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Packing valuable items!

Packing valuable items! Things you have to remind yourself while packing


Moving isn’t as simple as the word moving is. Planing a move demands a lot of planning and work and stress is what you get in return. Moving to a new home can be an exciting feeling but going through isn’t exciting at all. It is a very time consuming job unless handled properly. You home is full of things like clothes, books, crockery, china stuff, electronics, kitchen stuff and equipment etc. Other than these, you have highly precious valuables that you don’t want to break or loose in the process of moving. Relocating and packing can all be done efficiently with a little moving help or hiring a moving company. But you need to keep in mind some of the important points for packing your valuable items for relocating.


There is a right way to pack stuff and then there is a wrong way to it as well. All you need to do is pick up a pen, market and a note pad to organize your self. Newspapers packing won’t help you this time. Valuables are called valuables because they are expensive and you feel for it. So take care of them. Why we asked you to grab a pen and a notepad because you need to create an inventory. Go room by room and pack stuff. This way you’ll be more organized and safe. Making an inventory will help you remember which item belongs to which room when you unpack. Also you can put a claim on anything lost. So your valuables are safe now.

 Use extra bubble wrap

The when you start packing you need the right boxes for every item. When you are putting stuff in the boxes make sure that the big and heavy stuff goes in the bottom so the small and lighter stuff can come on top of them. When wrapping the box with packing tape and ensure that the box is not over filled making the box to tear apart while moving. If you have any empty spaces within the box, never leave them empty or you’ll create room for the items inside it to move around. Once you are done with the filling and wrapping of the box, label it with the room where the items belong and also mention what type of items are inside.


Valuables can be glass, metal, electronics or appliances. For glass the best option is to use bubble wrap with the bubble side out. Newspapers will leave ink marks on your favorite china item. Metals are hard and susceptible to rust, so pack them together and separately from others, electronics need special care because they can be damaged from moisture and corrosion. When you pack electronics in bubble wrap, put in some desiccant packets. These help draw out the moisture.

Appliances need to be switched of properly and need time to rest before packing and moving. Like the refrigerator, you need to clean it up first and then leave the door a bit open for air circulation that will help in removing all the moisture. Once this is done, you can pack it and start moving.When everything is organized and packed in a proper way, nothing will be damaged or lost. But this is time consuming. Portland Movers Company is there to help you pack and move. Your valuables will be taken care of in the best way with you relaxed.


The company’s goal is to keep the customer as well as their stuff happy. Portland movers will take your entire moving burden on their head and handle your stuff with extreme care. Moving is made easier when you hire Portland Movers for this job.

Portland Movers Company

This is your local Portland moving company which offers full local services. Their main aim is to make sure that all their clients happy with the moving service they receive by providing top quality moving services on both any local and long distance move they do.

Aside from being professionals, their team of experts that go through training prior to starting. The movers are exceedingly careful, reliable whenever they are dispatched to a move, where you need their services, humble, polite and they handle the client’s possessions with a lot of care all the time. In addition to that, this company also provides their customers with affordable and reasonable charges along with direct moving quotes bringing the highest quality services ever.

Characteristics of their team of workers

  • Time conscious
  • In uniform
  • Highly experienced
  • Background check
  • Go through training

Besides the above, the moving help will take good care of all your belongings such as; walls, furniture’s, railings and floors. They are highly experienced in guarding your possessions without causing any harm. They do not only operate in Portland OR alone but also its neighboring towns in Washington and Oregon areas.

They are BBB certified among the top ranked moving companies within Portland metro area. Not only do they provide moving labor services to clients alone but also their family and neighbors, so maintaining excellence is vital to them as it’s to you.

They also provide full-service movers , this service comes with movers and truck. It all depends on with your belongings, but at least you will be provided with a truck which can sufficiently move all your household goods. And since they are after quality services, they try to offer you the most precise approximation for your move for that reason.

They aim at satisfying their community and neighbors so if you require moving assistance, then just give them a call and you will see them there. It’s not easy to find an efficient moving company with such affordable costs, and these are the key things you ought to consider in any moving process.

Aside from being insured and fully licensed, their mission is to provide their client realistic moving quotes with competitive rates and charges since moving are also costly so they must stay competitive.  It’s also crucial to get moving quotes from various moving companies that you will be able to compare the costs since the prices of all businesses are not the same.

Furthermore, there are some residential moving companies who are not trustworthy as in they can deceive by initially quoting lower prices but later on ask for additional pay after you sign the deal so be very keen when looking for a moving company.

Finally, honesty creates trust… don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have to feel comfortable hiring a moving company. Do thorough investigation before selecting the correct one. That’s why Portland Movers Company is the best choice for you because of their honesty and hope to earn their customers trust and hire them for any future move.

Best Portland Movers

Best Portland Movers Company in Oregon!

A Moving Company you can depend on!

Moving your possessions to a different location is indeed a hassle and can be very expensive. This is why finding the most exceptional moving company is crucial, and you don’t need to look further because we are qualified for such tasks.

Because not all Portland Movers Company LLC can move your belongings with care. When you use Portland Movers Company LLC, they will handle your possessions as if it were their own because what makes them who they are such excellent qualities. They will always ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied in each and every move they make.Quality service is important; Portland Movers strive to improve the service they provide due to Portland Movers services local and long distance moves. Due to continuing the move training and providing the quality work, Portland Movers continue to earn the trust of their customers. 

What makes them unique is not only that care on customers belongings but also professionalism. Just like in any other field, qualification is very important. All the staff in Portland Movers Company is highly skilled and experienced. So the guarantee is that your things are safe and secure with them.

Let’s talk about charges too. Portland movers care about the cost of moving, they will discuss everything openly with you, and they always make sure they fit your moving budget by communicating about the move with you.

Finally, trust. All their employees arrive in uniform; they also put on uniforms printed with the company’s logo on the uniform so you know that this is the company you hired when they arrive at the door. To enjoy the wide range of services that they offer, just contact them. You can do this online or via phone call.

Tips on notifying your customers of your business move!

Moving a company or office is very intimidating and may seem out of reach, but if you follow very simple steps then you will be on the right track on moving your business the right way!

Communicate your business move right away to your customers. Via website or podcast or even running a ad campaign, the more aware and informed your customers are about where you will be located and how to get a hold of your business, the more smoother the transition will be.

After the move do a forward address via USPS so your mail gets forwarded to the correct location after you business move. Update online listing about your move. The more important ones are Google.com, Bing.com, Yahoo.com. I like to suggest using a local mass update using Moz Local so all the sites get the same information update at the same time.

Using a mass mailing for an FYI we have moved or we are new to the neighborhood flyer so new people are aware of who you are and office relocation.

Host an event at the new location after the business move: there you can promote your business or even hand out flyers and cards.

Email. We hate spam but for those customers that are on your email list you can do a mass email update and update your customers about your business move via email.

I hope that helped you distress just a tad bit and keep your business run smoother with the proper business move tactics! Happy Moving!!