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Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

Moving and have a Full Fridge? Tips on how to avoid wasting Food when you move out

If you have already made the decision to hire movers in Portland OR, and have some important appliances such as your fridge that need to be moved, you must prepare these appliances ahead of the big move. Not only will most residential moving companies and full-service movers insist that you prepare your appliances in advance, but it will also ensure that you are thoroughly organized, which will be crucial in avoiding mishaps on the actual moving day.

While prepping your fridge for a move may seem like a pretty straightforward task, it has to be done correctly if you are to avoid ending up with a broken fridge when you finally get to your destination. To make sure that you do everything properly, here is how to move with a full fridge:

Prepare to transport your fridge

You will have to prepare a full fridge for transport if you want it to arrive at its new destination safely. Before the move:

Empty your fridge: You will want to empty your fridge of all its contents especially if you are moving over a long distance. Do not leave anything inside, even in the compartments, especially if it is perishable.

Switch off your fridge: Switch off your fridge if you are moving within 24 hours so that the freezer and evaporator coils can get some time to defrost. If you are moving within a couple of days, you can leave your fridge on but remember to switch it off before the day of the move.

Deep clean the fridge: When you switch off your fridge, you will consequently be creating the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to breed. As such, as soon as you empty the fridge, you should perform a deep clean, wiping down all the interiors, exteriors and compartment thoroughly to remove germs as well as eliminate accumulated odors.

Prepare the fridge for transport

Once you ascertain that your fridge has defrosted completely, it will then be ready for transport. Before you can move it, however, you will have to secure it to prevent it from getting scratched or getting dented during the move.

Tape down any loose ends, storage compartments, grills, ice trays and any other items capable of moving or slide while you are en route. If you can, remove any removable items and wrap them safely in bubble wrap before storing them. If you are lucky, the best moving companies in Portland will go the extra mile and prep the fridge for transport for you by handling the last stages.


How to Find the Right Neighborhood

How to Find the Right Neighborhood

When looking for a house to live in, the neighborhood serves a critical role on the choice. Try thinking of a house as a marriage and the neighborhood as the in-laws. You could partly survive by avoiding the in-laws but a good house in a bad neighborhood simply will not do. Professional Portland movers will probably be well-equipped to provide you with a list of available properties but only you can narrow down on the right one. Here are tips for finding the right neighborhood;

Use the internet

The internet has a lot of information on vacant houses in different neighborhoods. You could start your search by looking for best cities for graduates, best neighborhoods for raising kids or where to live after your children have all left the nest. Websites that offer the best authentic reviews of neighborhoods are those that allow people to write their own opinion of living there. Airbnb and real estate websites of companies based in the area you desire to move to will give you a general feel of the neighborhood.

Visit… at different times

Some neighborhoods have a completely different atmosphere depending on the time of day, day of the week or even season of the year. You may find that parents park on the street on weekend to create playroom for their children over the weekend or traffic is diverted to your street during rush hour to ease congestion. Would it not be nice knowing such things before you engage Commercial movers Portland?

What are the schools like?

This is important if your kids are still of school going age. Find out the student population in the nearby schools, the ratio of students per teacher and general enrollment data. Websites such as Greatschools.org are a good source of information for reviews made by parents and students. You will also be able to find out the schools performance from such reviews.

Nature of daily commute

Regardless of how much the new house mesmerizes you and the neighbors flatter you, you will not like it there is the commute is a headache. Using Google Maps and GPS driving guides is the best way to gauge the nature of real-time traffic to and from the area. Do this during peak hours and then decide if you still want help for Moving Portland Oregon to live there or not. You are lucky if you can walk to where you want to go but you still need to study safety and walkability.


Researching neighborhoods seems like it is a lot of work because it really is. In the long run, when Portland local movers have left, you are finally settled and love everything about the house, you will be glad that you took the time to study all these aspects.




