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Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

 Whether you hire professional full-service movers or do it yourself, moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Needless to say, relocating to another home can also be a costly business. Without proper planning, it is easy to find yourself struggling financially when and after moving. Wondering how to save money when moving? The following cheap moving tips that will help you save money

Timing is everything

Oregon movers will probably charge you less in terms of moving fees during low seasons as compared to peak times. Most people move during the weekends, summer, or start/end of the month. Time your move well and you’ll get fantastic deals.

Get rid of clutter

Hire moving company Portland after getting rid of all the junk you don’t need. Consider selling, donating or even giving them to your friends/colleagues/relatives to save money. The more belongings you have, the more you’ll pay since professional moving companies charge according to weight and distance.

Be More Flexible

Flexibility can be an added advantage when considering moving. Allowing professional Portland local movers to pick a moving date for you rather than the day you requested is an automatic way of getting discounted moving rates.

Plan well

Getting well-organized is a perfect way of saving money when moving. Get your new address right, pack early and be ready to move before your local moving Portland company truck arrives.

Consider a DIY option

Can’t afford to hire Movers Portland? No problem. Consider doing it yourself. Look for a good rental moving truck from moving companies in Portland at an affordable rate, get everything packed, load everything and get moving.

Have a moving budget

Portland moving services come at a price. The best way of controlling your moving expenses is through a clear, reasonable relocation budget. Setting some money aside gives you better control of your spending.

Hire affordable professional movers

Want to save money when moving? Well, go for the cheapest rates available in Portland. Some Oregon movers guarantee high-quality moving services at reasonable moving rates provided you do your homework well.

Pack essentials only

Consider sorting out all the unwanted things and pack what you need only. Leave behind what you never use if you’re moving towns.

Hold a garage sale

Consider holding a garage yard sale to make money from selling your unwanted items. Alternatively, take photos of the things you don’t need then sell them through online websites such as Amazon, Craigslist and eBay.

Scout for free moving boxes or top-quality second-hand boxes

Hire movers in Portland after getting good free boxes from friends, grocers, and retailers. On the other hand, ask for recommendations from Oregon movers on where to buy quality, cheap second-hand moving boxes.

Find alternative cushioning materials

Save money by using old newspapers, socks, containers and old clothes for small, delicate items. 

Pack everything by yourself

Looking for the cheapest moving rates in town? Well, do all the packing by yourself rather than hire professional packers from Portland moving companies.


Have you found the right moving company Portland? Now, it’s time to negotiate on pricing with your designated professional mover.

De-cluttering Before Your Move

De-cluttering Before Your Move

 De-cluttering before move is an excellent way of preparing to move out of your current home into a new one. There’s no point in hiring Portland local movers to move junks that you don’t need.

Importance of De-cluttering before your move:

It’s good for your health

Believe it or not, but moving with stuff you hardly need is a total waste of space. De-cluttering reduces waste thus making your new environment more conducive for healthy living. It is important to let go of things that you’ll probably never use ever again. Take your time, go through everything you have, sort out what’s important and what’s not and you’ll definitely feel better as you move into your new home clutter-free.


Moving companies in Portland charge their moving fees according to your stuff. One of the easiest ways of saving money is by getting rid of all the clutter before moving out. Portland movers will not tell you what you need or don’t need. Their work is just to offer moving services at affordable rates. Remember; the more you move with, the more you’ll spend in packing supplies and moving fees.

An opportunity to make extra money

Did you know that you can generate enough money to hire movers in Portland by selling some of your junks? Well, you don’t have to give your stuff for free if you can manage to find willing buyers. Take photos of the things you don’t need any more then post them online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and eBid among others for buyers. You’ll be surprised to find yourself with enough cold hard cash for things you no longer use. Alternatively, you can opt to organize a yard sale and still make extra money.

Saves time

While most full-service movers have what it takes to move anything, de-cluttering saves time for all the involved parties. Moving can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming experience. Getting rid of unnecessary clutters can make things much easier for you in terms of packing, unpacking, moving and even arranging stuff in your new home.

