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Moving with a Newborn: Tips on Making Your Move Go Smoother

Moving with a Newborn: Tips on Making Your Move Go Smoother

Moving to a new location to your new home is an extremely complicated venture, especially when you have a baby on board. This is a quite stressful and tiring job or you can say a project if done without proper planning. Moving with an infant might require some planning and organizing.

Also such situations need a lot of time and attention as well. Handling babies in such situations is different than the case of moving with kids. For babies or toddlers, moving is just like taking their world away from them. A baby always takes time to adjust at a new place. With the help of some useful tips, proper planning, organizing and work all of the pressure of moving with a newborn baby can be reduced.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is when you plan to move, you are the only one taking the stress, your baby feels it too. The best way to reduce the stress from your head is to arrange a babysitter who can watch your baby wile you do the work. This way the stress of pampering the baby will be off of your shoulders and you’ll be planning and working more effectively. An alternative to babysitter is sending the little one to a family or relatives place where the baby is acquainted to the people. This also helps in your moving.

Take time to breath

Children under six months are not that tough but still need your attention. All they need is their parents, food and sleep so make sure you provide them these three while you are moving. You need to set up your baby’s room first and make sure everything is in place in their new room. The only thing that will make them feel uncomfortable is the sleep at the new place.

You have to make sure that their sleeping area is the same. Try to recreate the baby’s room as similar to the old one as possible so they don’t know what happened. Another very important tip is that don’t plan moving when your baby is ill or going through the teething phase. In such situations, you’ll disturb the baby’s sleep resulting in chaos.

When you are mentally ready to move, start with planning your route especially when moving form city to city. If you are driving to your destination make sure that your baby gets enough sleep before you leave. Mark stops on your route where you can take a break for the baby and feed or change them. This way you’ll be comfortable and the baby won’t get annoyed or irritated.

Things you need to bring with you on your way are baby’s car seat, diapers, changing mat, wipes, extra clothes and well ask the mother for more. When you arrive at your new destination, make sure you set up baby’s room first. The most essential thing is to know about the clinics, hospitals and childcare facilities near your new location. Babies need medical attention and you should know where to take them.

Moving During Hot Weather

Moving During Hot Weather

Coming out of our comfort zone is the biggest challenge and other side fears and panics us. And when somebody has to move in extreme weather, the situation becomes really terrible. On one side you are emotionally and physically engaged while you must be ready on the other hand to bear the brunt of extreme weather. Summers more aggravate the situation and multiply annoyance to your behavior and moving during hot weather does not help. It can be more chaotic if we are not fully prepared for moving in summers and cope up the weather hazards. A famous quote says that even seasonal fluctuations can bring us a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

The World has faced a recent wave of extreme weather change. Global warming is becoming an alarming issue and it has resulted in prolonged hot weather and we are left with no choice other than carrying out our work in the same extreme weather conditions. But, proper precautions especially when moving a place can protect us and our family from fatal weather effects.

Heat exhaustion can be fatal. Make your moving plan. Try to pack your goods in small shifts rather than doing all the work at once. Organize work acclimatize your body accordingly. When you are busy in extreme physical work of packing and lifting goods, you must keep ready your box of energizing essentials. This instant refreshment box should have light snacks, juices, and a lot of water or cold drinks to keep you and your working crew hydrated. Avoid heavy meals as they generate more metabolic heat and make your body accustom to work first. Do not try to lift too heavyweight initially and work in small shift. Take a deep breath after you place your goods in the truck and take a small break.

Drink plenty of water!

Make this break refreshing for you by entertaining your kids because kids usually get bored by this type of activity. Dress your infants in loose and comfortable clothing and make sure to have something to cover their heads by hats or shades. You can engage them in joyful activities like gathering their toys and monitoring the pets if you have.

Because heat not only affects humans but it is equally harmful to the animals. Provide fresh water to your pets and avoid their sun exposure. Carefully schedule outdoor activity with your family and pets and make sure to put on some sunscreen to avoid skin-damaging UV rays. Plan your move when it is not mid-day hours and make sure not to leave your kids and pets even in ventilated parked cars. These precautions can minimize troubles for you.

Keep your electronics home appliances at the cool place. Do not expose them much in the heated places especially to your fans and the stuff you will instantly need in your home. Tags are very important on the boxes when you are shifting. Properly label your boxes to avoid a mess and separately pack your winter and summer essentials. This will save your extra labor. Try to pack your stuff in shifts if you are planning to move and avoid any extra exercise on a moving day.

With the residential and commercial moving services offered by Portland Movers, you can experience swift, convenient and quality moving. BBB accredited and ODOT Certified Portland Movers have the most experienced, polite, professional and trained crew to meticulously handle customer’s belongings. A company provides affordable prices with moving labor and community moving help as well. Even if you need the help in shifting at the very last moment, Portland Movers will be a call away. So, whatever the season is, we are there to happily serve for you.

Is renting a moving container more affordable than hiring a professional moving company

Moving is a back breaking task. Whether you are moving house or office, whether it is to the next lane, another locality or a different state, moving brings with it tremendous stress. Usually, people are all very inexperienced as far as moving is concerned and the whole task ends up in a mess and chaos.

Hiring an efficient packers and movers service solves all these problems. The services are often handled by professionals who know their job well. The moving help deploys appropriate treatment to the items to be shifted and works in a well-organized manner. With an efficient service by your side moving doesn’t seem as tiresome anymore. But, off course you have to lose something to gain something. These services aren’t for free. The movers and packers charge exorbitantly. 

