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10 Packing Tips That Will Help You with Your Move

10 Packing Tips That Will Help You with Your Move

Packing is an indispensable part of moving. Some people say it’s quite enjoyable. Others dread even the thought of it.

Sure, packing is no picnic, but with our ten industry tricks, it can become manageable or even fun!

#1. Get Rid of Junk Items

Professional organizers recommend that you get rid of all the junk from your house as soon as you plan to move. It makes sense. The more unnecessary things you get rid of, the fewer the items you’ll have to pack. According to expert Portland movers, anything that has not been used for the past twelve months should go.

#2. Sort Your Items by Category (Not by Room!)

Instead of clearing out the whole room, why not spend the morning sorting through all the clothes? Scour every nook and cranny for any article of clothing. It’ll be easy to pack the right clothing items in the right boxes.

#3. Garner Enough Boxes

Don’t be the person who has to wrap some items in shrinking wrap. If you think you need 25 boxes for your stuff, you are better off getting 30 or more moving boxes. The good thing is that you can easily snag a good deal packing supplies. Better yet, you can get free boxes, if you’re looking at the right places.

#4. Check if you have original packaging for electronics and delicate appliances

Do you think your flat screen LED TV can withstand 10 hours on the road in cardboard box? Scour the closets or garage for your electronics’ original boxes. It can save you another trip to electronic store – and of course oodles of money.

#5. There’s power in numbers

I know it’s a cliché, but the more packers there are, the better. Call in favors from your friends, colleagues, and close relatives.

#6. Hire a Babysitter

Let someone else take care of your little ones and pets so you can get things done.

#7. Prioritize Decorative Items

Decorative items are often oddly-shaped and delicate. It’s best if you can pack them several days before the move; it’ll give you ample time to think about their cushioning and protection.

#8. Use number labeling system

Take box labeling to the next level with the number system. As you pack the boxes, jot down where each item goes.

#9. Heavy Items go to Small Boxes

Stuff light items in large boxes and heavy ones in small boxes. It’ll make the move easy.

#10. Hire the Right Moving Company

Reputable movers can offer you packing tips as well as free moving supplies. You can also go for full-service movers who can help you with packing.




Packing up your kitchen before moving to your new home, especially after years of acquiring various kitchen items, can be a bit more complicated than one would think. After all, you wouldn’t want to settle into your new home, realize you were hungry, cut open all the boxes you so carefully packed just to find a saucepan to heat your packed lunch in, then find that said saucepan had a damage due to incorrect packing. One could avoid these situations by planning ahead – which items would go into which boxes – and proper packing. Ahead, we list a few tips to pack your pots and pans the right way.

Items needed:

  • cardboard box (Its size depends on how many pots and pans you have.)
  • newspaper
  • tape
  • thick marker
  • shredded paper (optional, but best if you have these at hand)
  • packing peanuts (optional, but best if you have these at hand)

First, prepare your box by taping the bottom securely shut. You wouldn’t want the box to break from the weight of your pans! Next, spread newspaper and shredded paper / packing peanuts over the bottom of the box. These will act as a cushion for your pots and pans and help you avoid damaging them during your move.

To prepare your pots and pans, choose your largest pot. Take a piece of newspaper and place it at the opening of the pot. Gently push down with your hand, so that the newspaper covers the bottom and the sides of the pot. Next, choose a pan that can be nested inside this pan, like a medium-sized or small-sized pan. You will be nesting your pots and pans inside each other like a Matrushka doll. Take the smaller pot or pan and place it inside the large pan, pushing down on the newspaper as you do. Then, take another piece of newspaper and cover the bottom of the smaller pan and push down. You may repeat these steps as many times as you wish. Once you have finished nesting as many pots and pans as you feel the need to, set the entire bundle in the middle of a large piece of newspaper. Bring the corners of the newspaper together to cover the pots and pans entirely. Seal with tape. Place the entire bundle inside the box you prepared beforehand. Continue for the rest of your pots and pans.

Once you are finished with all your pots and pans, seal the box with tape and label accordingly the top and sides of the box with thick marker. (Marking your boxes is especially important if you will be hiring movers to help you pack, because they will be able to help you move your boxes to the respective rooms of your new home.)