Come move day and you are disturbed that kitchen utensils that you thought would take an hour to pack are into the third and no real progress to show. Well, this is the reality of moving; an activity that you allocated a few hours could quickly take up the day and you would still not feel like you have achieved anything. It is easy to get stressed under such circumstances but you can do something about it. Actually, there are 10 ways to cope with the stress of moving;

  1. Ask for help – do not try to be a superhero when you can get help from Portland movers or siblings, relatives, and friends. You might be surprised at how eager they are to be invited to offer their muscle and support.


  1. Take a nap – with all the boxes waiting to be filled and all the items waiting to be packed, sleeping can spark a lot of guilt in some people. If you do not do it though, you will soon be dealing with burn-out.


  1. Hire Moving companies in Portland – depending on your budget, work situation and nature of furniture fittings you have, it could be a good idea to hire a team of commercial movers Portland. You can opt for flexible packages to fit your budget and situation.


  1. Stay organized – the best way to maintain order when planning for a move is to have your storage containers labeled as soon as they get into a room. Where does clutter go? Dirty clothes?


  1. Celebrate the small gains – the journey of a million miles begins with a tiny step. This analogy is true for moving as well. Accomplish small tasks in a room, you can even divide rooms into achievable chunks of tasks, then aim to complete these tiny goals as you progress.


  1. Allow reasonable time for tasks – packing up a studio apartment will take far less time compared to packing up a 3 bedroomed house. Use your living arrangement to allocate ample time for moving and resting in between.


  1. Embrace the pressure – stress is a normal part of processes that involve such massive movements of items. If you have accepted this fact, it will be easier to recognize cues to slow down.


  1. Keep contact with your current neighborhood – moving does not have to be the end of your relationships with neighbors. By keeping in touch, you will stay calm.


  1. Meet your new neighbors – doing this will allow you to have a community that is waiting for you on the other side. It is calming when you move into a neighborhood where people can refer to you by name.


  1. Plan for an event after the move –A dinner outing for your family, a trip out of town, barbeque with old neighbors? Pick one.




The best piece of advice you have received so far as you prepare to move houses, apart from hiring moving company Portland is organizing a moving sale to raise money from stuff you no longer need. Well, some people might be of the opinion that giving them out as souvenirs is better. You bought them so why not raise money from them? You finally decided that you will go ahead with it, so, how do you organize a successful moving sale? How do you ensure that the event is a success without stressing out?  Here are some handy tips;

Set a time and date for the sale

A garage sale over winter is quite the gamble as most people prefer staying indoors to avoid the cold weather. The best time to hold a garage sale is during summer or spring when most people are eager to get out of their homes and would see the activity even without prior notice. Start the event early in the day to allow your buyers enough time to go through your yard looking for items they would need.

Select the items that you want to sell

While this is an optimum opportunity to get rid of items in your home that you no longer use, think of it also as a chance to get rid of old items with the intention of upgrading your new home. Well, it is going to be a lot easier if you involve everyone in the family. Have them bring out stuff they no longer need but are still in good condition. Do not be shy about anything that makes it to this pile because that might be exactly what someone is looking to find in your moving sale before Portland local movers kick into action.

Market the event

You are definitely making some good process and it’s time to let people know of what is coming. A good way to let your neighbors know is of course word of mouth but lots of people do forget. Why not have some creative posters on strategic locations around the neighborhood letting people know what time the sale is starting; when they should come and a list of items they need to look forward to buying. Are you going to be offering refreshments? Let them know this as well!

Price each item and sort accordingly

It is best to think about the amount of money you will need to ask for each item before the big day arrives. Many of the people who will come expect a great bargain so be ready to offer discounts. If some similar items like toys, cutlery or clothes cost the same, group them together and have people view them as a block.

What about things you do not sell?

Have you thought about where you will take items that do not find buyers on the day of the moving sale? Donate or dump – it is up to you.

10 Reasons you should Hire Movers for your move

10 Reasons you should Hire Movers for your move

When it is time to move houses, any help you get is welcome. Family and friends can be of great help but professional movers are even better. Here are some of the reasons you need professionals;

1. Stress-free

Professional moving companies in Portland are experienced and skilled at moving. They know the best way to package stuff and the best way to move it safely. Your mind will be at ease when you know that all your belongings will make it to the next house.