When about to move you as an individual have to take the call, whether you really require the services of professional packers and movers. You even have the option of just renting a moving container, a concept which is fast gaining popularity.

Renting a moving container is much preferable as compared to hiring a professional moving company as; in this case, are packing according to your convenience. You get to call the shots when it comes to scheduling. This is a fantastic option for those who are moving and need storage. You can keep the moving containers for packing, unpacking and storage for as long as you want.

For added convenience, you can hire labor movers for packing and loading help. Though moving containers are more affordable but they are more suited for local moves to small houses or apartments. As, moving out from a larger home will require more than one container which can raise the cost. Also, the option could work out to be more expensive for long distance moving as your bill will include the payment to the driver, fuel, insurance, toll, etc. Containers are not a good idea when you have a short time frame for moving or when you are moving at a short notice. This mode of moving is perfect if you are planning a move a few months down the line.

Before opting for the moving containers it is better to find out the regulations regarding parking at both the locations. The one that you are moving from and the one that you are moving to. Find out details like whether it is legal to park on the street and the permissible time limit, so that your container is not a cause of nuisance and you do not incur parking fines.

In case you are alone and unable to arrange for moving help then acquiring a moving company quote will help in taking a decision. While looking out for efficient packing and loading help, it is advisable to consider the type of moving you are undertaking. Contacting special office movers for your office relocation will keep you stress-free, as they are professionals and they know their job well.

Often while seeking moving help, you are faced with questions like how do I find the best packers and movers? How do I find movers near me? The answers to these questions are very simple and practical. The best way to find movers near you will be to ask within your circle and friends, acquaintances and relatives who have moved around lately. Recommendations are one of the best ways to zero down on efficient Portland movers or Oregon movers. If you still want to research further, then online is the next option. Online customer reviews are also a safe bet. Customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction is very evident in these reviews, which can aid you in your decision-making process.

Price is also an important decisive factor. Contact a few Portland movers and get estimation from each of them. If the deal seems too good, be wary. As there could be a catch somewhere. Double check what exactly the services are that are being offered and at what rate.


Portland Movers Company is one of the highest rated moving companies in Portland Metro area. We are BBB accredited and ODOT Certified. For us our clients are not just clients but they are our family and neighbors. We customize our service according to the needs of the client whether you require a full-service moving or only moving labor help, we are ready to accommodate according to the needs of the client.

Generally, a moving company quote is overpriced, but not so with our company.  Portland Movers Company is well known for its affordable and expert service in the whole of Washington region, including Portland Oregon and the surrounding cities of Oregon.

Whether you need moving help or just an estimate feel free to give us a call and get a free moving quote.

A helpful guide for a successful office move

A helpful guide for a successful office move

Most companies on the move require that employees pack up their own particular office or work space, including work area, file organizer and individual things. Utilize these tips to get ready for a move so when the day arrives, your things won’t lose all sense of direction in the move.

Ask Your Boss

The initial step as an employee is to inquire as to whether there are any limitations on what you’re permitted to take to the new office, if there are arrangements for new furniture, and provided that this is true, what they are, including size of work area and drawer space. Ensure you know the “guidelines” before you begin packing, including the move date, what to do with undesirable furniture and how to discard undesirable archives. In the event that conceivable, try to see the blueprints for the new office, including where you’ll be situated as an employee.

Moving Electrical Machines

Before moving any technological machines, ensure you comprehend what you are doing. Numerous machines should be taken care of certain ways. On the off chance that you are leasing any of your equipment, ensure you inform your rental organization before the day of the move. Separate and disassemble PCs appropriately. Ensure there is an employee that realizes what he/she is doing when dismantling the equipment.

Remove all liquids from the photocopy machines. There might be free parts that can without much of a stretch be lost, so ensure that all parts are safely attached or place them in a different box close by. Remove all things from the candy machines. Make a point to take additional notice of any machines that are disassembled. Things get lost effectively in a move.

Make a course of events for when packing and the move will occur

Since you know where you are moving, planning a move can be a test with all the equipment and furniture contained inside an office. Assess the present circumstance of your organization’s office to perceive how you need the new office to be laid out and how you plan to get it going inside your assigned spending plan. 4-6 months before the move, you’ll have to ensure employees are very much aware of when changes will happen.

Plan time for overhauling the Internet and telephone benefits and acquiring the fundamental grants, licenses and insurance arrangements. The bigger the office you have, the additional time you should arrange.

Communicate with Everyone

Communication is absolutely vital with regards to a corporate move. Ensure that everybody (employees, proprietors, movers, tenants, and so forth.) knows about everything about. They have to know the correct moving arrangement before the real office move.

The less inquiries upon the arrival of moving, the better. The movers should be told precisely where every bit of furniture should be set. In the event that you have a great deal work areas that appear to be identical, yet have a place with specific employees, ensure they realize that they have to go in specific spots.

One method for assisting the mover is by utilizing shaded names. The greater part of the furniture that has a place on one story can be named a specific shading and you can even get more particular – utilizing name hues and numbers devoted to every employee.

Marking is a critical apparatus in moving offices. Make sure to mark all equipment and furniture that is being moved. The mark should be put in a spot that is effectively obvious to the mover. The less demanding and more reasonable you make the move to the mover, the quicker the move will go.

Update your Movers 3 months before you move

You would prefer not to miss any imperative necessities when you touch base at your new office, so let your merchants know well ahead of time so they can make the changes in accordance with your shipping and charging address. On the off chance that you’ll require new furniture or a sign, arrange it now with the goal that it has a lot of time to arrive and be organized before your business makes the move.