However, if you are reluctant to pack your pots and pans because moving house details are taking up all your time, then perhaps  hiring a professional moving company to do all the dirty work of packing and moving your kitchenware might be the best option for you. Moving company members are, after all, professionally trained to do the nitty gritty work of packing and moving for you.

Whether you decide to hire a moving company or pack your pots and pans yourself, one thing is certain – better make sure to remember where you placed your kitchenware! Moving into a new home is a taxing experience, one that is certain to make you hungry. Pack your pots and pans the right way!

Why should you hire Proficient Movers and Packers?

Moving your household goods from one place to another can be a very tedious job. There are many different things that need to be done to make sure that you relocate efficiently. Another very important thing that needs to be taken care is that all the process of relocation should be carried out safely so that there is no problem with your items. Here are some of the benefits of hiring movers and packers.

Motivations to work with an expert packer and mover packing and loading help Portland to another spot includes moving making sure the move is done properly. For the most part, the dependable moving organizations are staffed with experienced and prepared experts who give extraordinary care while taking care of your valuable and sensitive things. The best moving company have relocation specialists, experienced staff, and moving experts to gauge your necessities and execute the best arrangement to make sure the move is secure and safe. Accomplished packers and movers will give you the polished skill and learning required to make your relocation exceptionally straightforward.

Above all else you should make a rundown of conceivable packers and movers; you could do this by reporting every one of the names that you gathered online, daily papers or phone directory. How will you choose this organization is ideal for your move? Here are a few tips that will pick a really proficient and dependable moving organization for your move. Finding a decent and experienced moving organization could be checking customer reviews and the moving company ratings. When you are new to the area, it is more difficult to trust local moving companies and organizations. If you are moving in Oregon, you can also hire moving company Oregon.

Calling the company and asking questions in reference to prices and deals they might be offering is not a bad idea. Local packers and movers may offer discounts as well if you want to ask about the time they have been in business or how they handle claims. These are all valid questions you as a consumer should have.

Movers and packers usually load and unload a truck or pod. The company that sends them will usually provide at no cost to you moving equipment to get the job completed like a dolly or moving blankets. Be sure to ask those questions so make sure you might have to rent them yourself and have ready for the movers.

Portland Movers Company

This is your local Portland moving company which offers full local services. Their main aim is to make sure that all their clients happy with the moving service they receive by providing top quality moving services on both any local and long distance move they do.

Aside from being professionals, their team of experts that go through training prior to starting. The movers are exceedingly careful, reliable whenever they are dispatched to a move, where you need their services, humble, polite and they handle the client’s possessions with a lot of care all the time. In addition to that, this company also provides their customers with affordable and reasonable charges along with direct moving quotes bringing the highest quality services ever.

Characteristics of their team of workers

  • Time conscious
  • In uniform
  • Highly experienced
  • Background check
  • Go through training

Besides the above, the moving help will take good care of all your belongings such as; walls, furniture’s, railings and floors. They are highly experienced in guarding your possessions without causing any harm. They do not only operate in Portland OR alone but also its neighboring towns in Washington and Oregon areas.

They are BBB certified among the top ranked moving companies within Portland metro area. Not only do they provide moving labor services to clients alone but also their family and neighbors, so maintaining excellence is vital to them as it’s to you.

They also provide full-service movers , this service comes with movers and truck. It all depends on with your belongings, but at least you will be provided with a truck which can sufficiently move all your household goods. And since they are after quality services, they try to offer you the most precise approximation for your move for that reason.

They aim at satisfying their community and neighbors so if you require moving assistance, then just give them a call and you will see them there. It’s not easy to find an efficient moving company with such affordable costs, and these are the key things you ought to consider in any moving process.

Aside from being insured and fully licensed, their mission is to provide their client realistic moving quotes with competitive rates and charges since moving are also costly so they must stay competitive.  It’s also crucial to get moving quotes from various moving companies that you will be able to compare the costs since the prices of all businesses are not the same.

Furthermore, there are some residential moving companies who are not trustworthy as in they can deceive by initially quoting lower prices but later on ask for additional pay after you sign the deal so be very keen when looking for a moving company.

Finally, honesty creates trust… don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have to feel comfortable hiring a moving company. Do thorough investigation before selecting the correct one. That’s why Portland Movers Company is the best choice for you because of their honesty and hope to earn their customers trust and hire them for any future move.

