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Moving With Kids Tips: Your Guide For A Smooth Move With Children

Moving is already a stressful affair but moving with kids? You can say hello to insanity. When moving with kids, it is all too easy to shift from an exciting process to a nightmarish hell because between dealing with paperwork, packing and unpacking, hauling, adjusting to the new environment etc. things can get out of hand pretty quickly. First off, you need to tell your kids about the move as this will affect them, they will have to leave their friends and familiar environment behind and hence, telling them in advance will help them adjust to the move as early as possible.

It is going to be hectic and be sure to expect quite a few tantrums, but all in all, it is way better than uprooting them without notice. Relocating to Portland with kids is also easier if you choose to hire moving company Portland to make the move easier. And according to our very own little tips, here is how to ease the process when you are moving with kids:

Plan around the School Year

Liaise with your Portland local movers to help you book a time that is most suitable. This should take into consideration your kid’s school year as you want to be as less disruptive as possible and to get them settled in before they can start in their new school. Thus, this requires careful planning and hence takes your time to plan the process with your moving company and your realtor and have realistic deadlines to help you with a smoother move.

Create a Team Mentality

Getting your kids involved in the move is important as they will be much more welcome to it and have an easier time adjusting. Include them in the decision-making process allowing them to have some say in the things they can take. Remind them about the move and talk about it in a positive light. This will bring them on board and help them look forward to a new house, neighborhood and school. Besides, encouraging team mentality by involving in moving activities such as sorting through their belongings will also help them gain a positive attitude towards the move.

Visit New Schools

Coordinate with your movers Portland or realtor and the new schools to provide you with information that can help you visit the school in advance for a tour as this will give them an opportunity to get excited as well as have an idea of what extra-curricular activities they may want to get involved in.

Invite Their Friends for a Sleepover

Having a sleepover with their friends will help your kids say goodbye and give them time to share their excitement and worries as well as ways to stay in touch with their old friends.

Declutter Before Your Move: 5 Tips to Lighten Your Load

Let’s face it; there’s a ton of stuff in your house that you haven’t used for ages. But they’ll cost you extra charges when your Portland movers stumble upon a pile of unused junk in the back of your garage.

This is where decluttering will come in especially handy. It’ll help lighten your load, take a little pinch out of the move, and save you trouble in the long run. Here’s how to declutter like a pro to make your move more hassle-free.

Have a strategic plan

You need a plan of attack, so you can declutter every nook and cranny in your home. Most people choose to sift through their belongings from room to room, starting with non-essential spots like the garage, game room, or attic.

You can also declutter based on the category of items — for example, you can start with clothes or toys then move on to appliances. The idea is to separate out stuff that you’ll keep and what you no longer need. If you’ve too many belongings or don’t have the time, you can bring in full-service movers in Portland to help.

Undecided what to purge?

The general rule of thumb is to purge anything that you haven’t used for the past 12 months or don’t plan to use in a year. You know that ugly sweater you haven’t worn in a decade, dated blender you never use, or broken toys.

However, there are certain belongings you should never throw away no matter what, such as emergency supplies, heirloom furniture, family photos, handwritten notes, and important documents.

Sort your de-cluttered stuff

Once you’ve picked out things you won’t keep, separate them into three categories: the thrash pile (can’t be recycled or repurposed), donation pile (stuff to give away), and recycle pile (electronics, appliances, etc.)

Sort as you continue decluttering, creating additional categories or piles as needed. For instance, you can have an extra pile of stuff you plan to sell.

Organize a yard or garage sale

If you’ve got time to organize a garage or yard sale, then it’s a fantastic way to pony up a few extra bucks that may help defray some of the moving costs. If you do it correctly, yard sale may foot part or whole of the bill of hiring a moving company in Portland. Craigslist and eBay are two other viable avenues.

Set Goals

Are you planning to half the size of stuff in your garage? Or get rid of two-thirds of your old furniture? No matter what it’s, it helps to set clear goals and use rewards, so you can stay focused on the prize. Remember, you can always hire full-service movers in Portland to move things along faster.

Tips on How to Recycle Moving Supplies After Your Move

Tips on How to Recycle Moving Supplies After Your Move

It is almost guaranteed that you will move houses twice or thrice in a lifetime; after getting married, and then to a bigger house as more kids come, and finally to your permanent purchased or built home. But you may have to move more frequently because of your job or other factors. While moving may not be a yearly event, it makes sense to recycle moving supplies for cost-effectiveness and also as an environmental conservation effort. While moving companies in Portland will provide some of the supplies as part of the contract, it is cheaper and more convenient to have your own.

