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Ways to Protect Your Walls When Moving Furniture

The process of moving houses can be quite unpredictable especially if this is the first time you are doing it. You might end up damaging your belongings and even worse damaging the house you are moving out of. One of the most common misfortunes during moving is wall damage – how do you protect walls when moving?

Come up with a moving schedule

Moving abruptly could lead to possible damage to your walls as you rush to beat Portland Moving help timelines. Come up with a system of how various items or rooms will be moved and stick to it.

Clear the way

Before you or your Portland local movers start to remove furniture, make sure that there is no blockage of the intended pathways. By removing clutter and obstacles along the pathways, you avoid accidents which could involve wall damage.

Arrange for adequate manpower

Let the size and weight of a piece of furniture act as your guide when you are sourcing for moving help. While some items can be comfortably carried out of a house by two people, others require up to six individuals.

Dress for the job

Moving day is characterized by a lot of lifting, shoving and pulling. Let everyone on your team wear a comfortable pair of shoes that will offer necessary support when going about the day. Items such as large rings should be removed because of the possibility of scratching walls.

Disassemble where possible

Items such as beds, tables, dressers and some couches have hinges and screws which you can use to dismantle them for easy moving. This reduces the size and the likelihood that they will damage walls when being carried out.

Use a blanket or bubble wrap to cover robust pieces

This applies to furniture that has protruding edges and cannot be disassembled. Covers prevent unwanted contact between the item and the walls.

Use a moving dolly for extremely heavy moves

Wall damage is likely to occur if you are moving a large object will less manpower and through narrow passages. If there is no room for the mover as they pass an item through doors and corridors, a moving dolly is preferred.

Use drop cloths, cardboard or blankets to cover the walls

Wall covers help to cushion walls against scratches and smudges. You can extra covering materials in areas where furniture items might hit against the walls hard.

Hire a professional moving service

Expert Residential moving Companies have been on the job for a long time. They have handles all manner of furniture and all well skilled to anticipate damage to walls.



Moving With Kids Tips: Your Guide For A Smooth Move With Children

Moving is already a stressful affair but moving with kids? You can say hello to insanity. When moving with kids, it is all too easy to shift from an exciting process to a nightmarish hell because between dealing with paperwork, packing and unpacking, hauling, adjusting to the new environment etc. things can get out of hand pretty quickly. First off, you need to tell your kids about the move as this will affect them, they will have to leave their friends and familiar environment behind and hence, telling them in advance will help them adjust to the move as early as possible.

It is going to be hectic and be sure to expect quite a few tantrums, but all in all, it is way better than uprooting them without notice. Relocating to Portland with kids is also easier if you choose to hire moving company Portland to make the move easier. And according to our very own little tips, here is how to ease the process when you are moving with kids:

Plan around the School Year

Liaise with your Portland local movers to help you book a time that is most suitable. This should take into consideration your kid’s school year as you want to be as less disruptive as possible and to get them settled in before they can start in their new school. Thus, this requires careful planning and hence takes your time to plan the process with your moving company and your realtor and have realistic deadlines to help you with a smoother move.

Create a Team Mentality

Getting your kids involved in the move is important as they will be much more welcome to it and have an easier time adjusting. Include them in the decision-making process allowing them to have some say in the things they can take. Remind them about the move and talk about it in a positive light. This will bring them on board and help them look forward to a new house, neighborhood and school. Besides, encouraging team mentality by involving in moving activities such as sorting through their belongings will also help them gain a positive attitude towards the move.

Visit New Schools

Coordinate with your movers Portland or realtor and the new schools to provide you with information that can help you visit the school in advance for a tour as this will give them an opportunity to get excited as well as have an idea of what extra-curricular activities they may want to get involved in.

Invite Their Friends for a Sleepover

Having a sleepover with their friends will help your kids say goodbye and give them time to share their excitement and worries as well as ways to stay in touch with their old friends.

How to pack holiday Ornaments

How to pack holiday Ornaments

The holidays add a healthy dose of cheer into our lives and to think that you will at some point put away the decorations is like wrapping up the party before it has even began. As the year comes to an end we start thinking about New Year resolutions, it is also best to start putting away the lights, trees and wreaths for use the following year. Let’s face it; buying Christmas decorations every year can be quite expensive – how about we learn how to pack holiday ornaments so that they will be as good as new the next time you need them? The following tips will also come in handy when you are packing ornaments for a move;

Put together what you will need 

How much do you need to pack? Such a simple question yet it is a crucial guide to the amount of wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, Ziploc bags and bubble warp. You do not have to rush to purchase all these items; look through your pile of wrapping paper that you put away after opening those Christmas presents, egg cartons, and even cookie tins. Think about how best to improvise these items to ensure that the ornaments have been properly stored.

