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Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is in the Air, here are some Spring-cleaning tips

Spring is fast approaching, which means that it will soon be that time of the year when you have to start thinking and planning for spring cleaning. Whether you love it or look forward to it with trepidation, there is no denying the power of a good spring cleaning. Having more clutter in your home means dealing with more stress. Furthermore, if you are prone to respiratory diseases and allergies, you will want to dust and clean every area of your home before spring rolls around. So, to help you do it properly, here are some spring-cleaning tips:

Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it

Go through every room in your home and decide which ones need the most work. Start with the rooms that will require thorough cleaning and have a plan or system that will keep you focused on the tasks that you have to handle.

Ensure that you get rid of clutter

Getting rid of clutter will not only make the cleaning process easier for you, but it will also ensure that you are organized throughout. You can declutter by organizing your closet to get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year, dusting all major surfaces, and finding items that you can either gift, throw away or recycle.

Clean all air ducts and HVAC

Check that your HVAC or air ducts have accumulated any dust or mold, dust or debris and get rid of it. If you are currently using an HVAC system that is 10 years old or more, you should definitely have it serviced or replaced. Regular maintenance will ensure that your system serves you for years to come and it will allow you to breathe in the fresh spring air without any difficulties.

Start cleaning from top to bottom

When cleaning, it is always better to start from the ceiling and work your way down. This will force the dust and debris downward and prevent you from having to reclean your entire space. If you have access to a vacuum with an extended hose, use it to clean hard to reach surfaces such as your ceilings and fans. After cleaning the top, you can then work on dusting your furniture and other items that contain dust.

Use green supplies

You want to start off your spring cleaning on the best note, so you should use green and organic cleaning products instead of chemical ones. There are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning supplies that you can use that will be much safer for you, your family and pets, as well as for the environment. You can also use essential ingredients that you may already have in your home such as lemon and vinegar to clean without necessarily breaking the bank.

Need Extra Cash? Moving Sale Tips & Tricks

Need Extra Cash? Moving Sale Tips & Tricks

If you are up for clearing some clutter before your big moving day, nothing could be better than selling items that you do not need. Not only will selling valuables that you do not need help you declutter and make extra space needed for moving Portland, but it will also make you some quick cash that can then help you to facilitate the move.

While you can always try selling some items online, you can also get rid of your unwanted items easily through a garage sale, particularly if you have a lot of possessions to get rid of. To help you make the most of your garage sale so as to make as much money as possible, here are some tips and tricks to help you make sales:

Clean and organize everything to be sold

You want to make your valuables as attractive and as clean as possible so as to attract as many buyers as you can. Take the time to make your items clean by wiping them down especially if you are looking to get rid of a lot of toys, home décor items, and furniture. Set aside a weekend to go through everything in your hose and be on the lookout for some valuables that can make you quick cash.

Price your items correctly

Pricing is vital at a sale as it can attract buyers or keep them away. If your prices are too high, you will have a difficult time offloading your goods. If the price is too low, alternatively, you may not be able to make any money at all. Therefore, try and do research online on sites such as Craigslist to determine what other similar items are being sold for. Additionally, you can also visit other garage sales in your area to see how other sellers are pricing their items.

Sell one-of-a-kind items online

If there are any items that you have in your possession, you will have a much better chance of selling them for a higher price or locating sellers online than in-person at a yard sale. Try hosting a virtual sale on social media or posting your items in specialty websites for art, antiques, furniture and so on a few weeks before the actual garage sale to see if some buyers will bite.

Pick a great location

For your garage or yard sale to be successful, it will need to be located in an accessible area that is centrally located. A good location should have plenty of parking space available as well as sufficient space so that you can display all the wares that you want to sell.

How to Find the Right Neighborhood

How to Find the Right Neighborhood

When looking for a house to live in, the neighborhood serves a critical role on the choice. Try thinking of a house as a marriage and the neighborhood as the in-laws. You could partly survive by avoiding the in-laws but a good house in a bad neighborhood simply will not do. Professional Portland movers will probably be well-equipped to provide you with a list of available properties but only you can narrow down on the right one. Here are tips for finding the right neighborhood;

Use the internet

The internet has a lot of information on vacant houses in different neighborhoods. You could start your search by looking for best cities for graduates, best neighborhoods for raising kids or where to live after your children have all left the nest. Websites that offer the best authentic reviews of neighborhoods are those that allow people to write their own opinion of living there. Airbnb and real estate websites of companies based in the area you desire to move to will give you a general feel of the neighborhood.

Visit… at different times

Some neighborhoods have a completely different atmosphere depending on the time of day, day of the week or even season of the year. You may find that parents park on the street on weekend to create playroom for their children over the weekend or traffic is diverted to your street during rush hour to ease congestion. Would it not be nice knowing such things before you engage Commercial movers Portland?