Smooth moving

Hiring professional Portland local movers is always a good idea when moving into your new home. One of the best ways of simplifying your move is by de-cluttering. Just pack what you consider as junk in separate boxes and set them aside. This will allow your favorite Oregon movers to only load the more important things. With proper planning, you’ll have a smoother moving experience.


De-cluttering before your move gives you a golden opportunity to help others. Don’t have an idea about where to donate things that you don’t need? Well, ask for recommendations from movers Portland. Moving companies in Portland know of plenty of charity organizations that will gladly accept all the functional stuff you no longer need.

In conclusion, de-cluttering before your move is good for your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

How to Keep Your Home Fresh and Systematized after a Move

How to Keep Your Home Fresh and Systematized after a Move

Once you have moved into a new house, it is easy to get overwhelmed and keep it unclean and disorganized. The innumerable tasks required to ensure order and the tiredness from moving can put you in a limbo.

You must stay calm and plan before you work on the organization of your new home. More, biding by the next home Systematized tips will help you achieve your home outlook.


In anything you do, ensure you develop a clear plan or else you’ll hit a dead end. When organizing your home, plan how you will take on each task, and set a clear order of tasks based on priorities.

Define the Rooms Uses

You can mess the order of your home in a snap if you don’t designate each room functions. By doing that, you’ll be able to plan how to unpack and put items in the right room. There will, therefore, be no need for reordering items.

Cleaning Before Unpacking

Before you unpack, ensure the rooms, stores, washrooms, HVAC systems, and the surroundings are crispy clean. Once you unpack, it will be hard accessing some parts of the house.

Get Rid of Junk

There are those old items you hold dear but are not useful. Instead of jamming the house with unnecessary items, you can sell them as scrap, recycle or dish them out to friends. The junk could be informed of electronics, old toys, and even old clothes.

Put the Unpacked Boxes in the Store

It’s impossible unpacking and organizing everything for the first few days. If items are pending unpacked, denote the name of the assigned room on the box and put them in the store until their scheduled date of unpacking.

Arrange Bulky Items First

Arrange all bulky items I.e. couches, beds, wall units, cookers, and refrigerators in their designated places first to create space for organizing the smaller items.

Prioritize Unpacking of the Essentials

To avoid confusion in the week, unpack all the essentials. These include kitchen appliances, cooking ingredients, cutleries, beddings, toothbrushes and bathing soaps, food and whole week clothing.

Check up With Utility Providers

You want autonomy in your home. Ensure gas, electricity, internet and security systems work well from the onset. Also, contact a moving company because you’ll have a lot of trash from the cleaning and ordering.

Ensure Ample Ventilation and Use Air Fresheners

A new home harbors stuffiness and unknown smell. Ensure the windows remain open and enough sunlight pours into the house. You can use air fresheners to eliminate the bad odors.

Stay Organized

Stick to the achieved order by putting items where they belong after use and clean often. Ensure you clean the kitchen, utensils, and washrooms after using to avoid a build-up of bacteria.

Tips for Moving into a Small Apartment

Tips for Moving into a Small Apartment

When you are just starting out and only have your entry-level salary to depend on, you may not necessarily be able to moving into a small apartment, you will have to settle for a small city  where you can get yourself situated.

Although moving into a small space that does not offer much room can be challenging, you should know that it is entirely possible to make the most of the space that you do have, it will just require some room management and innovation on your part.

Finding a great apartment that can suit your space and overall comfort can be difficult especially if you are moving to a large city or urban area. However, to help you out, here are some tips for moving into a small apartment:

Measure your space in advance

Before you move, you should measure your small apartment or studio to make sure that you collect the appropriate sizing for your storage spaces, curtains, and so on. Remember, since you are moving to a smaller area, you may not have the room to store everything that you own. Measuring your space in advance will give you plenty of time to declutter and organize yourself before your big move.

Try and downsize

If you are moving into a small apartment, you will probably face less storage and space than you may be used to. As such, you will have to downsize by cutting down on your possessions. However, you will have to find the right balance as getting rid of too many things may eventually affect your quality of life.

