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Moving With Kids Tips: Your Guide For A Smooth Move With Children

Moving is already a stressful affair but moving with kids? You can say hello to insanity. When moving with kids, it is all too easy to shift from an exciting process to a nightmarish hell because between dealing with paperwork, packing and unpacking, hauling, adjusting to the new environment etc. things can get out of hand pretty quickly. First off, you need to tell your kids about the move as this will affect them, they will have to leave their friends and familiar environment behind and hence, telling them in advance will help them adjust to the move as early as possible.

It is going to be hectic and be sure to expect quite a few tantrums, but all in all, it is way better than uprooting them without notice. Relocating to Portland with kids is also easier if you choose to hire moving company Portland to make the move easier. And according to our very own little tips, here is how to ease the process when you are moving with kids:

Plan around the School Year

Liaise with your Portland local movers to help you book a time that is most suitable. This should take into consideration your kid’s school year as you want to be as less disruptive as possible and to get them settled in before they can start in their new school. Thus, this requires careful planning and hence takes your time to plan the process with your moving company and your realtor and have realistic deadlines to help you with a smoother move.

Create a Team Mentality

Getting your kids involved in the move is important as they will be much more welcome to it and have an easier time adjusting. Include them in the decision-making process allowing them to have some say in the things they can take. Remind them about the move and talk about it in a positive light. This will bring them on board and help them look forward to a new house, neighborhood and school. Besides, encouraging team mentality by involving in moving activities such as sorting through their belongings will also help them gain a positive attitude towards the move.

Visit New Schools

Coordinate with your movers Portland or realtor and the new schools to provide you with information that can help you visit the school in advance for a tour as this will give them an opportunity to get excited as well as have an idea of what extra-curricular activities they may want to get involved in.

Invite Their Friends for a Sleepover

Having a sleepover with their friends will help your kids say goodbye and give them time to share their excitement and worries as well as ways to stay in touch with their old friends.

7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

7 Tips for Moving Small Loads across Country

No house move is the same as another; although the reasons for moving could be similar. If you have moved more than once, this definitely makes sense. While most people are used to moving with all their belongings to the new house, sometimes all that is required it to bring some essentials. It can seem like a puzzle trying to organize and plan for a partial move but moving companies are familiar with such scenarios. Is it possible to hire commercial movers Portland just to move a single item across the country? What is the process of planning for a small move?

The following tips will equip you when there comes a time when you are planning a partial move instead of the familiar full move?

  1. Make sure it is a mini move – typically, moving houses means that you transfer all your belongings from one house and into another. In such cases, the services of a full service mover work best. Some circumstances may necessitate the move of a limited number of what is in your house; for instance, a piece of furniture, certain household appliances, or a specialty item. Many professional movers have weight clusters by which they charge. Make sure you get a moving solution for your specific move type – it is alright to ask around to compare different quotes.

  2. Make sure you need small moving services – certain scenarios require the services of small load movers; the move is temporary so you will be back after some time; you are only relocating one room; you are shipping pieces of furniture or appliances to people as gifts; a specialty item has been bought from an auction and needs moving. Moves across the country are usually over long distances and any attempts at DIY are likely to be detrimental.

  3. Understand the costing of small moves – even before you settle on a particular mover, have a rough idea about how they arrive at their final charge or a small move. With this knowledge, you can influence the cost by altering certain aspects of the move.

  4. Source for reputable moving companies – can you fit whatever you are planning to move into your personal vehicle? Even if you could, how would you manage to load and offload it? While full service movers may give you a plan for small load moving, it is best to seek the services of experienced and top rated movers of small loads across the country.

  5. Reduce costs where you can – is the item or object you plan on moving able to come apart? To bring down the weight and bulk considerable, disassemble such items. Move will more often than not charge extra if they do the packing for you. Do as much as you can to low the charges.

  6. Start packing now – moving a single item of a handful of item might seem like a small task and packing might not top the list of priorities. If it is up to you to pick items you are moving, ensure they are essential and really necessary to pay for them to be moved. You might think that you are being too careful but the professional are better off packing valuables and fragile items.

  7. Take note of the details of a small loads move – Remember to book the move early so that the moving company has plenty of time to arrange for joint transportation. If your move is combined with that of another person you are likely to pay less.


