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Ways to Avoid Moving Scams

Ways to Avoid Moving Scams

Not all moving companies in Portland, Oregon (or any other place, for that matter) are created equal. Some are good, others are bad, and then there are the ugly ones, the fly-by-nights, and scammers who just want to make a quick buck. So, how can one tell good McMinnville movers from the bad?

In this short post, we are going to walk you through 8 ways you can use to sniff out moving scams.

Get Recommendations

The odds are that your friends, colleagues or relatives know a reputable full service moving company they’ve used before. So, get up to five recommendations from them before carrying out further investigation.

Ask Your Realtor for Recommendation

Another source of credible recommendation is your real estate agent. They often work with a number of curated Oregon movers, and they know which ones do a bang-up job. The trick is to get at least two recommendations so you can set a wider net.

Ask for References

Most reputable Oregon moving companies have no issue giving you’re the names of their past clients, as well as providing you with their contact info. Go a step further and contact these customers to see if they can vouch for the relocation company. If any of the clients found the moving company to be a scam – run, and run fast!

Check Registration and License

Commercial movers, especially interstate moving companies, are required to register with local authorities and to have a state-issued license. Ask for these credentials and crosscheck with the state database.

Ask for Insurance

All moving companies in Portland that are worth their salt are not only fully insured but also fully bonded for utmost protection to the customer.

Watch Out for Deceiving Rates

In the moving industry, the cliché that “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. If a full service moving company, especially one that you found online, offers what seems to be a ridiculously low rate, please look elsewhere. That’s always the number one surefire sign of a scam artist.

Check Accreditation

There are a handful of high-authority agencies that offer unbiased accreditation of Portland movers, including FAIM. More crucially, however, check that the Boring Movers are BBB-accredited. What’s their standing?

Watch Out for Deposit Scam

Good moving companies in Portland don’t ask for a large deposit, some even don’t require it at all. If anything, don’t pay a deposit in cash; instead, use a credit card which usually offers better protection against fraud.

Moving With Children: Ways to Keep Them Entertained and You Sane On Moving Day

Moving With Children: Ways to Keep Them Entertained and You Sane On Moving Day

Dealing with all the nitty-gritty of moving can be quite stressful, if not downright overwhelming. You need to juggle many things at the same time. And if you have kids (or pets), things can get a little hectic.

Lucky for you, as one of the trusted Portland local movers, we’ve dealt with many clients like you. And yes, some had it rough. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best tips and advice we’ve gained over the years about dealing with children when you are moving. Read on and thank us later.

#1 Throw a Goodbye Party

Most parents don’t throw goodbye parties, but it can do wonders for the kids. It will give them an opportunity to cope with the move as well as bring closure to the friendships they are abandoning. Don’t go overboard – keep it casual and simple, with a potluck or chips-and-dips. Come moving day and the children will be in a jovial mood – and you will have a smooth move.

#2 Talk before the move

Moving to a new place can take a toll on every family member. Organize a family meeting well ahead of the move. Discuss what you have in store for the kids. If possible, let everyone chip in about the moving day.

#3. Let the kids help

Let your children pack some of the items, not delicate ones for sure. They can decorate and write on the boxes to indicate what’s in them. This way, the kids will not only be entertained, but they’ll also be helping with the move.

#4 Buy Special Boxes for the kids

There’s a massive variety of boxes designed for moving with kids. Buy one for each kid. They can fill them with valuable items they love and cherish. It will keep them engaged as you pack the rest of the stuff.

#5 Pack a Picnic Baskets with your kids’ favorite delicacies

Pack the basket with their favorite sandwiches, cookies, drinks, fruits, and so forth. It will come handy when they need a break. Having the drinks and food will also keep them occupied as you continue with the work.

#6 Hire a babysitter

If your little ones are still young, you can hire a nanny to pay attention to them. Trust me; this will make moving a breeze.

#7 Hire professional movers

Moving with kids is already stressful. Hire a reputable moving company in Portland to do all the heavy lifting as you keep your little ones entertained.

