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Moving Your Business Important Things to Know

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Moving your business to a new location? Relocating a business is not something that should be taken lightly. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision that could end up negatively affecting your operation or even worse causing significant financial losses.To avoid that from happening, here are some important things that you need to know before moving your business:

How much will it cost?

If you are moving your business, then it makes sense that you would want to hire movers in Portland to handle the process for you. As such, you must put into consideration how much Full-service movers will cost you. There are lots of hidden and secondary costs that will be involved in the moving process so estimating just how much will require some deep thinking.

Typically, the bigger the distance from one location to the next, the higher the expected costs. For instance, moving a 4000 people office across the country is likely to cost a lot less than a 10 employee startup. In addition, you will also want to factor in the overhead costs in your new location and all the hidden costs of the move.

How will your staff be impacted?

When moving, you must make it easier for your staff members to transition from their old workspace to their new ones. If you have clients that frequently visit your business, you must also think about their well-being. Try and think about how both your staff and clients will adjust to your new location.

How much time and planning will it require?

No one needs to tell you this- but an office relocation can be a major undertaking. Depending on the size of your office, there will be lots of items that need to be prepared and packed before the move can commence. Based on how far your new location will be, you will also have to take into account the transportation methods, and how much time it will take to set up your new location so that it is up and running for business flow.

The actual move

This is where it pays to hire the right Moving help Portland Oregon. The logistics of moving an office can get really complicated. However, with the right support from a well-reviewed Portland moving company, then the entire process can be made a lot more efficient and stress free.

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving is a process that requires proper planning. Some people take months to prepare while others don’t have adequate time for preparation. They will hurriedly pack their stuff before starting to consider going through the certified moving companies in Portland. Such people don’t mind hiring commercial movers Portland or residential moving companies for moving help as long as they can accomplish their goals conveniently. Moving in a short period of time comes with its pros & cons.


New Opportunities

Hiring a credible Portland moving company to relocate you to a new destination can cultivate new opportunities for you. People move abruptly in search of greener pastures. The lucky ones end up with exciting new experiences in new environments. In other words; moving puts you in a better position to find better working positions, career growth and even greater educational opportunities for your little ones.

Improved quality of life

Are you seeking a Fresh Start? Well, hire moving company Portland and get started. Relocating to a new environment might be what you need to declutter your life and start life afresh. Sometimes, leaving your past life behind is a great idea. You don’t have to stay in a place where you’re finding it difficult to beat negative old habits. Moving in a short period of time doesn’t have to be a stressful affair if you can find a reputable local moving Portland company. It’s time to discover new places, experiences and exciting things that will help you improve the quality of your life.

It’s a chance to de-clutter

Moving in a short period of time allows you to declutter your space. You’ll have made up your mind on what stuff is important or not by the time you’re scouting Portland movers. This adrenaline-generating task allows you to only pack valuables thus giving you very limited time to be emotional when letting go of the useless things you’ve been clinging onto yet don’t need them.

Boosts your confidence

Relocating to a new location in a short span of time can be a blessing in disguise. In fact, moving urgently pushes you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to do more within the shortest time possible. Resultantly, you’ll be able to deal better with pressure and stress. Additionally, and you’ll have the confidence to focus on achieving your goals successfully even when under pressure.



With the help of Oregon movers or not, moving in a short period of time can be quite stressful for many people. You’ll be required to pack all your essential stuff carefully to avoid damaging or breaking them. Prepare for major emotional breakdowns when moving with a short timeframe.

Higher moving rates

With limited time to pack your stuff, you’ll find it difficult and stressful doing it alone. In such events, hiring professional full-service movers is the only option. As a result, you’ll end up paying shelling out higher moving rates to Movers Portland for moving help as compared to someone else who has all the time to book for Oregon Portland local movers beforehand.  

How to pack a Fridge for your Move

How to pack a Fridge for your Move

Among all the heavy items in your home, a fridge needs more attention when moving. Its cost, bulkiness and brittle interiors mean you must be keen when preparing it for packaging, loading it into the track and offloading it. So, how do you ensure your refrigerator moves from your old to the new home unscathed? Here’s how to pack it for a move.

Empty and Clean It

Before cleaning the refrigerator, remove all the foods and perishables. You can give out the perishables to neighbors and pack the non-perishable items aside. Remove all the fridge shelves and moving parts for separate packing.

Defrost the Fridge

If you’re not confident about handling the fridge, contact a technician to do the job for you. Defrosting is the removal of ice from the fridge to ensure it’s dry for packing. You must turn it off and unplug it to cut off the power supply. You can then leave the fridge to defrost. Ensure you start the process early or two days prior to moving. You’ll then dry it and tape the codes well.