10 Tips for Moving Day

10 Tips for Moving Day

 Are you contemplating moving into a new home? Well, moving can be a fun-thrilling and smooth experience for you. Here are 10 tips for moving day;

Choose an appropriate date

Most moving companies in Portland are usually in high demand at the beginning /end of the month, on weekends, on holidays and during summer. For this reason, picking your moving timeframe carefully is highly recommendable for those seeking to enjoy budget-friendly moving rates.

Have a budget

Both residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland render their services at different rates. For convenience, it is wise to have a budget plan in mind before deciding to hire movers in Portland. Some full-service movers will charge higher rates than others.

Be well-organized

Moving companies Oregon enjoy working with well-organized people. Make your moving day smooth by planning your time in advance, create a to-do list and make sure everything is in good order before calling your preferred Portland Moving company.

Hire the right Portland Movers

Conduct an extensive research on all the listed moving companies in Portland before making up your mind. An ideal hire moving company Portland should be trustworthy, reliable, punctual, affordable, flexible and professional.

Keep your phone fully charged

The last thing you want on your moving day is having to deal with the stress of a low-battery phone. Having a fully-charged phone makes it easy to communicate with Portland movers, relatives, and friends. In simple words; it’s easier to coordinate with your designated Oregon movers.

Maintain Cleanliness

Don’t leave your current home in a bad state. Spare a few minutes to keep it clean before moving out. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that the home you’re moving into is extensively cleaned before starting to unload your stuff. After all, maintaining cleanliness is good for your health.

Ensure it’s the right house

One of the most important things you should do for a stress-free moving day is to ensure that you have the right new house. Ensure that all your belongings like furniture will fit well in your new home before your chosen Portland movers can start loading your stuff in their Lorries.

Secure your stuff

Packing your stuff in the right moving boxes is an excellent way of securing your earthly possessions. Use cushioning materials when packing delicate stuff to avoid unnecessary complications with professional movers in Oregon Portland.

Label boxes clearly

You should consider putting visible labels on all your boxes before moving out. Labels make the unpacking process more convenient, faster and safe. Besides, labeled boxes are easier to track when moving.

Keep time

Keep track of time when moving out to avoid inconveniences. Keeping your local moving Portland contractor waiting is a bad idea. On the contrary, you should be ready to move by the time your Portland moving company arrives in your driveway.

Follow the above tips and your moving day will be smoother than you ever imagined.


How much does it cost to hire movers?

How much does it cost to hire Movers?

Moving brings forth loads of challenges. You must find a moving solution, clear with your service providers, budget and plan how to move. Still, you might never find the time to research moving companies, compile and contrast their cost. 

Before budgeting, you need to know how the moving companies price their services, what they consider before giving you a price quote. And why they might charge a price different from the initial quote.

Load Size

It might be hard for a moving company to give you an exact quote. And it’s because of the number and bulkiness of your items. Most moving companies will charge you based on the load size, or the size of the track. So, to minimize your load cut down all old and unusable items by selling or donating.

The Season You’re Moving

When budgeting or estimating hire movers pricing, consider the seasons. During winter, you’ll find no people are moving, and prices will be low. 

People will find summers convenient for their comfort, dryness, end of the school season. During summers prices skyrocket and might be the worst time to move if you’re facing financial constraints. 

The fall is more recommended for its gorgeous weather, coolness and low demand for moving services. You might strike a deal with the best moving company in town, but remember, your kids might have to switch schools in the middle of the season.

Average Cost of Moving

There is no outright average cost of moving because of the many factors influencing pricing. For instance, a person owning valuables, or classic music equipment, might pay higher moving costs. 

The varying moving distances, differences in state taxes and legalities, the company’s experience and extra care handling needs are some factors that will influence pricing costs.

Per Hour Billing

If your moving company bills per hour, ensure they uphold transparency in pricing. Or new costs will come up which will fluctuate the price. Ask your company for clarity regarding their pricing, what they consider, and the pricing if the truck breaks down en route.

Per Mile Billing

The per-mile billing method is fair compared to other methods of cost. Unlike per hour billing, you can measure the distance you’re likely to travel and figure out your likely moving costs. Even when the company charges additional fees for special relocation services, you can quickly tabulate your moving costs. 