Indispensable Tips on Moving During the Holidays

Indispensable Tips on Moving During the Holidays

The holiday season is quite a hectic time of the year. You have to make time for shopping for gifts, putting up holiday decorations, and visiting friends & family. It’s safe to say moving during the holidays can be stressful, if not downright overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we have got some holiday moving tips up our sleeves. Keep reading to make your holiday move a breeze!


Professional organizers recommend that you get rid of all the junk from your house as soon as you plan to move. It’s not rocket science. The more unnecessary things you remove from your place, the fewer the items you’ll have to pack. According to expert Portland movers, anything that has not been used for the past twelve months should go. Doing a thorough purging of all items you don’t need can do wonders for the ease and efficiency of your packing.

Draw Up a Moving Checklist

The beauty of a moving checklist is that it ensures that you make a smooth and organized move. It will act as a reminder for you to do everything correctly. Clear the driveway, check. Buy boxes, check. Hire the right Portland local movers, check. Do you catch my drift? The value of working off a moving checklist to a winter move is absolute.

Buy Enough Boxes

The last thing you want is to rush to a home improvement store for more boxes at the last minute. If you think you need 20 boxes, for example, it’s best to get 25. Trust me; it can save you plenty of headaches.

You can always snag good deals on moving boxes. Heck, you can get them for free. Check out our earlier post here on where you can garner moving boxes for free!

Start Packing Early

It’s crucial that you start packing several weeks before the moving date. You can use your garage as the central packing spot. Go from room to room, picking essential items and decluttering.

Map the Route in Advance

Whether you are moving across the street, to a neighboring town, or out of state, it pays to know the best travel route. Without this, you can end up in a gridlock of traffic, and delay your move-in day.

Hire Professional Moving Company

Hire the best Portland local movers to make your holiday move easy. Read online reviews and get recommendations to hire the right moving company in Portland. Get a few references too. They will help you ascertain credibility and reliability of the said moving company in Portland OR. Even better, you can hire full-service movers to help you with everything, including packing.


How to Prep For Your Office Move

How to Prep For Your Office Move

Moving your office is not easy as you think – there’s a lot of prepping that goes into it. In fact, experts suggest that you start prepping for the move at least 12 months prior. This way, you can ensure minimal disruption to your employees and business as a whole.

Here are our business tricks that can help you prep for your office move like a pro.

Generate an office plan early enough

Drawing up an office plan is one of the most important steps when you are planning to relocate your office. Draw up a floor plan days or months in advance. It should incorporate vital factors such as the number of employees transferring and the floor size.

Consider Office Rental Storage

Renting office storage can help you reduce clutter conveniently and in an affordable way. It’s paramount if you have too much office content and furniture. From old files to extra chairs, office storage can come in quite handy.

Consult with your Old and New Building Managers

You want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Contact both old and new managers to ensure loading docks and elevators are secured in time for your office move. Always keep in touch with them to keep a tab on new issues that may affect your move.

Keep Employees in the Loop

Tell your employees about your plans to relocate offices in advance. Always send out weekly reminders and progress updates. It’s also best to involve employees in the planning stage. They can pitch in on floor plans, moving date, and so forth. You can even ask for their help in packing and moving light stuff.

Inform Your Customers and Clients

Much like employees, you need to keep your clients in the loop. Provide them with weekly email or new letter reminders and updates. You can also use flyers to keep them aware of your move.

Schedule Your Move on a Weekend

Weekend and night office moves have gained increased popularity. And for a great reason. They offer an excellent way to minimalize disruption to your business.

Invite Moving Companies to Inspect your Premises

Get up to five moving companies in Portland Oregon to check your old and new business premises. This way, the best Portland local movers can give you reasonable estimates.

If an office move is not well planned, work morale and productivity can go down, affecting the bottom line of your business. No matter how you look at it, you need first-rate prepping can make your office move effortless and efficient.

Avoiding Disaster on Moving Day: Tips On Hiring Movers That Will Show Up And Do A Great Job!

Avoiding Disaster on Moving Day: Tips On Hiring Movers That Will Show Up And Do A Great Job!


I won’t lie to you; not all movers are created equal. Reputable Portland movers will show up and do a bang-up job, leaving you with a big smile. Then there are the fly-by-nights, the shady folks who just want to get paid.