Categorize the ornaments

Putting up decorations for the Christmas season in fun and many families look forward to it. The worst that can happen when setting up is coming across piles of decorations that have been tangled up and the only option you have is to cut through them. Well, it does not have to come but only if you took the time to sort through what you have and categorizing them accordingly. Some ways in which this can be done are by rooms, by type and by display.

Pay attention to the breakable and fragile

You might have already noticed that some Christmas decorations will get squashed at the slightest pressure. Others are prone to breakage if they hit against one another. For Christmas lights for instance, consider wrapping them around pieces of cardboard or tissue rolls to secure them in place before covering in bubble wrap. When all the items that require special attention have been securely wrapped, it is now time to place them carefully in boxes, bins or bags making sure to fill all empty spaces with packing peanuts or foam filling.

If you are packing for a move, make sure that the Portland local movers are aware that certain boxes or loads contain delicate items. Alternatively, you can arrange for these items to be loaded in your car or transported by hand if possible.

What you need to know about Fall Moving

What you need to know about Fall Moving

It is hard moving during winter, and the scorching sun of summer doesn’t do you any favors. But have you thought of fall moving? The awesome weather makes the season a favorite for many people. But is the season right for people planning to move?

Let’s jump into the things you need to know about fall moving before you move.

Better Pricing:

During fall and winter, few people demand moving services. And it’s because of the schooling season in fall and the bad weather during winter. Many people prefer moving during summer times thus influence moving company’s services demand. The low demand for moving services causes a drop in prices during fall.

Shorter Days Mean You Should Start Moving Early:

During winter and the fall seasons, the days are shorter compared to the nights. Meaning, you must plan your moving times well or ask the moving company to take into consideration sun setting times. A slight delay and you’ll move at the wrong time.

Pathways Might Get Slippery:

As trees shade, pathways pack with slippery leaves and twigs. Ensure cleanliness of your old and new home pathways for the safety of the movers. A slip can lead to injury or breakage of items. Also, when loading and offloading items from and into the new house, ensure dryness of the floors.

Cool Weather:

The daunting nature of moving does not fit in with scorching weathers. Again when it’s winter, the roads might get ice packed and unsafe for movement. It is therefore convenient to move during fall to avoid drastic weather changes like wind and hail storms.

It’s still the Schooling Period:

Moving during the fall is amazing. But if you have schooling children, moving will be difficult since they’d still be going to school. Thus, you must find them a new school beforehand and help with their transitioning. You’ll, therefore, have to plan well.

If possible, you can ask for learning materials beforehand to inculcate your kids with the ideals of the new school. You also must contact the old school and inform them of your plans or else they might assume you have ulterior motives of disrupting your kids learning.

You Can Clinch the Best Mover in Town:

Most people prefer summers for moving, meaning fall often has many moving companies under-worked. You can take advantage of the season, to look for the best moving company at your ideal price. You also need not make an early booking, you can dally with time while searching for the best moving company.

Tips for Moving into a Small Apartment

Tips for Moving into a Small Apartment

When you are just starting out and only have your entry-level salary to depend on, you may not necessarily be able to moving into a small apartment, you will have to settle for a small city  where you can get yourself situated.

Although moving into a small space that does not offer much room can be challenging, you should know that it is entirely possible to make the most of the space that you do have, it will just require some room management and innovation on your part.

Finding a great apartment that can suit your space and overall comfort can be difficult especially if you are moving to a large city or urban area. However, to help you out, here are some tips for moving into a small apartment:

Measure your space in advance

Before you move, you should measure your small apartment or studio to make sure that you collect the appropriate sizing for your storage spaces, curtains, and so on. Remember, since you are moving to a smaller area, you may not have the room to store everything that you own. Measuring your space in advance will give you plenty of time to declutter and organize yourself before your big move.

Try and downsize

If you are moving into a small apartment, you will probably face less storage and space than you may be used to. As such, you will have to downsize by cutting down on your possessions. However, you will have to find the right balance as getting rid of too many things may eventually affect your quality of life.

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional moving help Portland Oregon will not only save you valuable time and effort, but it will allow you to focus on other components of your move such as planning your new apartment. The right movers Portland Oregon can ensure that your valuables are packed safely and securely so that everything can arrive at your new destination intact.