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional moving help Portland Oregon will not only save you valuable time and effort, but it will allow you to focus on other components of your move such as planning your new apartment. The right movers Portland Oregon can ensure that your valuables are packed safely and securely so that everything can arrive at your new destination intact.

Think about storage solutions

Before you move, you will need to figure out some storage solutions so that your space can accommodate all your possessions. There are many storage solutions that can help you maximize the space in a small apartment including using stackable boxes to hold your items or installing shelves and hooks that can make sure that you declutter so that you do not feel confined by having too many items in one area.

Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is fast approaching, which means that it will soon be that time of the year when you have to start thinking and planning for spring cleaning. Whether you love it or look forward to it with trepidation, there is no denying the power of a good spring cleaning. Having more clutter in your home means dealing with more stress. Furthermore, if you are prone to respiratory diseases and allergies, you will want to dust and clean every area of your home before spring rolls around. So, to help you do it properly, here are some spring-cleaning tips:

Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it

Go through every room in your home and decide which ones need the most work. Start with the rooms that will require thorough cleaning and have a plan or system that will keep you focused on the tasks that you have to handle.

Ensure that you get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter will not only make the cleaning process easier for you, but it will also ensure that you are organized throughout. You can declutter by organizing your closet to get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year, dusting all major surfaces, and finding items that you can either gift, throw away or recycle.

Clean all air ducts and HVAC

Check that your HVAC or air ducts have accumulated any dust or mold, dust or debris and get rid of it. If you are currently using an HVAC system that is 10 years old or more, you should definitely have it serviced or replaced. Regular maintenance will ensure that your system serves you for years to come and it will allow you to breathe in the fresh spring air without any difficulties.

Start cleaning from top to bottom

When cleaning, it is always better to start from the ceiling and work your way down. This will force the dust and debris downward and prevent you from having to reclean your entire space. If you have access to a vacuum with an extended hose, use it to clean hard to reach surfaces such as your ceilings and fans. After cleaning the top, you can then work on dusting your furniture and other items that contain dust.

Use green supplies

You want to start off your spring cleaning on the best note, so you should use green and organic cleaning products instead of chemical ones. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning supplies that you can use that will be much safer for you, your family and pets, as well as for the environment. You can also use essential ingredients that you may already have in your home such as lemon and vinegar to clean without necessarily breaking the bank.

Moving with pets? 5 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving with pets? 5 Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving can be a stressful experience, which is why most people opt to rely on moving companies in Portland that can help them handle all the difficult aspects that come with moving house. If you have pets, you will have to find ways to transport the pets to your new destination as most professional moving companies Oregon do not transport pets.

 Furthermore, the last thing that you want when making a big move is to worry about the safety of your pets. Traveling may seem like an exciting venture for you, but it may not be the same case for your pets. Pets tend to get easily nervous during moves so the chances are higher that your pets will be a lot more comfortable and secure if you move with them. To ensure that you are doing it correctly, here are 5 tips to help you when moving with pets:

Start conditioning your pets to the idea of moving

Pets can get easily stressed out when a sudden wave of activity is introduced to the home. As such, you will want to condition them for the move so that they can get comfortable with the idea of new changes. You can do this by leaving a few boxes, rolls of duct tapes and other packing supplies to your home days before the actual move day. Your pets will start to get acquainted with these items by sniffing and interacting with them so that the move does not come as a surprise to them.

Prepare your pet for the transport mode you are using

Are you flying or driving to your new destination? If you are traveling by air, there is a whole host of issues to consider so you must check with your airline to see what the regulations for flying with pets are. If you are traveling by road, you will want to get a high-quality pet carrier so that your pet can be contained safely during transport.

Keep your pets away from the action

On the day of the move itself, ensure that you isolate your pets in a safe and secure area, away from the action to prevent them from getting stressed out.  Check on them regularly to make sure that they are settled and relaxed before the move.

Ensure that the tags are on

Whether you are traveling over long or short distances, you must ensure that your pet’s tags are on. If your pet should get lost during the move, the tag containing your name, phone number, the address of your new destination will make it easy for someone to contact you should they find your missing pet.