So how can you tell them apart? After all, you are paying top-dollar to get the best Moving company Portland.

Check out our trade tricks below for choosing the perfect moving company in Portland (or any other place, for that matter).

Inquire about Experience

You want movers who’ll deliver a fabulous job. That is why it pays to ask how long they have been in the moving business. Don’t fool yourself; experience matters and a track record reveal a mover’s capability to deliver each time. For example, you want to know if your potential movers have dealt with vintage paintings or delicate furniture.

The best way to know if a moving company is experienced is to ask past clients, read professional reviews, and check out credentials. Don’t settle for just anything – go for the most experienced movers in Portland Oregon.

Go for Fully Licensed Movers

If you are moving out of state, it’s crucial that the moving company is registered and licensed with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Car and Safety Administration). The last thing you want is for your stuff to be impounded on the road. Ensure that you movers are licensed by searching their US DOT number in US Department of Transportation or FMCSA database.

Licensing can also be paramount for some intrastate movers. In fact, some states may also require moving companies to acquire state licenses. Check with local US Department of Transportation office to see if the movers are duly licensed.

Don’t Pay a Large Deposit

If you don’t want your move to be a disaster, it’s best that you don’t make a substantial down payment. It’s a big no-no. After all, good Portland local movers won’t demand a large deposit or cash.

Most scammers who parade online as moving companies usually ask for a huge deposit and never show up for the move. Don’t fall prey to these conniving online scammers; don’t pay any down payment to a company that has not conducted a pre-move survey. Even better, you can remit the deposit using a credit card to keep fraudsters at bay.

Ask for Recommendations

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from people your trust. There’s a good chance that your friends, colleagues or relatives know or have worked with a reputable moving company in Oregon in the past. Collect at least five recommendations; they will come handy when choosing the right movers for your job.

Read Reviews

Information at your fingertips – that’s the beauty of the internet. In the digital era, it’s easy to know what others are saying about a moving company. Does the moving company have reviews online? Movers without reviews online are undoubtedly inexperienced. Check out the mover’s rating with BBB (the Better Business Bureau). A good standing with BBB shows that the company is reputable and delivers a good job each and every time.

You can also check out online reviews from social media websites such as Google, Yelp, Citysearch, TrustLink, Angielist, and so forth. These sites will give you a glimpse into other customer’s experiences with the movers. Yelpers can be your best friend when looking for genuine reviews. Needless to say, moving companies in Portland with bad reviews should be avoided at all cost.

Watch out for hidden fees

Good movers often offer a free estimate or an accurate quote. In fact, the estimate or quote should list all charges involved clearly, without any ambiguity. Hidden fees or questionable charges are a tell-tale sign of a bad moving company. A good moving company should be able to explain each charge or fee in great detail.

Invite 1-3 Movers for a Pre-Move Survey

Before presenting you with an estimate or a quote, each company should visit your home and assess your belongings. This way, they can take inventory of your stuff in order to offer you an accurate estimate. You can use estimates to choose the moving company, plan, and budget for the move without much hassle.

Look Out for Awards or Accolades

Have the movers won any award or accolade? If a moving company has not been recognized with an accolade, the chances are that they are not going to win you either. Don’t forget that great credibility and recognition are vitally important when picking the right Portland local movers. After all, no one gives an incredible review to a moving company that does a shoddy job.

There you are – top tips on how to choose the right moving company for your move. With these handy tips, you can rest assured you’ll find the right guy.

How to Hire the Best Portland Movers

How to Hire the Best Portland Movers

If you need to move to a new house or change your present location, then you will need the help of Portland movers if you reside in Portland. There are so many of them operating out there today and one need to be very careful how they are employed for the job at hand. You need to watch closely to ensure you do not end up employing the wrong ones among them. There are so many things to put into consideration when employing them to be sure you do not make mistakes and employ the wrong hands for the job at hand. Some of the critical things you must consider will be looked into below

Experience is key

If you like it or not, you can never sideline experience when it comes to employing Portland movers. It is in your best interest to go for those among them that have been in this business for long. They can help move your home to any part of town or to another part of the world irrespective of how far. They would have developed experience over the years and such experiences can be brought to help your moving needs. When you want to employ house mover for your move, first consider how long the service provider had been in business. Go only for those among them that had been in operation for long and you will never regret it. Some of the new ones may be able to do the job for you, but the problem is that they have not been actually tested and it may be difficult to ascertain their reliability.