Approximate the Costs with Your Moving Company

You can update the moving company about your home location and the new address. The company will use the information to estimate the costs and give you a figure for price approximations. 







The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

We all know that moving can be a taxing and unnerving experience that most people do not look forward to. That is why having a detailed checklist can help to take the stress out of the process. Checklists have a way of ensuring that you do what needs doing quickly and efficiently. The intent of your moving checklist should, therefore, be to make your work and life easier and not to burden or slow you down.

Why you need a moving checklist

It will make the decision-making process easier

Checklists are important when moving because they will help to reduce decision fatigue as you will not be forced to remember every small detail that needs to be done. The moving checklist will help you prioritize so that you can give yourself the space that you need to move with minimal effort.

It will help you eliminate unnecessary mistakes

 Nobody ever starts out the moving process hoping to make mistakes, but sometimes it is inevitable especially when you are occupied with something as tiring as moving. Following your moving checklist helps to eliminate any potential errors by ensuring that all your decisions are well thought out and planned.

To ensure everything is done

Your moving checklist should lay out exactly what has to be done so that you do not leave anything out. At the end of your move, your checklist will come in handy to use as a final check to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Your moving checklist

As soon as you decide to move:

Start organizing yourself: The process should begin by creating your checklist and keep it in a designated binder.

Create a realistic moving budget: Set a budget and if money is tight, try and save up so you can have enough for your move.

Start researching moving companies in Portland: The right movers Portland Oregon should be well reviewed and have all the necessary certifications and licenses to help you move efficiently and securely.

Once you finalize the move:

Finalize your plans: Once you hire moving help Portland Oregon, ensure that you get the Portland local movers to sign a contract.

Start decluttering: The last thing you want to do is waste time moving items that you do not need to move. As such, you can save yourself the trouble of packing and unpacking unnecessary items by decluttering very early on in the process. If you can, start packing items that you do not use on a day to day basis.

Protect your valuables for the move: You will need to protect your furniture and large appliances for the move as most moving companies Oregon require this from their clients before any moving can be done.

Downsizing? Moving into a Smaller Space

Downsizing? Moving into a Smaller Space

Rent can easily become the greatest check item on your monthly expenditure list. For most people owning a home they can call their own is among their major life goals. If achieving this call for moving into a smaller space, then there is no way to avoid hiring help Moving Portland Oregon. Do not expect it to be an easy adjustment to make. If you have children, prepare for the constant complaints before they finally settle in. Here are some tips to cope though the process;

Write down your priorities

Are there some items you feel you will not be able to manage without? Some that makes your life far much better or sentimental items that you will feel broken if you left behind? To start with, narrow your list to five but the less the better. If you are having a hard time creating this list, think of parts of your current house where you do not use often. Items in that area are not as important to carry over to your new space.

Look for inspiration

You are definitely not the first one to plan to move from a large living area to a smaller space. With the internet, you are likely to find others just like you. People who planned and executed the same and who are living fulfilled lives today. Organization ideas for small spaces, multi-use spaces and smaller than average are ideas to explore to make your story a success too.

Consider large furniture items

Before you get rid of that couch because you believe you will not need it, try to fit it into your new home. Some items you might already have might appear too bulky to move with but only when you settle in without them will you realize how important they are. Professional Residential moving companies can help you carry and arrange such large items in the new house before deciding what else to bring with you. You will be amazed at just how multipurpose large furniture items can be. If you have a large table, how about you close up the sides and use for storage as well?

Get rid of duplicates

This will work really well in the kitchen area where multiple appliances can do a single task. Put aside all items that appear to duplicate tasks already done by others. You might not want to give them out yet so setting them aside will help you in making storage arrangements.


Downsizing is never easy because apart from living without many of the things you were used to, you must adjust to a smaller space. Take your time to think through what is important to carry and stick to it. If it feels better, give out excesses to homes and relatives.

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

Like in most service industries, it is crucial to tip your movers for doing a bang-up job. Some people tip as little as ten bucks while other do $50 or even more. Which begs the question: how much should you tip your movers?

