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Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

Cheap Moving Tips: Save Money When Moving

 Whether you hire professional full-service movers or do it yourself, moving can be overwhelming and stressful. Needless to say, relocating to another home can also be a costly business. Without proper planning, it is easy to find yourself struggling financially when and after moving. Wondering how to save money when moving? The following cheap moving tips that will help you save money

Timing is everything

Oregon movers will probably charge you less in terms of moving fees during low seasons as compared to peak times. Most people move during the weekends, summer, or start/end of the month. Time your move well and you’ll get fantastic deals.

Get rid of clutter

Hire moving company Portland after getting rid of all the junk you don’t need. Consider selling, donating or even giving them to your friends/colleagues/relatives to save money. The more belongings you have, the more you’ll pay since professional moving companies charge according to weight and distance.

Be More Flexible

Flexibility can be an added advantage when considering moving. Allowing professional Portland local movers to pick a moving date for you rather than the day you requested is an automatic way of getting discounted moving rates.

Plan well

Getting well-organized is a perfect way of saving money when moving. Get your new address right, pack early and be ready to move before your local moving Portland company truck arrives.

Consider a DIY option

Can’t afford to hire Movers Portland? No problem. Consider doing it yourself. Look for a good rental moving truck from moving companies in Portland at an affordable rate, get everything packed, load everything and get moving.

Have a moving budget

Portland moving services come at a price. The best way of controlling your moving expenses is through a clear, reasonable relocation budget. Setting some money aside gives you better control of your spending.

Hire affordable professional movers

Want to save money when moving? Well, go for the cheapest rates available in Portland. Some Oregon movers guarantee high-quality moving services at reasonable moving rates provided you do your homework well.

Pack essentials only

Consider sorting out all the unwanted things and pack what you need only. Leave behind what you never use if you’re moving towns.

Hold a garage sale

Consider holding a garage yard sale to make money from selling your unwanted items. Alternatively, take photos of the things you don’t need then sell them through online websites such as Amazon, Craigslist and eBay.

Scout for free moving boxes or top-quality second-hand boxes

Hire movers in Portland after getting good free boxes from friends, grocers, and retailers. On the other hand, ask for recommendations from Oregon movers on where to buy quality, cheap second-hand moving boxes.

Find alternative cushioning materials

Save money by using old newspapers, socks, containers and old clothes for small, delicate items. 

Pack everything by yourself

Looking for the cheapest moving rates in town? Well, do all the packing by yourself rather than hire professional packers from Portland moving companies.


Have you found the right moving company Portland? Now, it’s time to negotiate on pricing with your designated professional mover.

De-cluttering Before Your Move

De-cluttering Before Your Move

 De-cluttering before move is an excellent way of preparing to move out of your current home into a new one. There’s no point in hiring Portland local movers to move junks that you don’t need.

Importance of De-cluttering before your move:

It’s good for your health

Believe it or not, but moving with stuff you hardly need is a total waste of space. De-cluttering reduces waste thus making your new environment more conducive for healthy living. It is important to let go of things that you’ll probably never use ever again. Take your time, go through everything you have, sort out what’s important and what’s not and you’ll definitely feel better as you move into your new home clutter-free.


Moving companies in Portland charge their moving fees according to your stuff. One of the easiest ways of saving money is by getting rid of all the clutter before moving out. Portland movers will not tell you what you need or don’t need. Their work is just to offer moving services at affordable rates. Remember; the more you move with, the more you’ll spend in packing supplies and moving fees.

An opportunity to make extra money

Did you know that you can generate enough money to hire movers in Portland by selling some of your junks? Well, you don’t have to give your stuff for free if you can manage to find willing buyers. Take photos of the things you don’t need any more then post them online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and eBid among others for buyers. You’ll be surprised to find yourself with enough cold hard cash for things you no longer use. Alternatively, you can opt to organize a yard sale and still make extra money.

Saves time

While most full-service movers have what it takes to move anything, de-cluttering saves time for all the involved parties. Moving can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming experience. Getting rid of unnecessary clutters can make things much easier for you in terms of packing, unpacking, moving and even arranging stuff in your new home.