Do not let them out until you arrive

Make sure that your pets remain in the kennel or carrier until you arrive at your destination. It will take a few days for your pet to adjust to its new environment so be sure to give them the space needed to do so.




The best piece of advice you have received so far as you prepare to move houses, apart from hiring moving company Portland is organizing a moving sale to raise money from stuff you no longer need. Well, some people might be of the opinion that giving them out as souvenirs is better. You bought them so why not raise money from them? You finally decided that you will go ahead with it, so, how do you organize a successful moving sale? How do you ensure that the event is a success without stressing out?  Here are some handy tips;

Set a time and date for the sale

A garage sale over winter is quite the gamble as most people prefer staying indoors to avoid the cold weather. The best time to hold a garage sale is during summer or spring when most people are eager to get out of their homes and would see the activity even without prior notice. Start the event early in the day to allow your buyers enough time to go through your yard looking for items they would need.

Select the items that you want to sell

While this is an optimum opportunity to get rid of items in your home that you no longer use, think of it also as a chance to get rid of old items with the intention of upgrading your new home. Well, it is going to be a lot easier if you involve everyone in the family. Have them bring out stuff they no longer need but are still in good condition. Do not be shy about anything that makes it to this pile because that might be exactly what someone is looking to find in your moving sale before Portland local movers kick into action.

Market the event

You are definitely making some good process and it’s time to let people know of what is coming. A good way to let your neighbors know is of course word of mouth but lots of people do forget. Why not have some creative posters on strategic locations around the neighborhood letting people know what time the sale is starting; when they should come and a list of items they need to look forward to buying. Are you going to be offering refreshments? Let them know this as well!

Price each item and sort accordingly

It is best to think about the amount of money you will need to ask for each item before the big day arrives. Many of the people who will come expect a great bargain so be ready to offer discounts. If some similar items like toys, cutlery or clothes cost the same, group them together and have people view them as a block.

What about things you do not sell?

Have you thought about where you will take items that do not find buyers on the day of the moving sale? Donate or dump – it is up to you.

Making Your Move as Comfortable as Possible for Your Pet

Making Your Move as Comfortable as Possible for Your Pet

Moving being the tedious daunting task it is not only a stressful endeavor for you but can also affect your dogs. If you are looking to move ensure you get moving companies in Portland that have no qualms about the pets and also give you great advice on the best way to move with your pet in the cluttered moving van. It does not matter if you are moving across states or just within Portland, OR. Pets are a special part of your life and your family and hence you should dedicate attention and time to help prepare them for the move, move smoothly and adjust to the ne place in a stress-free way. Fortunately, here are a few tips to help you make the move as comfortable as possible for your beloved pet.

Prepare by Planning Ahead

Before your move, plan ahead by taking a test drive with your pet in their carrier or crate while also placing food for them to prepare them for the moving trip. If you are local moving Portland, then you need not worry about laws. However, if you are moving out of Oregon, then even through your Portland movers, you need to request for the pet laws and regulations for the new city that you will be moving to. Also, make a point of visiting your current veterinarian for a copy of your pet’s records, vaccination and health certificates while also getting recommendations for a great vet around your new place. Make sure you have tags and your pet’s identification collar in case they get lost.

Make the Moving Trip as Smooth as Possible

There are many moving companies in Portland. However, when making considerations for your pet’s comfort you need to hire the best movers Portland Oregon to ensure that the ride is comfortable and that you can move with the pet in the car with you. Keep your pet calm with treats or for birds, by placing a blanket over their cage. If you need to have a hotel overnight stay in the course of the trip then you need to find a hotel that allows pets. On overall, make sure your pet is hydrated and fed and for dogs, walk them during your stops. Finally, don’t forget paper towels in case your pet gets sick during the trip.

