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Declutter Before Your Move: 5 Tips to Lighten Your Load

Let’s face it; there’s a ton of stuff in your house that you haven’t used for ages. But they’ll cost you extra charges when your Portland movers stumble upon a pile of unused junk in the back of your garage.

This is where decluttering will come in especially handy. It’ll help lighten your load, take a little pinch out of the move, and save you trouble in the long run. Here’s how to declutter like a pro to make your move more hassle-free.

Have a strategic plan

You need a plan of attack, so you can declutter every nook and cranny in your home. Most people choose to sift through their belongings from room to room, starting with non-essential spots like the garage, game room, or attic.

You can also declutter based on the category of items — for example, you can start with clothes or toys then move on to appliances. The idea is to separate out stuff that you’ll keep and what you no longer need. If you’ve too many belongings or don’t have the time, you can bring in full-service movers in Portland to help.

Undecided what to purge?

The general rule of thumb is to purge anything that you haven’t used for the past 12 months or don’t plan to use in a year. You know that ugly sweater you haven’t worn in a decade, dated blender you never use, or broken toys.

However, there are certain belongings you should never throw away no matter what, such as emergency supplies, heirloom furniture, family photos, handwritten notes, and important documents.

Sort your de-cluttered stuff

Once you’ve picked out things you won’t keep, separate them into three categories: the thrash pile (can’t be recycled or repurposed), donation pile (stuff to give away), and recycle pile (electronics, appliances, etc.)

Sort as you continue decluttering, creating additional categories or piles as needed. For instance, you can have an extra pile of stuff you plan to sell.

Organize a yard or garage sale

If you’ve got time to organize a garage or yard sale, then it’s a fantastic way to pony up a few extra bucks that may help defray some of the moving costs. If you do it correctly, yard sale may foot part or whole of the bill of hiring a moving company in Portland. Craigslist and eBay are two other viable avenues.

Set Goals

Are you planning to half the size of stuff in your garage? Or get rid of two-thirds of your old furniture? No matter what it’s, it helps to set clear goals and use rewards, so you can stay focused on the prize. Remember, you can always hire full-service movers in Portland to move things along faster.

Tips for Staying Safe and have No-Contact during your Move

Let’s face it: moving in the middle of a pandemic can be scary for you and your family, whether you’re heading across town or crossing state borders. To make sure your move is safe and No-contact, use these savvy strategies.

Double-check with your moving company in Portland

Moving is regarded as an “essential service” in Oregon, but not all Portland movers are still operational. It pays to double-check with your moving company in Portland, particularly if you booked them several months prior.

Ask those oh-so-important questions:

  • Are you still offering moving services during the pandemic?
  • Are there specific safety measures and safeguards you should follow?
  • What safety measures have they put in place to ensure a safe move?
  • Do they offer a contactless move?

Invest in new packing supplies

In the pre-COVID era, most people would reuse packing boxes in a bid to save a few bucks. Nonetheless, this isn’t a safe strategy if you’re planning to move during the pandemic. As such, consider using fresh packing boxes and other supplies.

Practice social distancing during moving day

Chances are you don’t have the tools and time to move on your own. If you’re planning to hire moving help in Portland, make sure to social distance as much as possible. There should be at least 6ft of space between everyone involved in the move at all times.

If possible, limit in-person interactions, whether by getting estimates virtually, hashing over moving plans via ZOOM, and so on. At the end of the day, you should consider hiring one of the best no-contact moving companies in Portland.

Hand wash and sanitize, often

The safety of everyone involved should be your top priority. So, wipe down boxes, furniture, and other items with an appropriate disinfectant before packing and moving. Provide Portland movers with sanitizer and hand-washing supplies.

Schedule your move for low-traffic hours

One of the best ways to minimize contact and exposure is to choose off hours for your move. This is especially true for those who live in a condo, apartment, and a multi-residential dwelling. The fewer people around, the lower the chances of getting infected with the virus.

Hire commercial movers in Portland to pack

If you’re moving your office, it might be a wise idea to let professional Oregon movers handle everything, from packing to unpacking at your new location. With most workers working from home, this is a smart move.

When all’s said and done, it’s best to follow all recommended safety protocols laid out by the CDC and local health officials. Have a safe move!