Smooth moving

Hiring professional Portland local movers is always a good idea when moving into your new home. One of the best ways of simplifying your move is by de-cluttering. Just pack what you consider as junk in separate boxes and set them aside. This will allow your favorite Oregon movers to only load the more important things. With proper planning, you’ll have a smoother moving experience.


De-cluttering before your move gives you a golden opportunity to help others. Don’t have an idea about where to donate things that you don’t need? Well, ask for recommendations from movers Portland. Moving companies in Portland know of plenty of charity organizations that will gladly accept all the functional stuff you no longer need.

In conclusion, de-cluttering before your move is good for your physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

How much does it cost to hire movers?

How much does it cost to hire Movers?

Moving brings forth loads of challenges. You must find a moving solution, clear with your service providers, budget and plan how to move. Still, you might never find the time to research moving companies, compile and contrast their cost. 

Before budgeting, you need to know how the moving companies price their services, what they consider before giving you a price quote. And why they might charge a price different from the initial quote.

Load Size

It might be hard for a moving company to give you an exact quote. And it’s because of the number and bulkiness of your items. Most moving companies will charge you based on the load size, or the size of the track. So, to minimize your load cut down all old and unusable items by selling or donating.

The Season You’re Moving

When budgeting or estimating hire movers pricing, consider the seasons. During winter, you’ll find no people are moving, and prices will be low. 

People will find summers convenient for their comfort, dryness, end of the school season. During summers prices skyrocket and might be the worst time to move if you’re facing financial constraints. 

The fall is more recommended for its gorgeous weather, coolness and low demand for moving services. You might strike a deal with the best moving company in town, but remember, your kids might have to switch schools in the middle of the season.

Average Cost of Moving

There is no outright average cost of moving because of the many factors influencing pricing. For instance, a person owning valuables, or classic music equipment, might pay higher moving costs. 

The varying moving distances, differences in state taxes and legalities, the company’s experience and extra care handling needs are some factors that will influence pricing costs.

Per Hour Billing

If your moving company bills per hour, ensure they uphold transparency in pricing. Or new costs will come up which will fluctuate the price. Ask your company for clarity regarding their pricing, what they consider, and the pricing if the truck breaks down en route.

Per Mile Billing

The per-mile billing method is fair compared to other methods of cost. Unlike per hour billing, you can measure the distance you’re likely to travel and figure out your likely moving costs. Even when the company charges additional fees for special relocation services, you can quickly tabulate your moving costs. 

Approximate the Costs with Your Moving Company

You can update the moving company about your home location and the new address. The company will use the information to estimate the costs and give you a figure for price approximations. 







How to Keep Your Home Fresh and Systematized after a Move

How to Keep Your Home Fresh and Systematized after a Move

Once you have moved into a new house, it is easy to get overwhelmed and keep it unclean and disorganized. The innumerable tasks required to ensure order and the tiredness from moving can put you in a limbo.

You must stay calm and plan before you work on the organization of your new home. More, biding by the next home Systematized tips will help you achieve your home outlook.


In anything you do, ensure you develop a clear plan or else you’ll hit a dead end. When organizing your home, plan how you will take on each task, and set a clear order of tasks based on priorities.

Define the Rooms Uses

You can mess the order of your home in a snap if you don’t designate each room functions. By doing that, you’ll be able to plan how to unpack and put items in the right room. There will, therefore, be no need for reordering items.

Cleaning Before Unpacking

Before you unpack, ensure the rooms, stores, washrooms, HVAC systems, and the surroundings are crispy clean. Once you unpack, it will be hard accessing some parts of the house.

Get Rid of Junk

There are those old items you hold dear but are not useful. Instead of jamming the house with unnecessary items, you can sell them as scrap, recycle or dish them out to friends. The junk could be informed of electronics, old toys, and even old clothes.

Put the Unpacked Boxes in the Store

It’s impossible unpacking and organizing everything for the first few days. If items are pending unpacked, denote the name of the assigned room on the box and put them in the store until their scheduled date of unpacking.

Arrange Bulky Items First

Arrange all bulky items I.e. couches, beds, wall units, cookers, and refrigerators in their designated places first to create space for organizing the smaller items.

Prioritize Unpacking of the Essentials

To avoid confusion in the week, unpack all the essentials. These include kitchen appliances, cooking ingredients, cutleries, beddings, toothbrushes and bathing soaps, food and whole week clothing.