Clean the fridge well and ensure you don’t wet the power cords. You might need to let the fridge dry by leaving it open for over 24 hours. Later, put some baking powder in the fridge for smell absorption. Remember to remove it when moving to avoid spillage.

Prepare the Fridge for Packaging

Tape all the drawers and compartments plus ensure no parts shift or wriggle during transit. Because of heavy appliances’ delicate nature and their high voltage connections, you’ll need the services of a technician to check if it’s ready for moving. If everything is ok, wrap the fridge in moving wraps and ensure it shuts well.

Loading Into the Track

It’s advisable to let professionals move the fridge from your house to the truck. If you’re moving on your own, rent a good dolly for moving the fridge. Enlist the help of a friend or family to load the fridge into the dolly. Your dolly should have strong wraps to keep the fridge stagnant during moving. Make sure you place protectors or blankets in the truck where you will put the fridge.

Arrival in the New Home

Upon arrival in your new home, observe keenness when offloading from the track and loading into the dolly. Don’t unplug the fridge for a while or refer the right timing from the manufacturer’s manual. Plug it after 24 hours and let the doors open before storing it in food.

Tips on how to prep for an Out-Of-State Move

Tips on how to prep for an Out-Of-State Move

Despite the many positives of moving out of state, your mind never focuses on them until you get there. The reason; the riveting thoughts of moving your property. Your mind is so engrossed until you finger out how to move. 

Well, you need not wallow in stress or spend ages planning your move. Just, tag along with our eye-opening tips on how to prepare for an out-of-state move.

Research about your New State

A move into a new city can pose a bunch of problems if you had not done your homework well.

For seamless entry, collect as much info as possible about the city. Look for restaurant suggestions, malls, fresh food sources, schools, and social activities to help you acclimatize. 

You can visit your expected hometown and ask locals about the area’s challenges, lifestyles, and living standards. Also, do some window shopping to check the pricing of housing items, the info might help you when preparing a moving budget.

Find a New Home 

If you haven’t found a home, enlist a local housing agent to guide you with rentals or home search. An agent has ample information about property market trends and might help you hit your ideal house fast. Ensure you scour the internet and ask locals about the right housing agent.

Source for a Moving Company

It’s crucial to find the right moving company. Be specific and search for an interstate moving company to avoid any hiccups. Ask around for referrals and seek recommendations, analyze several companies and compare their costs before settling on one. Also remember to check if they meet legal requirements, licensure guidelines and insurance. 

Make an Inventory 

First, declutter and get rid of items you cannot move with, compare the costs of moving and new items. Sell or donate all the items you find less useful before inventorying the items you’ll move.

Start Packing 

Start packing as early as possible and source for durable packing boxes. Separate jewels, heirlooms, delicate equipment, and confidential documents from other packs. You might need special moving services for the items. 

Ensure you pack vital identification information in separate folders. These include school records, social security cards, insurance cards, birth certs, employment records etc.

Update Addresses 

Visit the local post office or go online and update your information. Cancel current subscriptions and share out your updated addresses to friends and families.

Update Utility Providers 

Contact your current state utility provider offices and inform them of your moving plan. Furnish them with moving dates and ensure they clear with you before moving.

Ways To Deal With Moving Away From Home, Family, And Friends

Ways To Deal With Moving Away From Home, Family, And Friends

Moving away from home is imperative. Perhaps you’ll move to pursue further studies or land a dream job out of your city. When moving you must forego your routines, stay far from family and friends, and still learn how to maneuver in the new place. While it’s a dreadful situation, life has to continue. You only need to learn how to deal with the unsettling situation.

Let Professionals Deal with the Moving

It is easy to overlook the role of a professional moving company when moving.  Your mind is likely to be cluttered with a bunch of issues when moving. For proper handling of your items and delisting yourself from the moving stress, book a moving company.  

Immerse Yourself into the New Surroundings

Look around your new home, you’ll notice there is a lot to smile about. New people, new sceneries and new activities. Instead of dwelling on the past, hit the social places around your home, go for walks and immerse yourself into your new environment. Soon or later, you’ll overcome the situation.

Stay Positive

No one moves without a concrete reason. Whether it is studying, a new job, or your first time living alone as an adult, hold on to that. Focus on finding ways of acclimatizing to your new environment to ensure nothing disrupts your new quest. Look forward to opportunities in the new city, grow career wise and expand your perspective.

You Shall Meet Again

Unless you’re living the continent, moving shouldn’t stress you. Your friends and family are always a flight or a phone call away. You can plan to visit them after a while. Also, ensure you don’t miss important events in your family or friends lives.

By good luck, technology through social media opened windows of unlimited connections. You can connect with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, or create WhatsApp groups to share light moments often.

Exploit all the means of communicating that help you reduce your homesickness.