Tips on How to Recycle Moving Supplies After Your Move

Tips on How to Recycle Moving Supplies After Your Move

It is almost guaranteed that you will move houses twice or thrice in a lifetime; after getting married, and then to a bigger house as more kids come, and finally to your permanent purchased or built home. But you may have to move more frequently because of your job or other factors. While moving may not be a yearly event, it makes sense to recycle moving supplies for cost-effectiveness and also as an environmental conservation effort. While moving companies in Portland will provide some of the supplies as part of the contract, it is cheaper and more convenient to have your own.

What moving supplies can you recycle?

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard packing boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Newspaper
  • Napkins that are used to cushion utensils

You should sort out long and short durability supplies. Cardboard boxes that come with electronics such as the TV or the fridge should not be disposed of. There are those that you buy from the bookstore, which you can keep for using the next time. But things like newspapers, napkins and biodegradable packing peanuts.  What can you do with these moving supplies after moving?

#1 Reuse

Cardboard is a durable material that can last for years when properly stored. Avoid storing cardboard packing boxes in damp storage or outdoors. They will be good enough to last until your next move.

#2 Repurpose

You can put these supplies to other uses. Large packing boxes can function containers for dirty clothes in the bedroom. Smaller boxes can be used to make playthings for kids such as mazes, castles and car toys. Newspapers and napkins can be used to light fires if you need to make outdoor fires.

#3 Give them away

You can ask your Portland movers to take away the boxes for their next customer. This can be deducted for a few dollars if you have the haggling skills. You can also post on the local notice board for anyone who needs moving supplies to take them away.

You can do a few other things with used moving supplies;

  • Bubble wrap is a good stress reliever. Take a few square meters to keep your hands active on a Netflix binge
  • Biodegradable peanuts make good drainage material for potted plants. Avoid using Styrofoam non-degradable packing peanuts for this.
  • Use medium-sized cardboard boxes for composting. They will also degrade in the process, giving new life to your potted plants.

It is important to recycle moving supplies as your contribution to environmental conservation. It can also save you a few bucks.


10 Tips for Moving Day

10 Tips for Moving Day

 Are you contemplating moving into a new home? Well, moving can be a fun-thrilling and smooth experience for you. Here are 10 tips for moving day;

Choose an appropriate date

Most moving companies in Portland are usually in high demand at the beginning /end of the month, on weekends, on holidays and during summer. For this reason, picking your moving timeframe carefully is highly recommendable for those seeking to enjoy budget-friendly moving rates.

Have a budget

Both residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland render their services at different rates. For convenience, it is wise to have a budget plan in mind before deciding to hire movers in Portland. Some full-service movers will charge higher rates than others.

Be well-organized

Moving companies Oregon enjoy working with well-organized people. Make your moving day smooth by planning your time in advance, create a to-do list and make sure everything is in good order before calling your preferred Portland Moving company.

Hire the right Portland Movers

Conduct an extensive research on all the listed moving companies in Portland before making up your mind. An ideal hire moving company Portland should be trustworthy, reliable, punctual, affordable, flexible and professional.

Keep your phone fully charged

The last thing you want on your moving day is having to deal with the stress of a low-battery phone. Having a fully-charged phone makes it easy to communicate with Portland movers, relatives, and friends. In simple words; it’s easier to coordinate with your designated Oregon movers.

Maintain Cleanliness

Don’t leave your current home in a bad state. Spare a few minutes to keep it clean before moving out. On the other hand, it is also important to ensure that the home you’re moving into is extensively cleaned before starting to unload your stuff. After all, maintaining cleanliness is good for your health.

Ensure it’s the right house

One of the most important things you should do for a stress-free moving day is to ensure that you have the right new house. Ensure that all your belongings like furniture will fit well in your new home before your chosen Portland movers can start loading your stuff in their Lorries.

Secure your stuff

Packing your stuff in the right moving boxes is an excellent way of securing your earthly possessions. Use cushioning materials when packing delicate stuff to avoid unnecessary complications with professional movers in Oregon Portland.

Label boxes clearly

You should consider putting visible labels on all your boxes before moving out. Labels make the unpacking process more convenient, faster and safe. Besides, labeled boxes are easier to track when moving.

