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Moving Supplies Checklist That Mill Make Your Move So Much Easier

Are you planning a move in Portland? If you have an upcoming move, you know how important it is that you have a smooth moving process. If you keep all these things in mind, you are likely to forget or overlook some of the things that need to be done before making tour move. Getting your moving supplies will help make you organized and help you save time while easing your overall moving process.

This makes moving a less stressful experience. Portland moving companies often provide moving supplies checklist and using this detailed moving supplies checklist will help you keep track of everything, meet your deadlines and have a better understanding of what needs special attention. It is great if you are self-packing. If not, you can hire OR full service movers. Here are moving supplies checklist that will make your move so much easier:


Have boxes for a smooth move. In fact, boxes are critical and help organize all your belongings by room, by type and by other factors such as whether the items are fragile and whether they require special attention. Have both large boxes for large items and smaller boxes for heavy, breakable and delicate items. You can also have boxes with dividers to help pack away stemware. The most common boxes that Portland moving companies use are cardboard. However, some people do opt to rent plastic moving bins.

Packing Supplies

Aside from boxes, here are other supplies that will be imperative for your packing process:

  • Tape

You will need tape to secure your boxes and ensure that they are well sealed. Choose tape that is durable and tape that has strong adhesive. There are many types of tape that you can use to seal your boxes such s packing tape to seal, shipping tape, masking tape that you can use for labelling your boxes, duct tape to reinforce heavier boxes and painters tape. 

  • Scissors

Having a sharp pair of scissors will make packing and unpacking so much easier and faster.

  • Tape Gun

Don’t you hate it having to keep looking for one end of the tape and cutting it off? A tape gun such as the one Portland movers use will make it easier to seal your boxes without having t spend so much time and experience a ton of frustration.

  • Bubble Wrap

This is important if you need to wrap fragile items and fill up spaces in your packing boxes.

  • Toolbox

Your toolbox will come in handy when you are taking apart and reassembling furniture as well as in performing quick repairs.

Declutter Before Your Move: 5 Tips to Lighten Your Load

Let’s face it; there’s a ton of stuff in your house that you haven’t used for ages. But they’ll cost you extra charges when your Portland movers stumble upon a pile of unused junk in the back of your garage.

This is where decluttering will come in especially handy. It’ll help lighten your load, take a little pinch out of the move, and save you trouble in the long run. Here’s how to declutter like a pro to make your move more hassle-free.

Have a strategic plan

You need a plan of attack, so you can declutter every nook and cranny in your home. Most people choose to sift through their belongings from room to room, starting with non-essential spots like the garage, game room, or attic.

You can also declutter based on the category of items — for example, you can start with clothes or toys then move on to appliances. The idea is to separate out stuff that you’ll keep and what you no longer need. If you’ve too many belongings or don’t have the time, you can bring in full-service movers in Portland to help.

Undecided what to purge?

The general rule of thumb is to purge anything that you haven’t used for the past 12 months or don’t plan to use in a year. You know that ugly sweater you haven’t worn in a decade, dated blender you never use, or broken toys.

However, there are certain belongings you should never throw away no matter what, such as emergency supplies, heirloom furniture, family photos, handwritten notes, and important documents.

Sort your de-cluttered stuff

Once you’ve picked out things you won’t keep, separate them into three categories: the thrash pile (can’t be recycled or repurposed), donation pile (stuff to give away), and recycle pile (electronics, appliances, etc.)

Sort as you continue decluttering, creating additional categories or piles as needed. For instance, you can have an extra pile of stuff you plan to sell.

Organize a yard or garage sale

If you’ve got time to organize a garage or yard sale, then it’s a fantastic way to pony up a few extra bucks that may help defray some of the moving costs. If you do it correctly, yard sale may foot part or whole of the bill of hiring a moving company in Portland. Craigslist and eBay are two other viable avenues.

Set Goals

Are you planning to half the size of stuff in your garage? Or get rid of two-thirds of your old furniture? No matter what it’s, it helps to set clear goals and use rewards, so you can stay focused on the prize. Remember, you can always hire full-service movers in Portland to move things along faster.

Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Have you just moved to your dream home but feel that it just does not come out the way you imagined? This happens especially in a big home, and the first few days or weeks when you haven’t quite figured out what stays where. But how you unpack plays a big part in how the house looks. You must get it right from the beginning of your stay in the new home.

Here are a few tips that will give you the look you desired in your new home and keep your home clean & organized after a move:

1 Finish unpacking:

Do not leave items in their boxes longer than necessary.  Ensure that all boxes have been emptied by the 2nd day.

2 Follow your labeling:

Labeling boxes and items by their room is a basic organizational task when moving. Take boxes to their respective rooms and ensure items are exactly where they should be in every room.

3 Do a second purge:

If there is a newer and more useful item in your new home, why keep the old one? Get rid of what you don’t need.

4 Get more muscle:

It doesn’t hurt to get assistance if you need it. You can retain your Residential movers for a few more dollars.

5 Function before beauty:

Place items where they are of use first before worrying about how they look. Perfection can come later.

6 Clean as you unpack:

Do not place items on dusty shelves or floors. Also do not place items when they are dirty. Dust and wipe as you go along. It saves you more effort in the future.

7 Mark any damage:

Moving is stressful for the furniture as well. Mark what has been dinged and dented and make a to-do repair list for these items.

8 Plan for large items:

Plan for large sofas, the fridge, cupboards and other big items such that you open up space for other items while minimizing chances that you will need to move these large items again. 

9 Check that everything is working:

Ideally, you should do a thorough inspection of the home before moving in, but if the relocation service is done after a long time, do another inspection and mark anything broken.

10 Fix the utilities:

Have the utilities reconnected as soon as everything is in place?  Make an emergency plan for fire as well.

11 Final touches:

Do the first deep clean to give the new home your personal touch and work on all little organization details you need to make it your personal space.

12 Have a party:

Invite friends and neighbors for a house warming party to see your new beautiful home.


Tips for a Successful Garage Sale Before Relocation

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale Before Relocation

Most people hate the idea of packing and even worse the process. Well, if you are planning a move, packing is not one of those tasks you can avoid, even if you hire a Portland moving company. You can make it easier though, if you got rid of all those things that do not have to come with you to the new house. How do you get rid of those items you choose to leave behind? Successful Garage Sale before relocation.

When is the best time to hold a garage sale? You want to catch the attention of as many people as possible to increase of chances of selling. Schedule your timing around summer to early fall when people are mostly outdoors and on weekends when people are less busy. It is best to begin the sale early in the day to take advantage of those who have not yet planned for their day. The following tips will help you to organize a successful garage sale;

Sort out your stuff:

Now that you have settled on an actual date, it is time to decide on the items you will be selling. Go from room to room and collect all the items that have not been used for a while since they might have gotten small or gone out of style. You might come across some items you are better off tossing in the trash so make sure these do not find their way to the garage sale. People will buy almost anything provided it is still in good condition. Full service movers might charge for the size of load – make is as small as possible.

Spread the word:

With social media, it is a lot less tasking to announce a upcoming event. In addition to posting it on your neighborhood’s social media pages, make posters to pin up on strategic locations around the area. If you include the date, hours and a rough list of what you will be selling, you are likely to receive a stream of rather deliberate buyers.

Get supplies for the sale:

You need to get the sale area as organized as possible and this is only possible with some effort. Get a basket to place all the toys in, a garment rack to hang the clothes, tables on which to place cartons with various items and tags to display the prices. It is also important to keep in mind that some buyers may come with currency denominations that require you to give change – get at least loose change for the largest denomination possible.

Mark prices:

Decide on the sales price for each of the items you are selling and put a tag on it. If items of the same type are priced the same, you can go ahead and place them together. For instance, all blouses costing a certain price can be put in one rack or basket.

By the time the sale is over, you will have made some money and gotten rid of most items – the rest can now be donated to charity or recycled depending on their condition.

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving is a process that requires proper planning. Some people take months to prepare while others don’t have adequate time for preparation. They will hurriedly pack their stuff before starting to consider going through the certified moving companies in Portland. Such people don’t mind hiring commercial movers Portland or residential moving companies for moving help as long as they can accomplish their goals conveniently. Moving in a short period of time comes with its pros & cons.