Your Home, Your Paradise

If your home is messy, you’re sure of draining yourself with home thoughts. After a day working or studying, you must have enticing reasons for hitting the road to home. Ensure your home has what fulfills you I.e. entertainment, food, and its design inspires you. You can use artifacts from your family or friends to decorate your home or have a collection of pictures to help you embrace your memories. 

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage 

A house with a garage counts as a house with extra storage space. While you might have other plans for the garage such as a gym spot or workshop for your personal projects, sooner or later, it becomes a dumping ground for everything that is not usable. Decluttering your garage is simply dangerous and a headache for Commercial movers Portland in case you plan on shifting house your garage if well-organized could double up as an office, or warehouse. Here are some tips to de-clutter;

Disregard the sentimental attachment

You have most likely been storing junk in the garage because you are unwilling to let go of it. When it is time to de-clutter look at everything for the current value, not what it used to be. If you must, have a heap for items that can be repaired and brought back to life.

Did you know that when you hire moving company Portland, they charge you for the amount of items they carry? Make sure you have the basics to get a good bargain when moving. While some items are just fit for the dumpster, consider giving out items that are still usable. For instance, do you still hold on to your 10-year-old son’s stroller? Unless you have plans to grow your family, give it out to someone who needs it.

Develop a storage system

When everything is lying everywhere on the floor, a large garage might appear quite congested. You do not have to make cupboards or shelves in here as the needs of this space may change over time. Instead, use hanging pockets and racks or other vertical storage options. Frequently used items should be within arm’s reach.

Your Portland local movers can recommend best storage boards that you can use hooks on. This garage storage accessory will make it easy to use space sparingly.

Organize everything

When you have removed everything that you no longer intend to use later from your garage, it is time to re-organize what remains. Zoning is a good approach because it offers easy access and makes it easy to touch up. As much as possible, leave plenty of room as to free space which you could even rent out to someone who needs it. At the same time, you can make extra money if your local Portland movers know about the space and your desire to make money from it.


How to pack for a move and simplify your move

How to pack for a move and simplify your move

For those who have moved before, the general consensus is that it is not an easy task. Those who are doing it for the first time should brace up for some hard work. Well, not really! If you approach moving like any other complex project you will enjoy it. Everybody that has made it big in life used a game plan at some time or the other (apart from the few that are riding on luck). It does not matter how many times you have moved in the past; no one becomes an expert at dealing with the stress. The following game plan will help you to move every one of your belongings intact while keeping your sanity;

Work with a timeline

How much time do you have before the actual day when your belongings are transported from house A to B? Divide this time up into portions and allocate each to a room. Within a certain time slot, make sure that you have wrapped items belonging to a certain room and kept them in moving boxes. You may decide to pack continuously for the entire period then take a break within the last few minutes, hours or days before packing the next room.

Get adequate packing supplies

You will definitely be packing your rooms into boxes and the number of boxes needed depends on how much stuff you own. Banker boxes are usually easy to use because they are sturdy and have inbuilt provisions for carrying. Labels will also be needed once you complete placing a room into a box. You should have a box for what will be moving to the new house, a trash bag for items that will be thrown away, donate or sell. None of these should not be allowed to get onto the Full service movers truck without clear and proper labels.

Help to and from the truck

Well done! All your rooms have been packed and labeled perfectly. Will you manage to carry all these boxes, dismantle your bed and fold your mattress without external help? You have obviously done a lot of work up to this point and everybody will understand if you seek help. You can hire professional Full service movers to help or invite friends and family over to assist. Either way, consider the fact that packing is just the tip of the iceberg. You may be too tired after the move and still require the moving team to stay back to unpack.

You are moving to a new home and life must be as smooth as possible from day one. What about cable TV, internet, mail, and pending deliveries? If you have to put it on a calendar to remember, please do it so that our life immediately after the move is not reminiscent of the stone age.

Working From Home? Use This Advice to Plan a Move

Working From Home? Use This Advice to Plan a Move

A move is a time consuming affair and if you work from home, you want to ensure that the move will not interfere with your deadlines and remotes work. Whether you are moving two blocks away in Portland, Oregon, or thousands of miles away, enlisting the help of moving companies in Portland is a good idea to ensure that the move is as seamless and as non-disruptive to your work as possible. Hire Portland movers to help ensure that the work time is not disrupted as can make it harder to recover to your routine easily. You want a move that is as hassle free as possible to ensure that you bounce back into working remotely very fast. Here are few tips you should take into account in such cases.

Discuss your Planned Move with Your Bosses

This will help if they situation if your employer does not plan on taking away your remote working status at some time in the future. For some businesses on the other hand, the employer may want you to remain in a certain place for company functions’ attendance or business tax considerations among other things. Therefore, taking to your employer will help you understand any limits involved to avoid surprises once you have already hunted for a home or are even packed up and ready to move at moment’s notice.

