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How to move your antique furniture the right way when relocating

How to move your antique furniture the right way when relocating  

Antique Furniture? When you know you have something of high value or very important to you, you fear that it may be damaged in the process of your move. This is a valid concern, antique furniture require extra care and maintenance care. Stressing this to your full-service moving company is crucial! I would suggest that before you agree on hiring a specific moving company, you ask if they have experience in moving antique furniture.

Below are some suggestions on ways you can save your antique furniture during a home move, no matter if you are moving from Portland Oregon to CA (out of state) or within Portland (locally)

  • Padding: before moving any furniture piece, be sure it is wrapped very well. I recommend bubble wrap and then moving blankets. If in case it gets bumped on a wall during the move, there will be padding to help with avoiding damage to the furniture.
  • Large antique furniture piece: On large pieces that are antique, I would have a 4 strong, experience movers or moving labor help assistance with moving the furniture.
  • No need to hurry – it’s funny how the story of the rabbit and the turtle comes to mind when I talk about his step. Making sure the movers are slow and steady moving the item is very important.
  • Storing your antiques in storage. When storing your antiques in storage, we highly suggest a climate controlled storage facility.

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

Hiring Professional Movers 

Moving to a new city or even down the street is a stressful experience, just think about all the things that needs to be done with the packing of the rental truck, Yes it’s a big headache.

You might be telling yourself that you are saving yourself so much money by doing this all by yourself… You’re a big kid now and can take on the challenge? Right? From the untold injuries that occur during a move to the broken items, hiring a professional does not sound like such a bad idea after all. You think you are saving money, but you really not: Most likely if you are trying to move everything yourself, you will have to take time off work. Now that means a little bit of your paycheck is going on the list of “Moving Expenses”.

Have you heard the phrase time is of the essence? My time is important so I am sure yours is too, especially If you have to deal with a commercial move. When hiring professional movers, they know they are paid but they also know there will be a tip at the end if done in a timely manner.

You had to pack your things now you have to move them? Give yourself a little break and mostly give your back a break, you need it! Trust me the stress will be waiting for you after everything is moved and the boxes ready to be unpacked, oh the stress of unpacking. I am sure you have heard people say, it’s been six months and I still have not unpacked all my things.

People don’t think about the extra cost of materials for the move: You will need blankets and packing material. Oh, I forgot tape, boxes, shrink-wrap, and mattress cover.

I am sure I am missing other knick knacks that are needed for moving, but you get the idea. Do you like puzzles? Well you better learn fast, when packing a truck or a pod it just like a puzzle… Oh, how do I fit a 3 bedroom house into 8×16 pod or 26 ft. Truck? This is where the professional come into the picture.