New Opportunities

Hiring a credible Portland moving company to relocate you to a new destination can cultivate new opportunities for you. People move abruptly in search of greener pastures. The lucky ones end up with exciting new experiences in new environments. In other words; moving puts you in a better position to find better working positions, career growth and even greater educational opportunities for your little ones.

Improved quality of life

Are you seeking a Fresh Start? Well, hire moving company Portland and get started. Relocating to a new environment might be what you need to declutter your life and start life afresh. Sometimes, leaving your past life behind is a great idea. You don’t have to stay in a place where you’re finding it difficult to beat negative old habits. Moving in a short period of time doesn’t have to be a stressful affair if you can find a reputable local moving Portland company. It’s time to discover new places, experiences and exciting things that will help you improve the quality of your life.

It’s a chance to de-clutter

Moving in a short period of time allows you to declutter your space. You’ll have made up your mind on what stuff is important or not by the time you’re scouting Portland movers. This adrenaline-generating task allows you to only pack valuables thus giving you very limited time to be emotional when letting go of the useless things you’ve been clinging onto yet don’t need them.

Boosts your confidence

Relocating to a new location in a short span of time can be a blessing in disguise. In fact, moving urgently pushes you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to do more within the shortest time possible. Resultantly, you’ll be able to deal better with pressure and stress. Additionally, and you’ll have the confidence to focus on achieving your goals successfully even when under pressure.



With the help of Oregon movers or not, moving in a short period of time can be quite stressful for many people. You’ll be required to pack all your essential stuff carefully to avoid damaging or breaking them. Prepare for major emotional breakdowns when moving with a short timeframe.

Higher moving rates

With limited time to pack your stuff, you’ll find it difficult and stressful doing it alone. In such events, hiring professional full-service movers is the only option. As a result, you’ll end up paying shelling out higher moving rates to Movers Portland for moving help as compared to someone else who has all the time to book for Oregon Portland local movers beforehand.  

10 Tips for Moving Day

10 Tips for Moving Day

 Are you contemplating moving into a new home? Well, moving can be a fun-thrilling and smooth experience for you. Here are 10 tips for moving day;

Choose an appropriate date

Most moving companies in Portland are usually in high demand at the beginning /end of the month, on weekends, on holidays and during summer. For this reason, picking your moving timeframe carefully is highly recommendable for those seeking to enjoy budget-friendly moving rates.

Have a budget

Both residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland render their services at different rates. For convenience, it is wise to have a budget plan in mind before deciding to hire movers in Portland. Some full-service movers will charge higher rates than others.

Be well-organized

Moving companies Oregon enjoy working with well-organized people. Make your moving day smooth by planning your time in advance, create a to-do list and make sure everything is in good order before calling your preferred Portland Moving company.

Hire the right Portland Movers

Conduct an extensive research on all the listed moving companies in Portland before making up your mind. An ideal hire moving company Portland should be trustworthy, reliable, punctual, affordable, flexible and professional.

Keep your phone fully charged

The last thing you want on your moving day is having to deal with the stress of a low-battery phone. Having a fully-charged phone makes it easy to communicate with Portland movers, relatives, and friends. In simple words; it’s easier to coordinate with your designated Oregon movers.

Maintain Cleanliness

Don’t leave your current home in a bad state. Spare a few minutes to keep it clean before moving out. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that the home you’re moving into is extensively cleaned before starting to unload your stuff. After all, maintaining cleanliness is good for your health.

Ensure it’s the right house

One of the most important things you should do for a stress-free moving day is to ensure that you have the right new house. Ensure that all your belongings like furniture will fit well in your new home before your chosen Portland movers can start loading your stuff in their Lorries.

Secure your stuff

Packing your stuff in the right moving boxes is an excellent way of securing your earthly possessions. Use cushioning materials when packing delicate stuff to avoid unnecessary complications with professional movers in Oregon Portland.

Label boxes clearly

You should consider putting visible labels on all your boxes before moving out. Labels make the unpacking process more convenient, faster and safe. Besides, labeled boxes are easier to track when moving.