Think about storage solutions

Before you move, you will need to figure out some storage solutions so that your space can accommodate all your possessions. There are many storage solutions that can help you maximize the space in a small apartment including using stackable boxes to hold your items or installing shelves and hooks that can make sure that you declutter so that you do not feel confined by having too many items in one area.



The task of moving can seem never-ending. However, there is nothing quite as relaxing and freeing move when you finally unpack everything and settle down in your new apartment or home. If you are like most people, packing and unpacking can be a daunting nightmare that can make it difficult for you to settle down.

But if you do not want to end up sorting through boxes of unpacked items months after your move, you will want to get started right away. Not only will this get you settled faster, but it will also allow you to get the tedious process of organizing your possession out of the way so that you can start to enjoy your new space. Here are ways to keep your home clean and organized after a move:

Figure out your system

Before you jump in and start randomly unpacking and organizing boxes, understand what it is that you are unpacking in the first place. Make sure that you keep the inventory list provided by your Portland local movers safe and secure as it will come in handy when you need to track your possessions. Figure out your system, whether you want to start unpacking according to usage or from room to room.

Find time to do it

Before you can start unpacking, you want to make sure that you will have the time to do it. Although weekends and evenings might suffice at first, this may not be sufficient time to get yourself organized. So, you will have to find time to get yourself organized even if it means asking for some time off work to do it.

If you have kids, it might mean hiring a babysitter that will take your kids out of the house so that you can be able to concentrate on the organizing job at hand. The point here is to set a simple schedule that you can stick to that will allow you to unpack the majority of your possessions.

Unpack each room at a time

When moving into your new apartment or house, it is often a lot easier to unpack one room at a time instead of doing it sporadically. For instance, you will obviously want to unpack your bedroom first, sorting out your personal belongings so that you can start to settle into your new space.

If you are moving with a family, starting with your bedroom is especially vital as it will help your kids feel more comfortable and at home in their new space. Later on, you can move on to the other rooms, which will make the entire organization process more manageable.



The demand for moving companies professionals is on the rise. Many people are moving houses and for one reason protect your items during your move, they cannot organize and facilitate the move. The advantage of hiring Full-service movers is that they have been moving clients for a while so they are experienced in the job. They can also work long hours and arrange a new house for you. As one of the professional moving companies Oregon, every move is a delicate mix of speed and safety of the property. Here are the main steps we take to ensure that every move is a success;

Bumpers on doors

If you watch Portland local movers at work, you will notice that most of the time they are either moving inside or outside a building. This is the same thing that happens within the rooms inside the house. Not that it will make the move easier, but putting bumpers on doors ensures that the action of opening and closing them does not damage the adjacent walls. Furniture and belongings are also protected because the doors do not hit against them.

Equipment is wrapped

Yes, because we do a lot of moving, the equipment we use also comes with us. To prevent damage to equipment, we wrap what we use to move in blankets. Damaged or poorly treated moving equipment has the potential to damage property.

Use the right equipment

Have you ever imagined that there was a rubber band large enough to wrap around a padded chair? Hire moving company Portland, we have it! We anticipate damage before it happens and therefore bring along items that will ensure that it does not happen. Moving large household items requires a delicate balance between proper packing and condition of the road. The best we can do is a thorough job at packing so that property does not stand a chance of damage while being moved.

Wrap everything

From dining table chairs to your kids’ toys, wrapping is our way of securing your belongings. This is mostly applicable for people who have items that do not completely fill a truck. To avoid movement when the truck is moving, the available luggage is securely attached to the truck.


Residential moving companies have been moving people from house to house for a long time and some of the precautions we take are based on mistakes from the past. We understand that clients may not understand the necessity but this is the best way to ensure a secure move for your property.

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage

Tips for Decluttering Your Garage 

A house with a garage counts as a house with extra storage space. While you might have other plans for the garage such as a gym spot or workshop for your personal projects, sooner or later, it becomes a dumping ground for everything that is not usable. Decluttering your garage is simply dangerous and a headache for Commercial movers Portland in case you plan on shifting house your garage if well-organized could double up as an office, or warehouse. Here are some tips to de-clutter;

Disregard the sentimental attachment

You have most likely been storing junk in the garage because you are unwilling to let go of it. When it is time to de-clutter look at everything for the current value, not what it used to be. If you must, have a heap for items that can be repaired and brought back to life.