What are the schools like?

This is important if your kids are still of school going age. Find out the student population in the nearby schools, the ratio of students per teacher and general enrollment data. Websites such as Greatschools.org are a good source of information for reviews made by parents and students. You will also be able to find out the schools performance from such reviews.

Nature of daily commute

Regardless of how much the new house mesmerizes you and the neighbors flatter you, you will not like it there is the commute is a headache. Using Google Maps and GPS driving guides is the best way to gauge the nature of real-time traffic to and from the area. Do this during peak hours and then decide if you still want help for Moving Portland Oregon to live there or not. You are lucky if you can walk to where you want to go but you still need to study safety and walkability.


Researching neighborhoods seems like it is a lot of work because it really is. In the long run, when Portland local movers have left, you are finally settled and love everything about the house, you will be glad that you took the time to study all these aspects.




You have been thinking about moving for a while now and the day is finally here. Whether you opted for professional Movers Portland OR help in moving or had organized family and friends to do it, everybody is busy doing one thing or the other to ensure that the day is a success. There is however one aspect of a successful move that has not have crossed your mind, yet! How do you keep your home clean and organized after a move?

1. Clean the new house before you unpack

Thoroughly clean the house a day or two before the move to allow it to dry; you will be glad you did because you will be moving into a house that feels fresh from having all its nooks and crannies cleaned.

2. Settle the kids first

If you have kids, you already know how fussy they can get when their stuff is lying all around. Unpack their rooms first because it will give you the much-needed peace to work on the rest of the rooms.

3. Organize your first home cooked meal soon

Having a meal cooked in a new house makes it more comfortable and is an indication that you are home. To achieve this, keep your silverware and cookware in a place that is easily accessible and deliberately shop for groceries.

4. Arrange the big pieces first

If you have an idea of where the bed is going to face, which wall will host the television and which table occupies which corner of the room, you are almost done. Fitting in the tiny pieces will be a lot easier and faster.

5. Get rid of the clutter

As you arrange the shelves, cabinets, and spaces in the new home, consider getting rid of more items that do not fit into your new plan.

6. Embrace small gains

You are now living in a new space and want to keep it looking organized all the time. if you were used to doing all the dishes at once in your old house, it is time to switch to a higher frequency.

7. Have storage units in every room

You will have an easier time cleaning each room if you have extra storage to put away items that would otherwise attract negative attention… muddy shoes at the doorway?

8. Keep boxes in their labeled rooms

After the Portland movers have left, you will have no one to carry boxes around for you. Make sure you have all the boxes placed in their correct rooms.

9. Work systematically

You will feel better accomplished if you unpack room by room since you get a chance to clean up after the moving company Portland.

10. Hand every member an essentials box

For the first few days after moving, the worst that can happen to disorganize you is have all family members rummaging through the boxes looking for their essential items.

How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale before Moving

How to Plan a Successful Garage Sale before Moving

Moving is the best excuse for getting rid of junk. Hosting a garage sale will help you get rid of junk while also making some money that can cover the expenses of moving. Getting rid of stuff you no longer use, need or want also has the benefit of easier packing and unpacking and make your move cheaper due to the lighter load. Now that you have great reasons for holding a pre-move garage sale, the next thing is to plan beforehand so that you don’t scramble at the last minute and instead of successful garage dale, end up with a stressful affair of low sales. Here are excellent tips in hosting a successful garage sale before your move.

Host it at the Right Time

Timing is important when hosting a garage sale as you want as many people as possible to pass by and buy something. As such the last thing you should is host your sale in the winter. Late spring and early fall are the ideal seasons for a garage sale and ensure it is on a weekend starting on a Saturday and extending to Sunday if the sales are not too good on the first day. Ensure you startyour garage sale early especially in hot months as mornings are cooler then.

Organization is Key

  1. Creative Advertising

Check with local authorities regarding the regulations imposed and put up a sign on the roadside as well as adverts on social media to get the word out regarding your upcoming garage sale. This will draw interest and hence, attract a good crowd for better sales.

  1. Make an Inventory

An inventory of the stuff you want to get rid of before you even hire a moving company Oregon will help you figure out the amount of stuff you are getting rid off and what you are keeping which also helps you get a picture of the savings you will make when moving, once your garage saleis over. Sorting out stuff also helps you identify stuff that can’t be sold but can be donated or recycled.

  1. Set Up your Stuff

Ensure you have all the supplies you need to set up your stuff for sale. Use portable chairs and tables for placing items on top. You can use a garment rack for clothes you need to sell. Ensure that you have enough change to give out when someone needs some so get some small bills and coins before you start the sale. Also, ensure your prices are fair and your items are organized in terms of relative similarity such as clothes, books, electronics, furniture and decorations among other categories.

Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized After a Move

Ways to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized After a Move

When you move, everything is in boxes and can clutter your new home if you don’t sort it out quickly. Whether you have used commercial movers Portland who offer full service moving or you have paid only for the moving trip only, you still need to get fully unpacked and organized to ensure that you adjust to your new home much more easily and move on with life at your new place. That said, unpacking can be such a headache and a few tips to help speed up the process and make it easy to get organized after your move.

Clean the Essentials

While you can clean the house top to bottom, it however would take time. Therefore, instead of doing all that while fatigued after your move,concentrate on cleaning the most important things which are the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom and toilet especially the bathtub, the stove in and out and the washing machine as you will start using these essentials almost immediately you are in your new house.

Start Unpacking

Whether you are using residential moving companies that also offer unloading help, you can also make unpacking easier by placing the boxes holding stuff for each room in the rooms themselves. If you have a box of utensils, placing it in the kitchen will make unpacking easier. For movers, mark the rooms so that they can drop the relevant boxes in their correct rooms. Start by unpacking your bathroom and bedroom items after cleaning and make the bed. Moving is a tiring exercise and if you unpack for these rooms first, then at least you will be able to freshen up and sleep in comfort before unpacking for the rest of the rooms in the next day.

Use the Room-by-Room Strategy

For a more organized look, unpack each room by itself and as you empty the packing boxes unpack the boxes and put them in a bigger box with the packing pa[per as well to make it easier to organize. For boxes that don’t need unpacking such as holiday decorations, taking them to the storage area will help speed up the process of unpacking.

Finish Up with Furniture and Appliances

Once you are done unpacking the essential rooms, you can wind up by setting up furniture in the living room and dining room. The living room can offer distraction delights such as your TV and games and hence, dealing with it after you are done with the rest of the house is not only more productive but also offers a reward after the work you’ve put in. Organize the electric cord s and go ahead and enjoy an organized new home!

How much to tip your movers

How much to tip your movers

It’s customary to tip your movers for a job well-done. Granted that movers are part of the service industry, this comes as no big surprise. After all, these are professionals whom you entrust some of your precious and prized belongings. And the good thing is that most local movers in Portland go above and beyond to make sure that your move is as smooth as possible.

Whether you need to hire labor help, loading help, packers, or a full service moving company, it’s only prudent to give them a little tip as a thank you. Some people will give a tip of $10, while others will go up to $50.

When to Tips Movers

We must make something clear right off the bat: you are not required to tip your movers. In fact, most local movers in Portland don’t expect a tip, but tipping is a great way of expressing your gratitude when your mover does a bang-up job. More often than not, the rule-of-thumb is to tip the movers individually and not the owner, supervisor or foreman. This way, if you think one or more movers did an impeccable job compared to others, you might want to tip them accordingly.

With that, most people tip movers when they feel that they went out of the way to meet or surpass their expectations. Here are a few examples in which tipping your local Oregon movers might sound like a good idea:

  • If your movers worked odd hours or through the hoops like winding stairs just to get things done
  • If your movers finished the packing, loading, unloading or the entire move well ahead of the estimated time.
  • If they moved a significant number of bulky, heavy or oddly shaped furniture, particularly if the move involved long walks, stairs or other hurdles.
  • If they loaded your belongings into a truck when it seemed impossible in the first place
  • When they take care of your fragile items without breaking or damaging them


So, How Much Should You Tip Your Movers?

There’s no exact amount or rate when it comes to tipping your Milwaukie movers (or any other movers, for that matter). However, the ballpark is often between 5 percent of the total moving bill and $20 per mover. If the movers worked 12 hours or longer on your move, $40 per person is fair game.


Other Ways to Tip Movers

Most Portland movers are more than happy to settle for alternatives to cash. Talk about full-on lunch, cold drinks/water, or pizza … your options are limitless.


How a Garage Sale Will Help Your Move

How a Garage Sale Will Help Your Move

Moving provides you with a great opportunity to get rid of stuff you no longer find useful. But, what might seem like thrash to you, can be a gem to someone else. That’s why holding a yard or garage sale is a no-brainer before you move.

Benefits of a Yard Sale before Moving

Having a garage sale can help your move in a myriad of ways:

Raise Money for the Move

Moving in and of itself can be a costly affair. Just request a free moving quote from your local moving company and see for yourself. If you are like most people, the chances are that you will need to hire a full service moving company or at least rent a moving truck. The whole process can set you back $1,000 or even more.

With that said, a garage sale can help you rake in a few bucks to offset some of these moving costs. If you have high-quality items that buyers can find worthy, however, you will probably make top dollar, a decent amount to cover the cost of the whole move and then some.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Nothing can make a move unbearable quite like hauling items that you no longer need or want. You will need to shed more money to get packing assistance, more packing boxes, and a larger moving truck. No matter how you look at it, you need to eliminate items you no longer find useful before you move.