Keep time

Keep track of time when moving out to avoid inconveniences. Keeping your local moving Portland contractor waiting is a bad idea. On the contrary, you should be ready to move by the time your Portland moving company arrives in your driveway.

Follow the above tips and your moving day will be smoother than you ever imagined.


Ways to prepare for a day of the heavy lifting

Ways to prepare for a day of the heavy lifting

When you’re preparing to move, you must plan well. Remember, you’re set for a physical, emotional, financial and a mental exercise. Besides, moving comes with heavy lifting which nobody fancies.

Heavy lifting requires ample preparation, tact and the right equipment to pack, load and offload the heavy items. Lest you take caution and prepare the right way, you might destroy items or injure yourself. So, how do you prepare for a day of heavy lifting?

Pack on Time

Packing itself is a strenuous exercise. To avoid the last-minute rush, start packing the items at least a week prior to moving. Separate all the brittle items and find a professional way of packing them. Make an inventory of all the heavy items when packing to know what kind of preparation and equipment you’ll require.

Besides, during the inventory, you might find items that you no longer use and moving with them might be unnecessary and costly. The best way forward is to donate or sell to reduce your moving load.

Look for the Right Equipment

Moving heavy items and packages in and out of the house is daunting. Finding the right equipment to simplify the task can be the best idea. While moving the equipment, you also must avoid scratching the floor and wall paints. Meaning you might need rolling blankets, moving dollies, floor protectors, seat covers or hand tracks to ensure seamless moving. You can consult reliable moving companies for the right equipment. If you’re moving on your own, you can rent the moving equipment.

Seek Packing and Moving Help

If you have friends or relatives who can stand by you when moving, great. You can request them to help you during and after moving. If not, you might need to source for a professional moving company. The beauty of enlisting a moving company is you only must supervise the movement or better companies can take over all the moving and set you free from the lifting.

Eat Healthy and Psyche Yourself Up

You must be at your best mental and physical shape when moving. Ensure your diet is top-level, take sufficient water, when moving in the summer. On a moving day, ensure you prepare meals on time and pack some snacks to munch on your way.

Not to forget, when moving, find the right clothing. You can get gloves to protect your hands and use overalls to protect your body. Also, note when lifting items avoid bending your waist to avoid back injuries. Instead, use your core or bend from the knees.


How to pack for a move and simplify your move

How to pack for a move and simplify your move

For those who have moved before, the general consensus is that it is not an easy task. Those who are doing it for the first time should brace up for some hard work. Well, not really! If you approach moving like any other complex project you will enjoy it. Everybody that has made it big in life used a game plan at some time or the other (apart from the few that are riding on luck). It does not matter how many times you have moved in the past; no one becomes an expert at dealing with the stress. The following game plan will help you to move every one of your belongings intact while keeping your sanity;

Work with a timeline

How much time do you have before the actual day when your belongings are transported from house A to B? Divide this time up into portions and allocate each to a room. Within a certain time slot, make sure that you have wrapped items belonging to a certain room and kept them in moving boxes. You may decide to pack continuously for the entire period then take a break within the last few minutes, hours or days before packing the next room.

Get adequate packing supplies

You will definitely be packing your rooms into boxes and the number of boxes needed depends on how much stuff you own. Banker boxes are usually easy to use because they are sturdy and have inbuilt provisions for carrying. Labels will also be needed once you complete placing a room into a box. You should have a box for what will be moving to the new house, a trash bag for items that will be thrown away, donate or sell. None of these should not be allowed to get onto the Full service movers truck without clear and proper labels.

Help to and from the truck

Well done! All your rooms have been packed and labeled perfectly. Will you manage to carry all these boxes, dismantle your bed and fold your mattress without external help? You have obviously done a lot of work up to this point and everybody will understand if you seek help. You can hire professional Full service movers to help or invite friends and family over to assist. Either way, consider the fact that packing is just the tip of the iceberg. You may be too tired after the move and still require the moving team to stay back to unpack.

You are moving to a new home and life must be as smooth as possible from day one. What about cable TV, internet, mail, and pending deliveries? If you have to put it on a calendar to remember, please do it so that our life immediately after the move is not reminiscent of the stone age.