Best Portland Movers

Best Portland Movers Company in Oregon!

A Moving Company you can depend on!

Moving your possessions to a different location is indeed a hassle and can be very expensive. This is why finding the most exceptional moving company is crucial, and you don’t need to look further because we are qualified for such tasks.

Because not all Portland Movers Company LLC can move your belongings with care. When you use Portland Movers Company LLC, they will handle your possessions as if it were their own because what makes them who they are such excellent qualities. They will always ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied in each and every move they make.Quality service is important; Portland Movers strive to improve the service they provide due to Portland Movers services local and long distance moves. Due to continuing the move training and providing the quality work, Portland Movers continue to earn the trust of their customers. 

What makes them unique is not only that care on customers belongings but also professionalism. Just like in any other field, qualification is very important. All the staff in Portland Movers Company is highly skilled and experienced. So the guarantee is that your things are safe and secure with them.

Let’s talk about charges too. Portland movers care about the cost of moving, they will discuss everything openly with you, and they always make sure they fit your moving budget by communicating about the move with you.

Finally, trust. All their employees arrive in uniform; they also put on uniforms printed with the company’s logo on the uniform so you know that this is the company you hired when they arrive at the door. To enjoy the wide range of services that they offer, just contact them. You can do this online or via phone call.

Portland local movers offer best moving services

Have you been looking for the best Portland local movers and can’t decide on a company to choose from. Portland Movers Company is here to ease this process for you. They do provide not only professional movers on long distance moves but also on the local move as well. Their primary objective is to ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied after every move.

In addition to that, another interesting thing about them is the fact that they care about their customer’s household goods. Per the customers reviews they ensure that they handle those belongings with at most care so be assured that your things are safe since they are professionals. Apart from all of them being highly experienced, they are as well very polite, very careful, reliable and efficient.

When it comes to the moving cost? Portland is extremely pocket-friendly, that is to say not expensive you will always reach an agreement in whichever service you may need from them. Moreover not only having excellent communications skills and fair costs but also accurate moving quotes furthermore bringing the top quality services likely on all the moves their company provides.

To add to the above, you can also identify their crew, each crew member wears uniforms. Whenever you meet them, you cannot mistake them with other movers. In addition to the above, they also know how to care for your floors, furniture, walls as well as banisters when required for both office and residential move. They provide protective floor covers and furniture blankets for every move. This is very important due to every move has to be handled with care.

If you want to locate Portland movers, don’t go so far they are just based on Portland OR and they are a successful local firm that offers not only high quality but also reasonable moving plus labor services. Not only do they serve Portland Oregon alone but as well serving the neighboring cities in both Oregon as well as Washington region.

How packers and movers can help you move with peace of mind?

How packers and movers can help you move with peace of mind?

Packing and moving is one of the most frustrating things as it requires heavy preparation and hectic planning. The person who is moving is already burdened with the heavy tasks of office or household move such as transferring cable companies and phone companies. When you add another burden, the other move tasks are added, then it could lead to catastrophic effects like forgetting to pack things in the correct boxes or even forget to pack them at all.

A solution to this problem is hiring a movers and packers. Hiring a moving company can be very effective. The movers and packers will take care of all the things that are related to moving and relocating to a new home or office. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a movers and packers. You can get all the Moving help in Portland Oregon if you need.

Compose yourself first. Make a rundown of things that should be completed first and require proficient help. At that point, make a different rundown of things that you can deal with all alone. Make a list of what needs to be packed first or what you are planning to get rid of or sell so when the movers are there, it will be easier to sort.

Try to find local packers and movers in the city and a company that will answer all your questions and will be most appropriate for your needs. It may be that they are not the cheapest, because remember, cheapest does not mean best work done.

Make a financial plan. Remember that some movers provide discounts for labor only services and keep in mind for full service moving most movers have to abide by a tariff.

As per the list you made on things you can pack, purchase some supplies so you can start the packing to save on time. For an example, you can pack some of the lighter items.  

Remember when you are shopping for a moving company, remember to look at previous customer reviews. For example on yelp, BBB or Angieslist. Those are just a few website that you can reference and shop with piece and mind that you will go with the right company for your move.