Adjusting in Your New Home

Not only is you new home an unfamiliar environment, but the hustle and bustle of unpacking and moving your boxes from the moving van into your home means distractions and constantly opening and shutting doors. Make a pet room with their toys, treats and bed and keep them on a leash when taking them on a walk. Dong this will help them familiarize themselves with their new surroundings without escaping. Stick to your usual routine and comfort them whenever they are stressed out or misbehaving.

How a Garage Sale Will Help Your Move

How a Garage Sale Will Help Your Move

Moving provides you with a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer find useful. But, what might seem like thrash to you, can be a gem to someone else. That’s why holding a yard or garage sale is a no-brainer before you move.

Benefits of a Yard Sale before Moving

Having a garage sale can help your move in a myriad of ways:

Raise Money for the Move

Moving in and of itself can be a costly affair. Just request a free moving quote from your local moving company and see for yourself. If you are like most people, the chances are that you will need to hire a full service moving company or at least rent a moving truck. The whole process can set you back $1,000 or even more.

With that said, a garage sale can help you rake in a few bucks to offset some of these moving costs. If you have high-quality items that buyers can find worthy, however, you will probably make top dollar, a decent amount to cover the cost of the whole move and then some.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Nothing can make a move unbearable quite like hauling items that you no longer need or want. You will need to shed more money to get packing assistance, more packing boxes, and a larger moving truck. No matter how you look at it, you need to eliminate items you no longer find useful before you move.

As a rule of thumb, items that you haven’t used in the past 12 months should go. However, don’t throw away or sell precious items like vintage lampshades, vases, etc. These offer timeless sentimental value.

Reduce Moving Costs

Again, a garage sale can help you reduce your load, which, in turn, can significantly lessen the cost of moving. After all, all moving companies in Portland calculate their rates based on the weight of your belongings.

Garage Sale Tips when Moving

Hosting a wildly successful yard sale is no picnic. Try these proven tips:

  • Inquire from Local Authorities: you probably don’t need a permit to hold a garage sale, but just to be on the safe side, check with HOA or folks at city hall.
  • Set the price right: don’t let the buyers dictate the sale; set base selling prices to get more money for your stuff.
  • Prepare beforehand: clean or dust off some items and get them looking decent before the yard sale. More importantly, prepare an ad or flyer to get the word out about your upcoming garage sale.

Moving Estimate vs. Quote? What’s The Difference?

Moving Estimate vs. Quote? What’s The Difference?

So, you’re looking to hire a moving company. You’ve invited a few reputable Portland local movers to conduct a thorough survey of your house and your belongings. Your move is looking good. But did you know there are different types of proposed moving fees/ pricing?

It’s paramount that you know the difference between moving estimates and quotes, and know which works best for your move.

Moving Estimate

A non-binding moving estimate is widely used for long-distance or interstate moves. It implies that the price the movers presented to you is the proposed cost for your move. It’s often provided to customers so that they anticipate the total cost, choose the best company, and draft a moving budget.

At no point should this price be construed as the guaranteed or contracted price. It’s just what the moving company in Portland thinks the move will cost you. In principle, the final price – what you’ll actually pay – will depend on the actual weight of your stuff and inventory.

Therefore, if the actual services become more than the estimate, then you will pay more than the estimated price. If the actual services/weight end up totaling a little less than the estimate you received, then you will end up paying a little less than the estimated price. It’s that straightforward.

Naturally, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for the lowest price, a moving estimate is your best shot, as your final price can potentially be much lower than the estimated price. It’s not always the case, though.

How are moving estimates calculated? Good question. You see, most interstate prices are delivered in the form of a non-binding moving estimate. And they are calculated based on the number of packing materials and the weight of your stuff. The movers often estimate the total weight of your move based on the inventory. Once the truck is loaded, however, the actual weight can be determined. Same goes for the packing materials.


Also called binding estimate, a quote implies that you’ll pay what the moving company presents to you, regardless of whether the actual weight ends up being more or less than the estimated weight.

The beauty of a quote is that the transportation price is contracted and guaranteed. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay, making budgeting and planning effortless.

However, Portland local movers have the right to revise, turn it into a moving estimate, or reject the quote altogether if they feel that there are more items to load and unload than the inventory.