Don’t Pack During Work Time

Any successful remote workers knows how to divide their time at home into work time and home time. Therefore, when packing up your belongings or looking for movers Portland OR, then do so during home time to avoid interrupting work hours and disrupting your productivity.

Ensure Your New Home Has Reliable Phone and Internet Service

Working from home requires the use of phone and internet services for communication with managers and colleagues while also taking care of other tasks. Therefore, once you find the house you’d like to be your new home, make sure the phone signal is strong and reliable as well as ensuring the availability and reliability of the internet service to make sure that this does not disrupt your work.

Carve out a Home Office in Your New Home

Whether your preference is a corner in one section of your living room or an entire room to act as your home office, ensuring that you identify a place in your house where you will successfully work with minimal distractions is the best way to avoid disrupting your work too much when planning a move. This is because it will be easy to set up your office and get to work as usual once you’ve moved.

Quick Tips for Packing Glassware

Quick Tips for Packing Glassware

During your move, you should take time in the packing process to pack your breakable glassware as these delicate items can arrive in pieces if you don’t do that. Glassware is often valuable and you don’t want to take such a financial hit by failing to protect them especially considering that a move is often a fairly expensive affair. As such, you should make sure that you have properly packed and labelled your fragile glassware and choose a moving company in Portland that is also aware of how to handle fragile items when local moving Portland or moving across states.

Here are a few quick tips to help you protect your glassware during your move.

1. The Right Type of Materials

Remember to get the right type of packing materials as this will help contain your fragile glassware. Look for sturdy fairly sized packing boxes to hold your wine glasses, cups, bowls, plates or any other types of glassware arranged in terms of their relative similar shape and size.Invest in packing paper or cloths that cushionthe edges and walls of the packing box. Also, ensure you wrap each item individually with wrapping paper and for the light glassware, you can also use bubble wrap.

2. Make Use of Available Packing Material

You don’t have to go all out in purchasing packing paper, you can wrap your glassware in newspaper and do not forget to tuck the same in the glass. To secure it even further then you can secure it with tape.

3. Layer when Packing

Once you individually wrap each item, place them in your sturdy packing box starting with the heaviest glassware at the bottom while the lighter items go on top with a pliable cardboard separating the layers. You should ensure that the layer of paper or cloth at the bottom is thick enough to protect the glassware from bumps as well as layering the top with cloth and top bumps. When done, label the box and be sure that the ‘fragile’ label is easily visible.

4. Use Specially Made Partitions

There are dish pack partition kits made of cardboard and specifically used to pack boxes and protect glassware and dishes. If your hire movers Portland Oregon, then keep sentimental pieces with you in your car at all times.

5. Ensure The Boxes are Properly Stacked

Once you hire moving company Portland, then make sure all your boxes are secured with packing tape to avoid items falling out and ensure that the glasses are not shaking around the boxes when in transit as this indicates that there is need for more protective padding.

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving With Fish? How to Prepare and Move Your Water Friends

Moving with a fish is a little tricky. But with a bit of ingenuity and the following tips, your move will become a success.

Don’t Transport Your Fish in their Tank

It’s imperative that you don’t move your water friends in their tank. That is a big no-no. Instead, take out the fish and remove as much water as possible. The thing is that fish tanks are not designed to tolerate long-distance moves, at least, not when the water is still inside. The last thing you want is for your fish to spill over from the container with water. You can use a bucket or polythene bag filled with tank water.

Load your fish last

Your fish container should be the last thing you pack. It should also be the first thing you unload from the truck. Not only will this reduce the stress on your water friends, but it will even make sure that they are placed in the safest spot.

Use Some of the Water from the Tank

Fishes are sensitive to changes in the environment. While you don’t want to take the aquarium when it’s filled with water, you should try to take some of the original water. This will help the fish accustom to the change.

Do not feed them a day before the move

Most fish lovers know this – it’s not recommended to feed the fish at least a day (24 hours) before they are transported. It will simply do more harm to the fish than good. You see, fish, especially the larger ones, regurgitate food if they are stressed. By not feeding them before the move, you will minimize the amount of waste in the transportation container. Of course, excess waste in the water can become toxic to the fish.

Use a Strong, Clean Polythene Bag

If you are making a long-distance move, it’s important to use a sturdy polythene bag to keep your fish. You can get these bags for a good deal from your local pet stores. Seal the bag ensuring there’s enough breathing air. You can also double the bags to minimize the risk of leaks. Before loading, gently place the bag in a polystyrene container. Also, don’t forget to label the container.

Hire Professional Fish Movers

Most full-service movers offer turnkey fish moving services. They know every step needed to ensure that your fish reaches the destination alive and well. It’s vital that you choose a moving company in Portland OR with sufficient experience transporting fish.