Check up With Utility Providers

You want autonomy in your home. Ensure gas, electricity, internet and security systems work well from the onset. Also, contact a moving company because you’ll have a lot of trash from the cleaning and ordering.

Ensure Ample Ventilation and Use Air Fresheners

A new home harbors stuffiness and unknown smell. Ensure the windows remain open and enough sunlight pours into the house. You can use air fresheners to eliminate the bad odors.

Stay Organized

Stick to the achieved order by putting items where they belong after use and clean often. Ensure you clean the kitchen, utensils, and washrooms after using to avoid a build-up of bacteria.

Items you should personally pack during your Move

Items you should personally pack during your Move

Enrolling the services of a professional moving company doesn’t mean you’re free from all packing responsibilities. Despite your desire to give your mover ample packing autonomy, you still must pack some items yourself. Their value, size, and sensitive nature demands your presence and attention during moving.

First-Day Moving Box 

After moving into a new home, you won’t unpack straight away. That is why you require a special moving box containing items that you’ll need for the first week in your new house. Only you know precisely what you will need the first days. The first-day moving box will probably contain toothbrushes, bathing soaps, cleaning detergents, towels, beddings, chargers and a bunch of clothes to last a few days.

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen when packing and moving. Handling heavy equipment and brittle items exposes you and your family members to injuries. You’ll pack, therefore, need to pack the first aid kit in a place you can access fast or place it in a visible place where everyone can see it.

First Week Utensils and Food Items 

You might find unpacking challenging on your first day. Unorganized offloading can also cause a mix-up of moving boxes. Ensure you pack aside utensils and cutleries to run you the whole week. Unless you’ll eat out or order ready-made meals, you must pack a separate box containing food ingredients to last one week.

Confidential and Important Documents

You never want movers to come across confidential documents or your certificates. Plus, you can’t trust anyone 100% with any hush-hush information. Besides, you must know where the documents are located every time. Only you can pack and ensure the safe movement of the documents.

Heirlooms and Jewels 

Heirlooms and jewels hold great value and the size of some jewels requires personal handling. Some heirlooms need specialized handling, storage, and moving. So, you’ll pack them yourself, keep them close when moving. And for better safety, you might need special heirloom and jewels moving services.

Classified Items

Everyone has items they want no one to come across maybe only their spouse. Such items can include sex toys, adult magazines, lingerie, X-rated videos, etc. If you hold them and you do not want the embarrassment that comes with their exposure, bar anyone from entering your room until you have safely packed them.

Personal Electronics

You perhaps have a special electronic gadget you hold close to your heart. They may include earphones, sporting headsets, microchips, music players, watches etc. it’s advisable you pack the items in special packs and yourself.

Tips for storing Family Heirlooms and Valuables

Tips for storing Family Heirlooms and Valuables 

Family heirlooms and valuables are prone to theft and damage. Plus, you hold them close to your heart. Meaning you have to be ultra-careful when handling, packing or storing them. Besides, each type of valuable or heirloom comes with its own material and handling techniques. There are things you need to know to ensure their full protection. Find out in the next part of the article.

Store in Dry and Cool Places

Heirlooms and valuables comprise different materials. And changes in humidity and temperatures influence their longevity. For instance, heirlooms made of wood or paper cannot withstand low humidity areas as they crack. Metal made valuables stored in low humid areas rust. Moderate humidity suits many heirlooms.

Fluctuating and extreme temperatures are harmful. They could lead to breakages when your heirlooms are ceramic or antique made. To ensure safety store the materials in cool places.

Ensure no sunlight penetrates into the room or hits the valuables to limit fading and chemical reactions that wear out the material.


The financial and emotional value of heirlooms puts them at risk of theft. When you’re moving in your new home, ensure you use lockable safes to store valuables with extreme value. Put them in a less frequented room or in a private cabinet in your home.

When you’re moving, enlist a trusted moving company to transport the valuables. Ensure it insures them for the sake of damages cover in case of loss or blemishing. In addition, you can take photos of the valuables before assigning them to a moving company.


If you leave your valuables in the open, people will always want to touch them. And some antiques and valuables are susceptible to lotions and oils. Therefore, any touch or exposure to oils can degrade them. Ensure you use special gloves and equipment when cleaning or touching to avoid depreciation.