As a rule of thumb, items that you haven’t used in the past 12 months should go. However, don’t throw away or sell precious items like vintage lampshades, vases, etc. These offer timeless sentimental value.

Reduce Moving Costs

Again, a garage sale can help you reduce your load, which, in turn, can significantly lessen the cost of moving. After all, all moving companies in Portland calculate their rates based on the weight of your belongings.

Garage Sale Tips when Moving

Hosting a wildly successful yard sale is no picnic. Try these proven tips:

  • Inquire from Local Authorities: you probably don’t need a permit to hold a garage sale, but just to be on the safe side, check with HOA or folks at city hall.
  • Set the price right: don’t let the buyers dictate the sale; set base selling prices to get more money for your stuff.
  • Prepare beforehand: clean or dust off some items and get them looking decent before the yard sale. More importantly, prepare an ad or flyer to get the word out about your upcoming garage sale.

Moving Estimate vs. Quote? What’s The Difference?

Moving Estimate vs. Quote? What’s The Difference?

So, you’re looking to hire a moving company. You’ve invited a few reputable Portland local movers to conduct a thorough survey of your house and your belongings. Your move is looking good. But did you know there are different types of proposed moving fees/ pricing?

It’s paramount that you know the difference between moving estimates and quotes, and know which works best for your move.

Moving Estimate

A non-binding moving estimate is widely used for long-distance or interstate moves. It implies that the price the movers presented to you is the proposed cost for your move. It’s often provided to customers so that they anticipate the total cost, choose the best company, and draft a moving budget.

At no point should this price be construed as the guaranteed or contracted price. It’s just what the moving company in Portland thinks the move will cost you. In principle, the final price – what you’ll actually pay – will depend on the actual weight of your stuff and inventory.

Therefore, if the actual services become more than the estimate, then you will pay more than the estimated price. If the actual services/weight end up totaling a little less than the estimate you received, then you will end up paying a little less than the estimated price. It’s that straightforward.

Naturally, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for the lowest price, a moving estimate is your best shot, as your final price can potentially be much lower than the estimated price. It’s not always the case, though.

How are moving estimates calculated? Good question. You see, most interstate prices are delivered in the form of a non-binding moving estimate. And they are calculated based on the number of packing materials and the weight of your stuff. The movers often estimate the total weight of your move based on the inventory. Once the truck is loaded, however, the actual weight can be determined. Same goes for the packing materials.


Also called binding estimate, a quote implies that you’ll pay what the moving company presents to you, regardless of whether the actual weight ends up being more or less than the estimated weight.

The beauty of a quote is that the transportation price is contracted and guaranteed. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay, making budgeting and planning effortless.

However, Portland local movers have the right to revise, turn it into a moving estimate, or reject the quote altogether if they feel that there are more items to load and unload than the inventory.

Indispensable Tips on Moving During the Holidays

Indispensable Tips on Moving During the Holidays

The holiday season is quite a hectic time of the year. You have to make time for shopping for gifts, putting up holiday decorations, and visiting friends & family. It’s safe to say moving during the holidays can be stressful, if not downright overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we have got some holiday moving tips up our sleeves. Keep reading to make your holiday move a breeze!


Professional organizers recommend that you get rid of all the junk from your house as soon as you plan to move. It’s not rocket science. The more unnecessary things you remove from your place, the fewer the items you’ll have to pack. According to expert Portland movers, anything that has not been used for the past twelve months should go. Doing a thorough purging of all items you don’t need can do wonders for the ease and efficiency of your packing.

Draw Up a Moving Checklist

The beauty of a moving checklist is that it ensures that you make a smooth and organized move. It will act as a reminder for you to do everything correctly. Clear the driveway, check. Buy boxes, check. Hire the right Portland local movers, check. Do you catch my drift? The value of working off a moving checklist to a winter move is absolute.

Buy Enough Boxes

The last thing you want is to rush to a home improvement store for more boxes at the last minute. If you think you need 20 boxes, for example, it’s best to get 25. Trust me; it can save you plenty of headaches.

You can always snag good deals on moving boxes. Heck, you can get them for free. Check out our earlier post here on where you can garner moving boxes for free!

Start Packing Early

It’s crucial that you start packing several weeks before the moving date. You can use your garage as the central packing spot. Go from room to room, picking essential items and decluttering.

Map the Route in Advance

Whether you are moving across the street, to a neighboring town, or out of state, it pays to know the best travel route. Without this, you can end up in a gridlock of traffic, and delay your move-in day.

Hire Professional Moving Company

Hire the best Portland local movers to make your holiday move easy. Read online reviews and get recommendations to hire the right moving company in Portland. Get a few references too. They will help you ascertain credibility and reliability of the said moving company in Portland OR. Even better, you can hire full-service movers to help you with everything, including packing.