2. Reliable

Since they go through rigorous training to perfect their expertise, professional Portland local movers can be depended on to work within strict timelines.

3. Accountable

Professional full service movers will come into your home on the day of the move and make an inventory of everything as they pack and eventually move it. they are responsible for ensuring that everything makes it to the other side in one piece.

4. Fast

Need to move within short notice? It is hard to round up family and friends within a few hours but not a professional mover. There is no piece of furniture that is too huge for the doorway when it comes to dealing with experts.

5. Efficient

Do you have a piece of furniture that you dread moving because it is too bulky, heavy or you have no idea how to carry it? Professional moving companies have the equipment, vehicles, and expertise to move anything you have in your home.

6. Safe

So you think you can move that heavy couch without training on the proper way to do it? To avoid breaking, spraining or generally injuring yourself, get professional help to move.

7. Organized

Moving companies have their own boxes and crates in which they pack your belongings during a move. They often label them according to the room they have packed there making it very easy to unpack.

8. Deliberate

After packing all items from your house into easy to carry containers, the next move is usually to arrange them onto the truck. Hire an expert moving team because they are better equipped in optimizing space and packing delicate or fragile items.

9. Experienced

Having many years of experience doing the same thing, moving professionals will easily spot hazards and address them. This provides a safe environment during and after the move.

10. Hassle free

While friends and family might be willing to help you move, it will often cause you less trouble if you hire a moving company to pack, transport then unpack your new home.

Working From Home? Use This Advice to Plan a Move

Working From Home? Use This Advice to Plan a Move

A move is a time consuming affair and if you work from home, you want to ensure that the move will not interfere with your deadlines and remotes work. Whether you are moving two blocks away in Portland, Oregon, or thousands of miles away, enlisting the help of moving companies in Portland is a good idea to ensure that the move is as seamless and as non-disruptive to your work as possible. Hire Portland movers to help ensure that the work time is not disrupted as can make it harder to recover to your routine easily. You want a move that is as hassle free as possible to ensure that you bounce back into working remotely very fast. Here are few tips you should take into account in such cases.

Discuss your Planned Move with Your Bosses

This will help if they situation if your employer does not plan on taking away your remote working status at some time in the future. For some businesses on the other hand, the employer may want you to remain in a certain place for company functions’ attendance or business tax considerations among other things. Therefore, taking to your employer will help you understand any limits involved to avoid surprises once you have already hunted for a home or are even packed up and ready to move at moment’s notice.

Don’t Pack During Work Time

Any successful remote workers knows how to divide their time at home into work time and home time. Therefore, when packing up your belongings or looking for movers Portland OR, then do so during home time to avoid interrupting work hours and disrupting your productivity.

Ensure Your New Home Has Reliable Phone and Internet Service

Working from home requires the use of phone and internet services for communication with managers and colleagues while also taking care of other tasks. Therefore, once you find the house you’d like to be your new home, make sure the phone signal is strong and reliable as well as ensuring the availability and reliability of the internet service to make sure that this does not disrupt your work.

Carve out a Home Office in Your New Home

Whether your preference is a corner in one section of your living room or an entire room to act as your home office, ensuring that you identify a place in your house where you will successfully work with minimal distractions is the best way to avoid disrupting your work too much when planning a move. This is because it will be easy to set up your office and get to work as usual once you’ve moved.

Quick Tips for Packing Glassware

Quick Tips for Packing Glassware

During your move, you should take time in the packing process to pack your breakable glassware as these delicate items can arrive in pieces if you don’t do that. Glassware is often valuable and you don’t want to take such a financial hit by failing to protect them especially considering that a move is often a fairly expensive affair. As such, you should make sure that you have properly packed and labelled your fragile glassware and choose a moving company in Portland that is also aware of how to handle fragile items when local moving Portland or moving across states.

Here are a few quick tips to help you protect your glassware during your move.