How to Pack For Your Upcoming Move

How to Pack For Your Upcoming Move

Let’s face it; packing for an upcoming move is never an easy walk in the park. The move in and of itself can be stressful enough. But, if done right, packing can be manageable and even enjoyable.

As one of the most experienced moving companies in Portland, we’ve had our fair share of challenges with packing. That’s why we have rounded up these 8 simple hacks that’ll help you pack for your move in no time.


It might sound a little corny, but decluttering before a move can make packing effortless easy. It’ll not only help you to get your ducks in a row, but you will also have a chance to get rid of items you might no longer need. The rule of thumb is to purge belongings you have not used in the past 12 months or so. Of course, don’t get rid of that vintage vase grandma gifted you.

Pro Tip: Before you pack or hire your favorite Fairview movers, be sure to sift through your closets and declutter thoroughly.

Sort Your Belongs from Category to Category

Most people sort their items from room to room. That’s a big no-no if you want to pack more efficiently. Instead, start off by sorting your clothing, for instance, and pack them in their respective boxes before moving to the next category.

Get Enough Packing Boxes and Materials

The last thing you want is to run to a department store in the middle of packing for more boxes. It’ll dampen your packing spirit, waste time, and can rack up your moving costs. So get enough, if not extra packing boxes. The same goes for other packing materials like bubble wrap, masking tape, Styrofoam, etc. The good news is that all these items can be included in your free moving quote.

Bring in a Sitter

If you have kids or pets, you want someone who’ll take care of and entertain them while you focus on packing. That’s part of moving 101.

Hire Labor Help

Packing can be exhausting, if not downright daunting. Perhaps you’re too busy with work. Why not bring in packing help to make the entire process super-easy? The good thing is that any full service moving company can offer packing help as part of the package.

Call in Favors

As they say, there is power in numbers. So, reach out to your trusted colleagues, friends and family to lighten the load for you.

Labeling is Crucial

Even when you use top-notch moving companies in Portland, be sure to leverage a number-based labeling system.

Pack Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes

If you have moved before, you know that heavy boxes can be a huge hassle. That’s why you need to pack light items in larger boxes, and heavy stuff in smaller boxes. Do this and you’ll thank us later.


Packing for your move shouldn’t be hard. It helps to hire reputable packers to take some pressure off of you.

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving with a fish is a little tricky. But with a bit of ingenuity and the following tips, your move will become a success.

Don’t Transport Your Fish in their Tank

It’s imperative that you don’t move your water friends in their tank. That is a big no-no. Instead, take out the fish and remove as much water as possible. The thing is that fish tanks are not designed to tolerate long-distance moves, at least, not when the water is still inside. The last thing you want is for your fish to spill over from the container with water. You can use a bucket or polythene bag filled with tank water.

Load your fish last

Your fish container should be the last thing you pack. It should also be the first thing you unload from the truck. Not only will this reduce the stress on your water friends, but it will even make sure that they are placed in the safest spot.

Use Some of the Water from the Tank

Fishes are sensitive to changes in the environment. While you don’t want to take the aquarium when it’s filled with water, you should try to take some of the original water. This will help the fish accustom to the change.

Do not feed them a day before the move

Most fish lovers know this – it’s not recommended to feed the fish at least a day (24 hours) before they are transported. It will simply do more harm to the fish than good. You see, fish, especially the larger ones, regurgitate food if they are stressed. By not feeding them before the move, you will minimize the amount of waste in the transportation container. Of course, excess waste in the water can become toxic to the fish.

Use a Strong, Clean Polythene Bag

If you are making a long-distance move, it’s important to use a sturdy polythene bag to keep your fish. You can get these bags for a good deal from your local pet stores. Seal the bag ensuring there’s enough breathing air. You can also double the bags to minimize the risk of leaks. Before loading, gently place the bag in a polystyrene container. Also, don’t forget to label the container.

Hire Professional Fish Movers

Most full-service movers offer turnkey fish moving services. They know every step needed to ensure that your fish reaches the destination alive and well. It’s vital that you choose a moving company in Portland OR with sufficient experience transporting fish.