Keep time

Keep track of time when moving out to avoid inconveniences. Keeping your local moving Portland contractor waiting is a bad idea. On the contrary, you should be ready to move by the time your Portland moving company arrives in your driveway.

Follow the above tips and your moving day will be smoother than you ever imagined.


Ways To Deal With Moving Away From Home, Family, And Friends

Ways To Deal With Moving Away From Home, Family, And Friends

Moving away from home is imperative. Perhaps you’ll move to pursue further studies or land a dream job out of your city. When moving you must forego your routines, stay far from family and friends, and still learn how to maneuver in the new place. While it’s a dreadful situation, life has to continue. You only need to learn how to deal with the unsettling situation.

Let Professionals Deal with the Moving

It is easy to overlook the role of a professional moving company when moving.  Your mind is likely to be cluttered with a bunch of issues when moving. For proper handling of your items and delisting yourself from the moving stress, book a moving company.  

Immerse Yourself into the New Surroundings

Look around your new home, you’ll notice there is a lot to smile about. New people, new sceneries and new activities. Instead of dwelling on the past, hit the social places around your home, go for walks and immerse yourself into your new environment. Soon or later, you’ll overcome the situation.

Stay Positive

No one moves without a concrete reason. Whether it is studying, a new job, or your first time living alone as an adult, hold on to that. Focus on finding ways of acclimatizing to your new environment to ensure nothing disrupts your new quest. Look forward to opportunities in the new city, grow career wise and expand your perspective.

You Shall Meet Again

Unless you’re living the continent, moving shouldn’t stress you. Your friends and family are always a flight or a phone call away. You can plan to visit them after a while. Also, ensure you don’t miss important events in your family or friends lives.

By good luck, technology through social media opened windows of unlimited connections. You can connect with your friends via Facebook, Instagram, or create WhatsApp groups to share light moments often.

Exploit all the means of communicating that help you reduce your homesickness.

Your Home, Your Paradise

If your home is messy, you’re sure of draining yourself with home thoughts. After a day working or studying, you must have enticing reasons for hitting the road to home. Ensure your home has what fulfills you I.e. entertainment, food, and its design inspires you. You can use artifacts from your family or friends to decorate your home or have a collection of pictures to help you embrace your memories. 

What to do with moving Boxes after Moving

What to do with moving Boxes after Moving

Hooray! You completed moving, unpacked and arranged all items and furnishings well. It feels great being in a new home, right? But what are you planning to do with the big cluster of moving boxes? The Pile of boxes left after unpacking puts the house in disarray. To ensure you don’t stress over the boxes, go through our box handling tips.

Store them for future use

Storing the boxes only works when you have ample storage space. You can store them and use them for future packaging uses, or if you move often, they’ll be useful again.

Confirm if your Moving Company Can Reuse Them

Most moving companies buy or collect boxes to sell or give to clients with financial problems. If the boxes become an eyesore, you can give them to the moving company. Some companies have recycling programs to help them cut box buying costs. So, if you’re moving company doesn’t take the boxes, just look around your home area for other moving companies.

Let the Kids Play With Them

If you want to put your kids off video games and modern toys, keep the boxes. Kids can use them as drawing boards, in creating box toys, building fortress models, etc. Unlike modern games, the manual-made toys stir the kids’ creativity and they are source of kids’ entertainment

Wall and Floor Coverings During Painting

Wall paints fade quicker than you can expect. Painting professionals recommend you paint your home after every 3-5 years. But, when you have kids, 3 years may be too long. When painting you’ll require floor and wall coverings to prevent your floors from getting tainted. That is when the moving boxes come in handy.

Sell the Boxes

Well, you can also make a few bucks from selling the moving boxes. Plus, you’re likely to earn more from selling than recycling. If you can’t find a local buyer, go online. Multiple apps and companies link sellers and buyers of moving boxes. You can try Craigslist, eBay, Box Cycle, U-Haul Box Exchange, and Container Exchange.

Contact a Local Recycling Company

Recycling moving boxes can serve your wish of fighting global warming and environmental degradation. Manufactures make boxes mostly from wood and wood materials. By recycling, you’ll save a few trees from being cut.