Did you know that when you hire moving company Portland, they charge you for the amount of items they carry? Make sure you have the basics to get a good bargain when moving. While some items are just fit for the dumpster, consider giving out items that are still usable. For instance, do you still hold on to your 10-year-old son’s stroller? Unless you have plans to grow your family, give it out to someone who needs it.

Develop a storage system

When everything is lying everywhere on the floor, a large garage might appear quite congested. You do not have to make cupboards or shelves in here as the needs of this space may change over time. Instead, use hanging pockets and racks or other vertical storage options. Frequently used items should be within arm’s reach.

Your Portland local movers can recommend best storage boards that you can use hooks on. This garage storage accessory will make it easy to use space sparingly.

Organize everything

When you have removed everything that you no longer intend to use later from your garage, it is time to re-organize what remains. Zoning is a good approach because it offers easy access and makes it easy to touch up. As much as possible, leave plenty of room as to free space which you could even rent out to someone who needs it. At the same time, you can make extra money if your local Portland movers know about the space and your desire to make money from it.


Things to Consider When Moving Out of Your Parents’ House after College

Things to Consider When Moving Out of Your Parents’ House after College

If you have decided that it is finally time to move out of your parent’s house after college, congratulations! Moving out into your own piece of heaven is a bigger deal than you might realize as it is a process that will need careful planning and consideration to pull off successfully. If you are thinking of leaving the nest soon, here are some things that you need to consider:

Figure out if you are really ready to move

Living at home with your parents may not be what you had planned for yourself but if you are struggling financially, moving back home after college can be a great decision for you as it will allow you to save. Before you make the decision to move into your own house, ensure that you are fully capable of handling the responsibilities that come with living on your own. The last thing you want is to struggle with rent, while still taking care of your smothering student loans on an entry-level salary.

Understand the living expenses

You might have lived on your own during your college years successfully, but you should that living on your own in the real-life world will be a much tougher challenge to overcome. Living alone consists of more than just paying rent, there are other expenses such as electricity, gas and phone services that will also have to be catered to.

In addition to these living expenses, there will also be an array of personal expenses like auto loans, student loans, and credit card debts that will have to be sorted. If you are not accustomed to living on your own, educating yourself about these costs of living will help you prepare so that you move out comfortably.

DIY or hire movers in Portland OR?

If you have already made the decision to move out and have even found a home to move into, you will need to determine whether you will handle the move yourself or hire professional full-service movers that will do all the work for you. If you opt to go for the DIY route, you will have to pack and do all the organizing on your own, which can make the moving process more stressful than it needs to be. However, if you hire Portland local movers, the moving company Portland will take care of everything which will save you both time and money, as well as leave you free to organize other more detailed aspects of your move.

Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

If you have already made the decision to hire movers in Portland OR, and have some important appliances such as your fridge that need to be moved, you must prepare these appliances ahead of the big move. Not only will most residential moving companies and full-service movers insist that you prepare your appliances in advance, but it will also ensure that you are thoroughly organized, which will be crucial in avoiding mishaps on the actual moving day.

While prepping your fridge for a move may seem like a pretty straightforward task, it has to be done correctly if you are to avoid ending up with a broken fridge when you finally get to your destination. To make sure that you do everything properly, here is how to move with a full fridge:

Prepare to transport your fridge

You will have to prepare a full fridge for transport if you want it to arrive at its new destination safely. Before the move:

Empty your fridge: You will want to empty your fridge of all its contents especially if you are moving over a long distance. Do not leave anything inside, even in the compartments, especially if it is perishable.

Switch off your fridge: Switch off your fridge if you are moving within 24 hours so that the freezer and evaporator coils can get some time to defrost. If you are moving within a couple of days, you can leave your fridge on but remember to switch it off before the day of the move.

Deep clean the fridge: When you switch off your fridge, you will consequently be creating the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to breed. As such, as soon as you empty the fridge, you should perform a deep clean, wiping down all the interiors, exteriors and compartment thoroughly to remove germs as well as eliminate accumulated odors.

Prepare the fridge for transport

Once you ascertain that your fridge has defrosted completely, it will then be ready for transport. Before you can move it, however, you will have to secure it to prevent it from getting scratched or getting dented during the move.

Tape down any loose ends, storage compartments, grills, ice trays and any other items capable of moving or slide while you are en route. If you can, remove any removable items and wrap them safely in bubble wrap before storing them. If you are lucky, the best moving companies in Portland will go the extra mile and prep the fridge for transport for you by handling the last stages.