Known for great customer care

You need all the right customer cares you can ever get when in search of Portland movers for your house moving needs. You need a service provider that responds to your calls on time. You need service providers that can be contacted and can display passion and concern for your needs. If any particular service provider does not seem to be showing this, you better look for another service provider to work with. You also need a service provider that knows the route from where you are moving to where you are planning on settling down.

Consider the cost of service

The cost of service charged by the Portland movers also needs to be considered when employing these service providers. If you feel they are charging too high, take some time to compare their costs with what other service providers are charging and go from the outlet that seems to be charging the most considerate cost among them. Be that as it may, make sure you consider the quality ahead of any other thing when employing them. A service provider may be charging the very low fee. First, find out if they can also offer top quality service. If there is no prove of quality service provision, it will be a good idea to forget about them and work with another service provider with top quality and the considerate cost.

Moving Your Family During Pregnancy

Moving Your Family During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has its own upheavals and moving while pregnant does not make it any easier. If not well planned or when has not contacted professional moving service providers, moving when pregnant can be very daunting. Many couples choose to move to a bigger house before they receive their bundle of joy. This moving decision is thus made during the pregnancy period and may cause more stress. However, if you are pregnant and ready to move, you may get local moving help or have to hire loading, packing and moving services.Herein is a list of some impeccable ways to reduce the stress of moving while pregnant.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Take good care of yourself as the baby’s health is dependent on yours.  Even with the stress of moving and a lot at hand, ensure that you eat healthy meals and get adequate sleep. This will keep you in good mood, keeping you off from potential stress.


Designate a Doctor

First, consult a doctor before moving and get necessary recommendations.  The doctor will give you helpful health tips during moving and also help you establish your birth plan just in case anything happens while you are on the move.

  Remember to relax

Do not opt for a DIY hire a moving company and close associates

Packing is a tiresome process. Make use of the friends and family members. For furniture and sensitive items, hire professional help. Hire them to help you in packing and unpacking. It is no doubt that this support system will come in handy and ease your moving process. This will also keep you off from possible stress that might hurt your baby.

What about your maternity bag

It is important that you start packing early, just in case your set date for moving coincides with your child’s birth. Have your hospital bag and other items you may need to carry with you to the hospital. These items need to be packed last for easy access in case of any emergency while moving or after moving.

Keep Off Heavy Lifting

When it comes to pregnancy, there are no safe limits. Avoid lifting heavy boxes and moving furniture to the loading trucks and vans as this would cause a strain on your body and may compromise your pregnancy. Delegate the heavy tasks to the moving company or friends as a safety precaution.

Take Time Off

Even if you delegate tasks and get help from friends and family, moving is likely to cause you fatigue. If possible, take some time off before and after moving to recharge.

Moving is already an overwhelming process, and if not properly prepared for, it can be nerve-wracking. As you consider moving your family while pregnant, do not get caught up in the stress of moving. Seek for moving services from a moving company and together with the above tips, you moving cannot get any easier.

Tips on notifying your customers of your office move!

 Office Move | Tips on notifying your customers of your office move! 


Office move or commercial is very intimidating and may seem out of reach, but if you follow very simple steps then you will be on the right track on moving your business the right way! 

Communicate your office move right away to your customers. Via website or podcast or even running a ad campaign, the more aware and informed your customers are about where you will be located and how to get a hold of your office, the more smoother the transition will be. After the move do a forward address via USPS so your mail gets forwarded to the correct location after you office move.

Update online listing. The more important ones are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. I like to suggest using a local mass update using Moz Local so all the sites get the same information update at the same time. Using a mass mailing for an FYI we have moved or we are new to the neighborhood flyer so new people are aware of who you are and what your business move is about.

Host an event at the new location after the office move, there you can promote your business or even hand out flyers and cards.