Give the Boxes to Neighbors and Friends

When you don’t need the boxes, your next-door neighbor, friend or relative might need them. Ask around and contact a few friends to check if anyone might need the boxes.

How to Pack for Your Move

How to Pack for Your Move

The exciting part of a move is the new life that awaits you at the end of the process. Well, the not so exciting part is packing your belongings. Unfortunately, this part is inevitable so the best you can do is plan, plan and plan some more. Since you have most likely collected many items over time since you last moved, you need to think about how they will all be carried.

Different items in the house will require different materials to either cover or hold. Do you know why Moving companies in Portland will charge you more if you give them short moving notice? They need time to pack and you should too. Packing early minimizes the need to hurry and naturally this reduces chances of damages.

Source for packing supplies

You need to do this early but not before going through all the rooms and thinking about how best to pack each item. This is especially important for large pieces of furniture, wall paintings and kitchen ware. Supermarkets are a good place to buy packing supplies from. You should get masking tape, labeling markers, foam peanuts, and boxes. Here are reasons for getting the mentioned packing materials that few ever think about;

Boxes – everything in your house could probably fit inside a box. Well, apart from the bed and couch perhaps. In essence, boxes make the process of ferrying belonging to the truck, moving and carrying them from the truck to the new house quite practical. Boxes also give your belongings some stability in transit. This is especially true for breakables.

Padding – padding could be anything that prevents breakage o an item on impact. It could be the fancy Styrofoam or cloth items like t-shirts, towels and socks. Many Portland movers use padding as the bottom and top layer of all boxes.

Blankets – there is definitely no way that large furniture items can fit into boxes or be padded. The problem is that they cannot be carried without cover because they may get scratches and splits. Simple house blankets are enough for this task. You will not only be covering the furniture item but also making room for the blanket to move effortlessly.

Duct tape – if you have moved before, you might have already thought of a substitute for tape. There is none. Tape keeps all the above packing materials intact and this is ensures that they are effective.

Movers Portland OR recommend having labels on all the boxes or loads. It is best to have the name of the room labeled as well as a checklist of what is inside (to easily identify multiple loads from the same room). On the same note, pack a box of essentials separately.


How to Pack for Your Move

How to Pack for Your Move

Packing for an upcoming move is no picnic moving to a new place is stressful enough, if not downright daunting. If done right, packing can make you move enjoyable. In this blog, we shall walk you through 7 simple hacks that’ll help you pack for your move in a breeze.

1) Declutter you move

It may sound counterintuitive, but decluttering your home before a move can make packing smoother and hassle-free. It will help you to put your ducks in a row, as well as get a chance to get rid of items you no longer need. The rule of thumb is to sell, purge or donate items that you have not used in the past one year. Of course, don’t get rid of that vintage nightstand that you received from grandma.
Side Tip: Before you start packing or hire your top notch Portland OR movers, be sure to go through your closets and put aside things that you no longer need.

2) Sort Your Stuff by Category

Most people sort their belongings from room to room. That’s not going to speed up your packing. If you want to pack more efficiently sort by category…For instance, start by sorting your clothing, and pack them in their respective boxes before moving to the next category.

3) Hire a Sitter

If you have pets or children, you want to bring in a sitter who maintain and take care of them while you keep your focus on the packing process. Hiring a sitter is part of packing and moving 101.

4) Get Plenty of Packing Boxes and Materials

You’d hate to run out of tape, packing boxes or wrapping material. That is why you need purchase as many moving boxes as you can.
The same applies to other packing materials like bubble wrap, masking tape, Styrofoam, etc. The good thing is that you have your moving company in Portland to deliver all these materials for free or at a small fee.

5) Hire Labor Help

Packing alone is no fun, and can be exhausting. So, call in favors from your friends, neighbors and trusted colleagues. The good news is that great full service movers in Portland can offer packing help as part of their moving packages.

6) Call in Help If Possible

As they say, there is power in numbers. So, reach out to your trusted colleagues, friends and family to lighten the load for you.

7) Use Labels to make packing easy

Labeling your moving boxes and storage bins will make packing, loading and unpacking extremely easy. Besides, labels will help Portland local movers identify fragile items.