In this article, we shall walk you through factors to consider when deciding how much to tip your movers.

First Things First: When to Tip Movers?

Although movers belong to the trade industry, not all of them are created equal. Others will go above and beyond to ensure that your move is absolutely smooth. Nonetheless, there are certainly fly-by-night movers who are out to make a quick buck. These shoddy folk will scratch your vintage nightstand, drop your precious items, and might even break a few of your prized china.

No matter how you look at it, no every mover deserves to be tipped. Yes., it is customary to give tips to Portland movers for a job well done. But when is it right to tip your movers in Portland, OR?


  • If the Portland movers finished the packing, loading, unloading or the entire move well ahead of the estimated time.
  • If the Full-service movers moved a significant number of bulky, heavy or oddly shaped furniture, particularly if the move involved long walks, stairs or other hurdles.
  • If the Movers Portland loaded your belongings into a truck when it seemed impossible in the first place
  • When the local movers in Oregon take care of your precious items without breaking or damaging them. This where Movers Portland do a commendable job and should be tipped accordingly.


Factors to Consider when Tipping your Portland Movers

(1) The Difficulty of the Move

Let’s face it; no moving is a walk in the park. If your Portland Oregon movers moved all content from your humongous house, they certainly deserve a big tip. This particularly important if they have to move odd or large items around sharp corners or up steep staircases.

(2) Quality of Service Delivered

On-time arrival, fast turnaround, and friendliness are sure-fire signs of quality moving service. If the full-service movers went the extra mile to take care of your fragile items, don’t hesitate to tip them at least $20 per mover.

(3) Total Moving Costs

How much did the moving cost you? Did they charge extra for packing service or packing materials? Did your belonging fit into one moving truck? It’s all about what you pay at the end of the day. If you feel that you paid too much, you might want to hold onto your tip.

Final Word

There’s no right or wrong amount when it comes to tipping your movers in Portland OR. The typical amount, however, is 5% of the total moving bill. The general consensus is that you should tip each mover $20. If they worked on the move for more than 12 hours, kick it up to $40 per mover.

How to Prep For Your Office Move

How to Prep For Your Office Move

Moving your office is not easy as you think – there’s a lot of prepping that goes into it. In fact, experts suggest that you start prepping for the move at least 12 months prior. This way, you can ensure minimal disruption to your employees and business as a whole.

Here are our business tricks that can help you prep for your office move like a pro.

Generate an office plan early enough

Drawing up an office plan is one of the most important steps when you are planning to relocate your office. Draw up a floor plan days or months in advance. It should incorporate vital factors such as the number of employees transferring and the floor size.

Consider Office Rental Storage

Renting office storage can help you reduce clutter conveniently and in an affordable way. It’s paramount if you have too much office content and furniture. From old files to extra chairs, office storage can come in quite handy.

Consult with your Old and New Building Managers

You want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Contact both old and new managers to ensure loading docks and elevators are secured in time for your office move. Always keep in touch with them to keep a tab on new issues that may affect your move.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Tell your employees about your plans to relocate offices in advance. Always send out weekly reminders and progress updates. It’s also best to involve employees in the planning stage. They can pitch in on floor plans, moving date, and so forth. You can even ask for their help in packing and moving light stuff.

Inform Your Customers and Clients

Much like employees, you need to keep your clients in the loop. Provide them with weekly email or new letter reminders and updates. You can also use flyers to keep them aware of your move.

Schedule Your Move on a Weekend

Weekend and night office moves have gained increased popularity. And for a great reason. They offer an excellent way to minimalize disruption to your business.

Invite Moving Companies to Inspect your Premises

Get up to five moving companies in Portland Oregon to check your old and new business premises. This way, the best Portland local movers can give you reasonable estimates.

If an office move is not well planned, work morale and productivity can go down, affecting the bottom line of your business. No matter how you look at it, you need first-rate prepping can make your office move effortless and efficient.

10 Packing Tips That Will Help You with Your Move

10 Packing Tips That Will Help You with Your Move

Packing is an indispensable part of moving. Some people say it’s quite enjoyable. Others dread even the thought of it.

Sure, packing is no picnic, but with our ten industry tricks, it can become manageable or even fun!