We hate spam but for those customers that are on your email list you can do a mass email update and update your customers about your business move via email. Well I hope that helped you distress just a tad bit and keep your office run smoother with the proper office move tactics! when there is a change, its always important to have that change updated on your website as well as communicate it on a daily to your customers. 

Happy Moving!!

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Saving Tips for your move

Saving Tips for your move

Moving is expensive, there are two options when it comes to packing up and moving.

Hire a local moving to do the job

Do the move yourself with the help of family and friends

While both options need a cash to be spent but be smart about your upcoming move—you must anticipate and budget for any “hidden” moving costs which inevitably pop up and bite you in the pocketbook.

Yes, paying professionals to move your stuff is likely your least stressful option, you’ll have to pay transportation and labor charges.

Movers paid by the hour might not work quite as fast as you’d prefer, while those paid by the job could rush the move to get to their next location.

Whatever you choose to do could wind up costing you more than you initially budgeted.

Do your research on moving costs, online has many websites just for that reason: While the moving costs of any long-distance move are based on weight and distance traveled, be prepared for fine-print charges which can add up. Always look for and talk about any possible hidden moving costs with the moving company’s move coordinator

Here are a few examples of items that’ll cost extra:

Transportation surcharges if the moving company compensates its movers for work performed in major metropolitan areas where labor is more expensive.

Charges for moving heavy items such as riding lawnmowers, snowmobiles, or a piano.

Charges for specialists brought in to disassemble pianos and pool tables.

Charges if movers have to walk more than 75 feet from door to truck or need to use stairs or an elevator.

If the moving van is too large to squeeze down your narrow street or is blocked by low-hanging wires or branches, movers may need to shuttle your furnishings on a smaller truck.

Of course, you can avoid the pitfalls outlined above and do the job yourself.

Keep in mind, that a do it yourself move comes with its own set of hidden money traps. Never mind the steer and labor—time spent renting, packing, and driving is a truck for long hours you’ll never get back.

Here are several other thoughts to remember if you decide to go it alone.

Get truck insurance: Having an accident while driving a rented truck could put you at risk unless you’ve purchased from the rental company. Chances are your automobile policy doesn’t cover commercial vehicles. Check with your insurance agent.

Add an insurance rider: Property damaged in transit may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy. You may have to purchase an insurance rider that covers contents. Check with your insurance agent.

Exercise damage control: If you’ve damaged a rental property, the landlord that will most likely pocket your security deposit to cover the cost of repairs. If you damaged your home while moving out, the incoming family may ask to be reimbursed.

Have cash on hand: Allow extra money for hotels, restaurants, gasoline, and tolls. Have extra cash on hand for any contingencies.

 Make sure the truck is a good one: A poorly-maintained rental truck could break down in transit, and you’ll have to pay for repairs until the rental truck company can reimburse you. Please do not drive away with a truck that looks old, runs roughly, or seems poorly maintained. A breakdown could delay your move, throw off your schedule, and cost you money.

Don’t buy new boxes: Craigslist has a free tab, many times people post free boxes.

Moving to Portland OR? Tips you need to know before you arrive!

Moving to Portland OR?

Oh Portland OR,  The land of the hip and laid back, the city where people take their time to get to work and love not having to pump their own gas, If you are planning to move to Portland OR, here are some tips you should know before you arrive.

We don’t pump our own gas! Yes don’t get up out of your car, just relax and the gas attendant will pump the gas for you.

All carbonated drinks containers have a 5 cent return. This includes Beer, Soda, ect.. if it has the bubbly then it pays!

We are homeless happy. What I mean by that is we don’t throw our homeless off our streets and we do respect them as humans. I think this is why they flock to Portland.

We are not afraid of the rain.. if you see an umbrella.. most likely it’s a tourist. We love the rain and the fresh weather.. this is what Portland is about.

Keep Portland Weird.. This wording mostly makes up the personalities that make Portland what it is.. a free spirited great city.

No sales tax!. Who likes sales tax? I know I hate paying tax’s. Well in Portlandia you do not have to! 

Also here is a link to  travelportland.com, you can get more great info and travel information before you get here!

Well that’s all folks.. if you are not planning to move to Portland OR! Then you should definitely visit! Happy Moving!!