container. Also, don’t forget to label the container.

Hire Professional Fish Movers

Most full-service movers offer turnkey fish moving services. They know every step needed to ensure that your fish reaches the destination alive and well. It’s vital that you choose a moving company in Portland OR with sufficient experience transporting fish.

Downsizing? Moving To a Smaller Home and Needing To Sell Your Items

Downsizing? Moving To a Smaller Home and Needing To Sell Your Items

Downsizing comes with a host of tantalizing benefits as well as a set of challenges. On the one hand, you are saying sayonara to colossal spending (read: high rent, large bills, and so forth), and, on the other hand, you’ve to part ways with convenience and some of our stuff.

I won’t lie to you; moving to a small home is no small feat. From packing and loading to unloading and unpacking, the entire process can be overwhelming. And then you’ve to get rid of some of your stuff – lots of it.

Are you thinking of downsizing? Here are industry tricks and tips that can help you downsize without wracking your nerves.

Take Stock of Your Stuff

It’s not going to be easy. But, you need to take inventory of all your belongings. Sort through all your stuff, and decide what stays, thrown out, and sold. These should go into different boxes clearly labeled as such.

The rule of thumb is anything that has not been used for the last twelve months, must go! Don’t forget to involve every member of the family in the process.

Get Rid of Duplicate Items

Once you’ve done an inventory of your stuff, it’s time to eliminate unnecessary duplicates. The kitchen is where the action is. Do you really need several sets of silverware, spatulas, and drinking glasses? What about the shoes? Oh, the shoes!

Start Early

It pays to start your downsizing efforts at least three months before hiring a moving company in Portland OR. Once a week, you can go through the closets, garages, attic, bedrooms, and other spaces. It also gives you plenty of time to get over the emotional part of downsizing.

Use Floor Plans to Get a Glimpse of your Move

Draw up floor plans, and pre-arrange furniture and other house content. This way, you will get the feel and look of your new homes so you can make the right decisions.

Take Advantage of Storage Spaces

When it comes to downsizing, storage space can be a huge lifesaver. Make the most of it. From inside ottomans to under the stairs to under the bed to built-in shelves and much more, all these are excellent storing options.

Sell Some of Your Stuff

There is no reason why you can get a few bucks for your unused stuff. After all, you need a little boost of money to help with the move. Organize yard sales. Put some on sale on eBay, Craiglist, Etsy, Amazon, and so forth.

You can also consider donating some of your belongings. It can make you feel great about downsizing.

BBB … Why Reviews Are So Important

BBB … Why Reviews Are So Important

Sure, you have seen the BBB logo and name on the websites of some moving companies in Portland Oregon. In fact, it’s almost synonymous with businesses that deliver reliable, ethical, and trustworthy services to the customers.

Right from the outset, you need to know that BBB maintains one of the highest accreditation standards in the industry. It requires business to abide by ethical business practices, including safeguarding customer privacy, fair advertising, and full disclosure of material facts to clients.

Which brings us to the question: why are BBB customer reviews so important?

Identify the Scammers

Those moving companies that don’t have BBB accreditation or reviews are most likely fly-by-nights looking to scam you of your hard-earned dollar. Reviews are the basis for the companies that actually interact with customers. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any review.

Know who is certified

Reviews usually reveal companies or moving agencies that don’t have proper documentation. If a customer realizes that a company is not licensed, for instance, he or she will sure mention that on the review. And USDOT license is paramount for out of state moves.

Know who charges questionable or hidden fees

Some shady moving companies in Oregon offer seemingly rock-bottom rates but add lots of extra charges later. That is a big no-no. And the best way to know is to read online reviews.

Know who does a good job

Generally, companies that boast positive reviews often deliver excellent work. Whether moving, driving, or unpacking, you can count on these movers to do a bang-up job. Customers usually rate companies based on professionalism, cost, quality, and so forth.

Helps Companies Improve

Customers can pinpoint areas of improvement for companies in their reviews. This way, the moving firms can change for the better. They’ll know if their rates are high, if their turnaround times should improve or if they should even fire some employees.

Request a quote

BBB review also offers a nifty way for customers to request a fair and open quote from a moving company in Oregon. This way, you can be sure that you are working with a good company.

Rate Business

The reverse is also true. You can post positive reviews for companies that delivered excellent work, allowing others to take advantage their superb skills. Similarly, you can post a bad review for a shady moving company, saving many people out there lots of headaches.

BBB reviews go beyond star rating. It offers customers the opportunity to zero in on good companies, the ones that will deliver each and every time.




You finally found your new home, and you already scheduled your moving-in day. But even as you think about the move, you start getting stressed. Your stress is not misplaced. After all, uprooting oneself and boxing up one’s entire life to move to a new house is anything but a walk in the park. While you cannot reduce your stress to 0%, you can reduce it significantly. Up ahead, we list a few tips that will help you as you move to your new home.

Plan to reminisc

First, you would have to plan for the days leading up to your move. Give yourself ample time to pack, because, if you are like most people, unearthing an old notebook from high school or chancing upon a photo album could make you sentimental. Give yourself the time to reminisce over the memories, then pack them up.

Look back

If you are like most people, unearthing an old notebook from high school or an old photo album could make you sentimental. Packing is important, but give yourself time to relive the memories that come flooding in. This means you might have to give yourself allowance time for packing. Specifically plan to set aside at least 2-3 days of allowance time in case you get carried away with reliving your memories.

To hire or not to hire a professional moving company?

Next, decide if you will be hiring a professional moving company to help you move. It may come with a price, but in exchange, you could reduce your stress significantly, especially on moving day itself. These companies provide manpower to help you move all your furniture and boxes, as well as a truck or van to transport them in. Moving companies train their members specifically how to handle fragile items such as paintings or glassware. If you would rather not concern yourself over carefully packaging each item in your art or glassware collection, then perhaps hiring a professional moving company is best for you. Not only will this lessen your packing-up stress, but it will also free up your time, which in turn will lessen your stress even more.

Leave space for the unexpected

While planning every little detail for your move could be helpful, don’t allow yourself to become a micromanager. If anything, becoming obsessed with even the tiniest of details could make you more stressed! Leave blank a day or two before your scheduled moving day to accommodate any last-minute trips to the grocery for travel snacks or last-minute packing-up. Even if you end up doing nothing on those days, at least you could spend some time going around your old house and reliving the good memories you have had while living there.

This point is particularly important especially on moving day, when emotions are high and nerves are thin, and especially if you will be moving with young children. Expect to have delays in your timetable as last-minute tasks pile up. After all, even with the best planning, life always finds a way to throw a curve ball at us. Expect this, and be flexible enough to adjust.

We leave you with one last note: as you finalize the details in your move, don’t forget to enjoy this. You are moving to a new home! While it could be stressful and emotional, leaving behind the old and moving forward to the new is a necessary part of life.

We hope our tips were helpful to you, and we wish you a stress-free move into your new home.