Consider Packaging Material

First, all packaging material should be acid or chemical-free. You should not fold textiles antics anyhow but mark them as fragile to ensure proper handling. Use drying agents and insecticides to inhibit humidity and insects.

Avoid storing abrasive and metal heirlooms together with brittle items. And mark boxes containing brittle items “fragile “to enhance handling care.

Separate jewelry with mini boxes to avoid material mix-up, reactions, and corrosions. Ensure the boxes are strong and well-padded for enhanced protection.

When you’re moving and you have doubts about packaging, enlist a professional, take an inventory and leave packaging to them.


What to do with moving Boxes after Moving

What to do with moving Boxes after Moving

Hooray! You completed moving, unpacked and arranged all items and furnishings well. It feels great being in a new home, right? But what are you planning to do with the big cluster of moving boxes? The Pile of boxes left after unpacking puts the house in disarray. To ensure you don’t stress over the boxes, go through our box handling tips.

Store them for future use

Storing the boxes only works when you have ample storage space. You can store them and use them for future packaging uses, or if you move often, they’ll be useful again.

Confirm if your Moving Company Can Reuse Them

Most moving companies buy or collect boxes to sell or give to clients with financial problems. If the boxes become an eyesore, you can give them to the moving company. Some companies have recycling programs to help them cut box buying costs. So, if you’re moving company doesn’t take the boxes, just look around your home area for other moving companies.

Let the Kids Play With Them

If you want to put your kids off video games and modern toys, keep the boxes. Kids can use them as drawing boards, in creating box toys, building fortress models, etc. Unlike modern games, the manual-made toys stir the kids’ creativity and they are source of kids’ entertainment

Wall and Floor Coverings During Painting

Wall paints fade quicker than you can expect. Painting professionals recommend you paint your home after every 3-5 years. But, when you have kids, 3 years may be too long. When painting you’ll require floor and wall coverings to prevent your floors from getting tainted. That is when the moving boxes come in handy.

Sell the Boxes

Well, you can also make a few bucks from selling the moving boxes. Plus, you’re likely to earn more from selling than recycling. If you can’t find a local buyer, go online. Multiple apps and companies link sellers and buyers of moving boxes. You can try Craigslist, eBay, Box Cycle, U-Haul Box Exchange, and Container Exchange.

Contact a Local Recycling Company

Recycling moving boxes can serve your wish of fighting global warming and environmental degradation. Manufactures make boxes mostly from wood and wood materials. By recycling, you’ll save a few trees from being cut.

Give the Boxes to Neighbors and Friends

When you don’t need the boxes, your next-door neighbor, friend or relative might need them. Ask around and contact a few friends to check if anyone might need the boxes.

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

How Much Should You Tip Movers?

When you enlist the services of a professional mover, you are banking on the fact that their training and experience will guarantee a stress-free move. While this category of workers falls under service providers, they differ from waiters and hairdressers. Well, to get the perfect picture, think about a mess that would be made by a waiter and that which would be made by a mover. This is what you should be thinking about when considering a tip for them.

Many people hire Commercial movers Portland because they want someone to do the heavy lifting for them. This is perhaps the major reason they are not considered professionals. If you listen around, you will be amazed at the various thoughts on tipping movers.

The truth is, movers are in a class of their own as far as tipping is concerned. In a restaurant setup for instance, the average tip is around 15% of the final bill amount. Considering the nature of costs involved in paying professional movers, such calculations could mean paying a fortune to your movers. It is not a must that you treat your movers because you have already paid for the service as a package. While this is true, there are many ways you can show appreciation for their work;

Buy them refreshments – moving is hard because it involves a lot of manual labor. The movers will not tell you but the sweating and heavy breathing makes them thirsty really fast. Having a few rounds of soda or water will make them feel better during and after the exercise.

Offer to sponsor lunch – depending on how much belongings you have, moving could take the entire day. When it gets to lunch time and the crew wants to take a break, offer to buy. Let them choose their preference so that you do not add to the pizza meals that they have already been having.

Tip each individually – if you decide to give Portland movers some money as a tip, resist the urge to give the driver or foreman because that saves time and the hustle of speaking to all of them. The tip may vary from one client to the next but a good way to calculate is from the hours they have been working. Consider $10 per person as the fair tip for 4 hours of work.