8) Use Smaller Boxes for heavy Items

Just ask commercial moving companies in Portland, and they will give you one advice: pack heavy items in smaller boxes. It makes it easy for movers in Portland OR to move them.

Tips on Moving With Pets

Tips on Moving With Pets

Moving in itself is stressful enough, especially for you and your family – but, how about your four-legged friends? That’s right; moving can also be tough on your pets.

Herein, we are going to take a look at a few tips that can help make moving with pets easier and more efficient.

Get In Touch with Your Vet

The first person you should contact, even before you hire a full service moving company in Portland, is your pet’s vet. His or her advice might come handy if your pet finds it hard to adjust to the move. More importantly, your current vet should let you take the records as well as any medication your pet might need on the road.

If you haven’t found a good vet in the area you are moving to, you can seek recommendations from your current one too.

Hire a Pet-Sitter

The best way to take some stress off your pets is to keep them entertained and engaged. And what better way to do that than to hire a pet-sitter? This way, the sitter will take your pets to the park or for a walk as Garden Home movers do their magic.

Keep Your Pet off the Path of Movers

If you cannot hire a sitter, you might still want to keep your animals away from the action. Oftentimes that means keeping them in an empty room with plenty of snacks, play toys, and whatnot. Just make sure to check in on your pets every now and then. The last thing you want is for your dog to bark constantly at packers and moving labor help.

Accustom your Pets to your NEW Place

Your pets will take time to get accustomed to your new place after the move. You can speed up this process by using their familiar water dishes, food, blankets, beds, and toys to make them feel at home.

Keep Your Pet with You When Moving

If you are renting a moving truck, be sure to keep your pets close to you. If possible, avoid the situation whereby Portland movers have to move your pets. If they have to for whatever reason, it is crucial to hire a moving company with considerable experience in handling pet moving.

Hire the Right Full Service Moving Company

Hiring the best of the best Oregon moving companies can make a huge difference. You want Damascus movers who will expedite the move to limit the stress on your pets as much as possible.


Moving with pets can be stressful for both you and your four-legged friends. With these handy tips, your moving will be easier than you can imagine.


Moving With Children: Ways to Keep Them Entertained and You Sane On Moving Day

Moving With Children: Ways to Keep Them Entertained and You Sane On Moving Day

Dealing with all the nitty-gritty of moving can be quite stressful, if not downright overwhelming. You need to juggle many things at the same time. And if you have kids (or pets), things can get a little hectic.

Lucky for you, as one of the trusted Portland local movers, we’ve dealt with many clients like you. And yes, some had it rough. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and advice we’ve gained over the years about dealing with children when you are moving. Read on and thank us later.

#1 Throw a Goodbye Party

Most parents don’t throw goodbye parties, but it can do wonders for the kids. It will give them an opportunity to cope with the move as well as bring closure to the friendships they are abandoning. Don’t go overboard – keep it casual and simple, with a potluck or chips-and-dips. Come moving day and the children will be in a jovial mood – and you will have a smooth move.

#2 Talk before the move

Moving to a new place can take a toll on every family member. Organize a family meeting well ahead of the move. Discuss what you have in store for the kids. If possible, let everyone chip in about the moving day.

#3. Let the kids help

Let your children pack some of the items, not delicate ones for sure. They can decorate and write on the boxes to indicate what’s in them. This way, the kids will not only be entertained, but they’ll also be helping with the move.

#4 Buy Special Boxes for the kids

There’s a massive variety of boxes designed for moving with kids. Buy one for each kid. They can fill them with valuable items they love and cherish. It will keep them engaged as you pack the rest of the stuff.

#5 Pack a Picnic Baskets with your kids’ favorite delicacies

Pack the basket with their favorite sandwiches, cookies, drinks, fruits, and so forth. It will come handy when they need a break. Having the drinks and food will also keep them occupied as you continue with the work.

#6 Hire a babysitter

If your little ones are still young, you can hire a nanny to pay attention to them. Trust me; this will make moving a breeze.

#7 Hire professional movers

Moving with kids is already stressful. Hire a reputable moving company in Portland to do all the heavy lifting as you keep your little ones entertained.