1. The Right Type of Materials

Remember to get the right type of packing materials as this will help contain your fragile glassware. Look for sturdy fairly sized packing boxes to hold your wine glasses, cups, bowls, plates or any other types of glassware arranged in terms of their relative similar shape and size.Invest in packing paper or cloths that cushionthe edges and walls of the packing box. Also, ensure you wrap each item individually with wrapping paper and for the light glassware, you can also use bubble wrap.

2. Make Use of Available Packing Material

You don’t have to go all out in purchasing packing paper, you can wrap your glassware in newspaper and do not forget to tuck the same in the glass. To secure it even further then you can secure it with tape.

3. Layer when Packing

Once you individually wrap each item, place them in your sturdy packing box starting with the heaviest glassware at the bottom while the lighter items go on top with a pliable cardboard separating the layers. You should ensure that the layer of paper or cloth at the bottom is thick enough to protect the glassware from bumps as well as layering the top with cloth and top bumps. When done, label the box and be sure that the ‘fragile’ label is easily visible.

4. Use Specially Made Partitions

There are dish pack partition kits made of cardboard and specifically used to pack boxes and protect glassware and dishes. If your hire movers Portland Oregon, then keep sentimental pieces with you in your car at all times.

5. Ensure The Boxes are Properly Stacked

Once you hire moving company Portland, then make sure all your boxes are secured with packing tape to avoid items falling out and ensure that the glasses are not shaking around the boxes when in transit as this indicates that there is need for more protective padding.

Organizational Tips for an Upcoming Move

Organizational Tips for an Upcoming Move

Moving presents quite the organizational challenge ass it means packing up everything you own into a van only  to unpack it at the other end. As such it is a daunting stressful job but you can make it stress free and less tedious if you employ the use of some organizational tips.


1. Create a Moving Planner/Binder

Moving involves many intricacies and can include a lot of receipts and documents. A moving binder or planning also helps you make notes on the houses you toured in your house hunting days and when it comes to the actual move, you can keep the numbers of the mortgage people, moving-van people, handymen, realtors and rental agents and other contractors. Besides, a moving planner helps you keep track of your receipts and any decorating ideas that you are entertaining. In here, you can also make a list of the things you want to donate as well.

Finally, you can keep all your contact numbers for the utility companies including gas, electricity, and satellite, water and Sewerage Company, cable and internet, trash, security system and the phone company as well. With a moving binder it is a hassle free way of keeping track of everything you need for your upcoming move one place that’s easy to find. On top of all that, it is easy to hire movers in Portland OR whether full service movers or residential moving companies. Whichever the case, you will need to store the moving company Portland’s paperwork among other records, financial documents, moving checklists, receipts and contracts for a smooth move.

2. Ensure you have a Moving Checklist

The good thing is you can easily find a customizable moving checklist to download online that will help you as you can place all the tasks that are involved in the move and all the obligations and preparations you need to make. A moving checklist will help you manage this in an organized manner whether you are local moving Portland or are moving across states.

3. Pack the Biggest Items First

Put bulky items first in every room from the kitchen to the bedroom. You should start with the non-essential firsts such as the basement or the storage closet. Pack up your kitchen last as you are likely to continue using it up to the day of your move. To keep track of what you own, make a list of whatever belongings are in each box for easy location. Number the boxes and either tape the itemized list in the box or taped to the outside of it. You can go a step further and colour code your boxes with coloured labels according to room for easier unpacking.

4. Have a Moving Day Essentials Bag

In the moving day essentials bag, you can keep medications, extra clothes, important documents, toiletries, a tool kit, pet and baby essentials, bottled water, paper towels and trash bags, PC, etc. This will be your survival box for the first day and night in your new place.

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Moving Pros & Cons: Moving in a Short Period of Time

Planning to move on short notice? Perhaps you just got transferred to a new post. Moving to a new place on a short period of time might sound exciting but it certainly comes with its own fair share of challenges. The good news is that you can hire top notch moving companies in Portland on short notice. What is even better that these top-rated Portland movers will offer a turnkey moving solution. That means they will help you every step of the way, from packing to moving to unpacking.

Here are some tips for short notice move.