#1. Get Rid of Junk Items

Professional organizers recommend that you get rid of all the junk from your house as soon as you plan to move. It makes sense. The more unnecessary things you get rid of, the fewer the items you’ll have to pack. According to expert Portland movers, anything that has not been used for the past twelve months should go.

#2. Sort Your Items by Category (Not by Room!)

Instead of clearing out the whole room, why not spend the morning sorting through all the clothes? Scour every nook and cranny for any article of clothing. It’ll be easy to pack the right clothing items in the right boxes.

#3. Garner Enough Boxes

Don’t be the person who has to wrap some items in shrinking wrap. If you think you need 25 boxes for your stuff, you are better off getting 30 or more moving boxes. The good thing is that you can easily snag a good deal packing supplies. Better yet, you can get free boxes, if you’re looking at the right places.

#4. Check if you have original packaging for electronics and delicate appliances

Do you think your flat screen LED TV can withstand 10 hours on the road in cardboard box? Scour the closets or garage for your electronics’ original boxes. It can save you another trip to electronic store – and of course oodles of money.

#5. There’s power in numbers

I know it’s a cliché, but the more packers there are, the better. Call in favors from your friends, colleagues, and close relatives.

#6. Hire a Babysitter

Let someone else take care of your little ones and pets so you can get things done.

#7. Prioritize Decorative Items

Decorative items are often oddly-shaped and delicate. It’s best if you can pack them several days before the move; it’ll give you ample time to think about their cushioning and protection.

#8. Use number labeling system

Take box labeling to the next level with the number system. As you pack the boxes, jot down where each item goes.

#9. Heavy Items go to Small Boxes

Stuff light items in large boxes and heavy ones in small boxes. It’ll make the move easy.

#10. Hire the Right Moving Company

Reputable movers can offer you packing tips as well as free moving supplies. You can also go for full-service movers who can help you with packing.



You have finally found your dream home. Now, all that is left to do is to move into it. There is a slight problem, however. You have decided that you will be hiring a moving company to help you move your belongings. How do you make sure that the moving company won’t make off with your belongings during the move? How can you be sure that the company you are hiring is who they say they are? Below, we list just a few practical tips to help you avoid scams as you prepare to move into your new home.


While one can Google “moving companies near me” easily, doing so might not necessarily yield the best results. Before asking Google, try inquiring within your circle of acquaintances for recommendations. Or, you could use the “Looking for Recommendations” feature on Facebook. Perhaps one of your relatives or Facebook friends can recommend a good moving company to you. Using Facebook to ask for recommendations could spark discussion among your acquaintances who have experienced hiring moving companies, and if so, all the better for you! They may not only be able to recommend you some companies, but they could also give you tips on how to deal with them. If not, then you can turn to Google.

Once you have a few companies in mind, turn to Google and check if they have any websites. If a company has a website, go to their website and explore it. If their contact number is listed, call the number to make sure that they are legitimate. Check as well if their company name registers some hits on reddit.com. And if it does, check to see if the feedback is good or bad.


Depending on the company, you may need to either make a call or schedule an in-house appointment to ask for a quotation. Beware of companies that charge by volume instead of giving a proper quotation based on the kinds of items you will be having them move.

Some important questions to ask are the following: Will they be moving your pets? Will they be charging extra to move certain kinds of furniture? What is the value of the insurance? Will they be subcontracting another company to move your belongings, or will they be doing the moving themselves? Ask as well if they have the necessary equipment to move your appliances and furniture, and if they have special charges for the use of such equipment.

Red Flags:

A possible ref flag is if they will be subcontracting another company to do the actual moving. This is a red flag because there could be loopholes in the contract you sign that will not be covering the third party doing the actual moving.

Another red flag is if they do not seem to be interested in the kinds of furniture and appliances you will be having them move. Be sure to ask if they have equipment specifically used to move your furniture and appliances. If you receive vague replies, it may be best to move on to the next company.

Remember, you will not only be trusting these companies not to make off with your belongings. You are also going to trust them to be as careful as possible while handling your things. Do not be afraid to ask many questions, because as their possible client, you have every right to know if you can entrust to them your belongings. It is better to be slightly delayed moving into your new home than to lose your belongings to scammers along the way.