Word of Caution:

Many people think that beer is a good token to offer people after they have helped you with some manual work. It is not! Many moving companies in Portland have strict regulations about drinking at work. You also would not want to make the crew clumsy as they handle your belongings.



Come move day and you are disturbed that kitchen utensils that you thought would take an hour to pack are into the third and no real progress to show. Well, this is the reality of moving; an activity that you allocated a few hours could quickly take up the day and you would still not feel like you have achieved anything. It is easy to get stressed under such circumstances but you can do something about it. Actually, there are 10 ways to cope with the stress of moving;

  1. Ask for help – do not try to be a superhero when you can get help from Portland movers or siblings, relatives, and friends. You might be surprised at how eager they are to be invited to offer their muscle and support.
  1. Take a nap – with all the boxes waiting to be filled and all the items waiting to be packed, sleeping can spark a lot of guilt in some people. If you do not do it though, you will soon be dealing with burn-out.
  1. Hire Moving companies in Portland – depending on your budget, work situation and nature of furniture fittings you have, it could be a good idea to hire a team of commercial movers Portland. You can opt for flexible packages to fit your budget and situation.
  1. Stay organized – the best way to maintain order when planning for a move is to have your storage containers labeled as soon as they get into a room. Where does clutter go? Dirty clothes?
  1. Celebrate the small gains – the journey of a million miles begins with a tiny step. This analogy is true for moving as well. Accomplish small tasks in a room, you can even divide rooms into achievable chunks of tasks, then aim to complete these tiny goals as you progress.
  1. Allow reasonable time for tasks – packing up a studio apartment will take far less time compared to packing up a 3 bedroomed house. Use your living arrangement to allocate ample time for moving and resting in between.
  1. Embrace the pressure – stress is a normal part of processes that involve such massive movements of items. If you have accepted this fact, it will be easier to recognize cues to slow down.
  1. Keep contact with your current neighborhood – moving does not have to be the end of your relationships with neighbors. By keeping in touch, you will stay calm.
  1. Meet your new neighbors – doing this will allow you to have a community that is waiting for you on the other side. It is calming when you move into a neighborhood where people can refer to you by name.
  1. Plan for an event after the move –A dinner outing for your family, a trip out of town, barbeque with old neighbors? Pick one.

How much to tip your movers

How much to tip your movers

It’s customary to tip your movers for a job well-done. Granted that movers are part of the service industry, this comes as no big surprise. After all, these are professionals whom you entrust some of your precious and prized belongings. And the good thing is that most local movers in Portland go above and beyond to make sure that your move is as smooth as possible.

Whether you need to hire labor help, loading help, packers, or a full service moving company, it’s only prudent to give them a little tip as a thank you. Some people will give a tip of $10, while others will go up to $50.

When to Tips Movers

We must make something clear right off the bat: you are not required to tip your movers. In fact, most local movers in Portland don’t expect a tip, but tipping is a great way of expressing your gratitude when your mover does a bang-up job. More often than not, the rule-of-thumb is to tip the movers individually and not the owner, supervisor or foreman. This way, if you think one or more movers did an impeccable job compared to others, you might want to tip them accordingly.

With that, most people tip movers when they feel that they went out of the way to meet or surpass their expectations. Here are a few examples in which tipping your local Oregon movers might sound like a good idea:

  • If your movers worked odd hours or through the hoops like winding stairs just to get things done
  • If your movers finished the packing, loading, unloading or the entire move well ahead of the estimated time.
  • If they moved a significant number of bulky, heavy or oddly shaped furniture, particularly if the move involved long walks, stairs or other hurdles.
  • If they loaded your belongings into a truck when it seemed impossible in the first place
  • When they take care of your fragile items without breaking or damaging them


So, How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

There’s no exact amount or rate when it comes to tipping your Milwaukie movers (or any other movers, for that matter). However, the ballpark is often between 5 percent of the total moving bill and $20 per mover. If the movers worked 12 hours or longer on your move, $40 per person is fair game.


Other Ways to Tip Movers

Most Portland movers are more than happy to settle for alternatives to cash. Talk about full-on lunch, cold drinks/water, or pizza … your options are limitless.