Ways to Avoid Moving Scams

Not all moving companies in Portland, Oregon (or any other place, for that matter) are created equal. Some are good, others are bad, and then there are the ugly ones, the fly-by-nights, and scammers who just want to make a quick buck. So, how can one tell good McMinnville movers from the bad?
In this short post, we are going to walk you through 8 ways you can use to sniff out moving scams.

1. Get Recommendations

The odds are that your friends, colleagues or relatives know a reputable full service moving company they’ve used before. So, get up to five recommendations from them before carrying out further investigation.

2. Ask Your Realtor for Recommendation

Another source of credible recommendation is your real estate agent. They often work with a number of curated Oregon movers, and they know which ones do a bang-up job. The trick is to get at least two recommendations so you can set a wider net.

3. Ask for References

Most reputable Oregon moving companies have no issue giving you’re the names of their past clients, as well as providing you with their contact info. Go a step further and contact these customers to see if they can vouch for the relocation company. If any of the clients found the moving company to be a scam – run, and run fast!

4. Check Registration and License

Commercial movers, especially interstate moving companies, are required to register with local authorities and to have a state-issued license. Ask for these credentials and crosscheck with the state database.

5. Ask for Insurance

All moving companies in Portland that are worth their salt are not only fully insured but also fully bonded for utmost protection to the customer.

6. Watch Out for Deceiving Rates

In the moving industry, the cliché that “you get what you pay for” has never been truer. If a full service moving company, especially one that you found online, offers what seems to be a ridiculously low rate, please look elsewhere. That’s always the number one surefire sign of a scam artist.

7. Check Accreditation

There are a handful of high-authority agencies that offer unbiased accreditation of Portland movers, including FAIM. More crucially, however, check that the Boring Movers are BBB-accredited. What’s their standing?

8. Watch Out for Deposit Scam

Good moving companies in Portland don’t ask for a large deposit, some even don’t require it at all. If anything, don’t pay a deposit in cash; instead, use a credit card which usually offers better protection against fraud.

How to Pack for Your Move

How to Pack for Your Move

Packing for an upcoming move is no picnic moving to a new place is stressful enough, if not downright daunting. If done right, packing can make you move enjoyable. In this blog, we shall walk you through 7 simple hacks that’ll help you pack for your move in a breeze.

1) Declutter you move

It may sound counterintuitive, but decluttering your home before a move can make packing smoother and hassle-free. It will help you to put your ducks in a row, as well as get a chance to get rid of items you no longer need. The rule of thumb is to sell, purge or donate items that you have not used in the past one year. Of course, don’t get rid of that vintage nightstand that you received from grandma.
Side Tip: Before you start packing or hire your top notch Portland OR movers, be sure to go through your closets and put aside things that you no longer need.

2) Sort Your Stuff by Category

Most people sort their belongings from room to room. That’s not going to speed up your packing. If you want to pack more efficiently sort by category…For instance, start by sorting your clothing, and pack them in their respective boxes before moving to the next category.

3) Hire a Sitter

If you have pets or children, you want to bring in a sitter who maintain and take care of them while you keep your focus on the packing process. Hiring a sitter is part of packing and moving 101.

4) Get Plenty of Packing Boxes and Materials

You’d hate to run out of tape, packing boxes or wrapping material. That is why you need purchase as many moving boxes as you can.
The same applies to other packing materials like bubble wrap, masking tape, Styrofoam, etc. The good thing is that you have your moving company in Portland to deliver all these materials for free or at a small fee.

5) Hire Labor Help

Packing alone is no fun, and can be exhausting. So, call in favors from your friends, neighbors and trusted colleagues. The good news is that great full service movers in Portland can offer packing help as part of their moving packages.

6) Call in Help If Possible

As they say, there is power in numbers. So, reach out to your trusted colleagues, friends and family to lighten the load for you.

7) Use Labels to make packing easy

Labeling your moving boxes and storage bins will make packing, loading and unpacking extremely easy. Besides, labels will help Portland local movers identify fragile items.

8) Use Smaller Boxes for heavy Items

Just ask commercial moving companies in Portland, and they will give you one advice: pack heavy items in smaller boxes. It makes it easy for movers in Portland OR to move them.