What moving supplies can you recycle?

  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard packing boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Newspaper
  • Napkins that are used to cushion utensils

You should sort out long and short durability supplies. Cardboard boxes that come with electronics such as the TV or the fridge should not be disposed of. There are those that you buy from the bookstore, which you can keep for using the next time. But things like newspapers, napkins and biodegradable packing peanuts.  What can you do with these moving supplies after moving?

#1 Reuse

Cardboard is a durable material that can last for years when properly stored. Avoid storing cardboard packing boxes in damp storage or outdoors. They will be good enough to last until your next move.

#2 Repurpose

You can put these supplies to other uses. Large packing boxes can function containers for dirty clothes in the bedroom. Smaller boxes can be used to make playthings for kids such as mazes, castles and car toys. Newspapers and napkins can be used to light fires if you need to make outdoor fires.

#3 Give them away

You can ask your Portland movers to take away the boxes for their next customer. This can be deducted for a few dollars if you have the haggling skills. You can also post on the local notice board for anyone who needs moving supplies to take them away.

You can do a few other things with used moving supplies;

  • Bubble wrap is a good stress reliever. Take a few square meters to keep your hands active on a Netflix binge
  • Biodegradable peanuts make good drainage material for potted plants. Avoid using Styrofoam non-degradable packing peanuts for this.
  • Use medium-sized cardboard boxes for composting. They will also degrade in the process, giving new life to your potted plants.

It is important to recycle moving supplies as your contribution to environmental conservation. It can also save you a few bucks.


Tips to Avoid Wasting Food When Moving Out

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Tips to Avoid Wasting Food When Moving Out

Many people will automatically toss everything in their fridge when moving, and mark it as another way of reducing the hassle. But throwing away good food is imprudent and inconsiderate of the less fortunate and the environment at large. It would also make financial sense to save on food, especially for a large family.  Dealing with food items can be a bit problematic because you have to pack differently for frozen, packed, perishable, not-so-perishable and dry foods. Different moving companies in Portland have different policies on carrying perishable items, so you should ask. What can you do to avoid wasting food when moving out?

Take stock:

What do you have on the kitchen shelves and in the fridge? First, toss out any expired foods before anything else. Categorize your food stocks to give you a plan on how to deal with the inventory;

  • Perishable foods – This includes frozen foods like ice-cream, seafood, and meat, and refrigerated foods like eggs, vegetables, and milk
  • Canned foods – These could be refrigerated or on the shelf including canned meats, soups, and vegetables
  • Liquids including beverages, alcohol, cooking oil, sauces, and dressings
  • Imperishable boxed foods including cereals, sugar, salt, grains, and snacks

Make a meal plan:

What moving date have you arranged with your Portland movers? Take note of this and make meal plans that should be heavy on perishable foods. Assume that you do not have access to a grocery store and work with what you have. You can look up menus and recipes on the internet to help you work with what you have.

Have a farewell party:

Why waste good food when you could have a bit of fun with your friends and neighbors even as you leave? Organize a party and focus on clearing out your shelves and the fridge, when planning the meals and drinks


There are instances when it is not plausible to carry your food, for instance, when moving across the country. Every cubic inch cost you, so it is more sensible to donate the food and avoid the costs.  Look for the nearest soup kitchen, aged home, or children’s orphanage and make a food donation.

Eat on your moving day:

There is a lot of activity on moving day and lots of expended energy. You can cook a meal the day before and pack it in disposables. Invite the moving crew for a meal after the loading is done. Carry snacks and have refreshments if it is a medium to the long haul. You should also consider foods that can be prepared as a quick first meal as everyone will be tired and hungry after the frenetic activities of unloading and settling in the new home.


Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Relocating to a new home can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. As a result, most people in Portland find themselves debating on whether to opt for a DIY option or hire professional moving companies in Portland for the job. Whilst a DIY move gives you total control over the whole moving process, and saves money, doing it yourself can potentially end up being more complicated than when working with reputable full-service movers. “5 Benefits of hiring professional movers are

Guaranteed Safety

Using professional Portland moving companies is one way of safeguarding the safety of your belongings and family. All certified and fully licensed residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland are well trained and equipped with the right equipment for safe moving. Some of the equipment professionals’ have are ridiculously expensive making them difficult for individuals to afford.

Insured, certified and experienced

All genuine Portland movers are fully licensed and insured. Using such professional Portland local movers can be advantageous when moving. For starters, the safety of your stuff is guaranteed. In an event of any damages or breaking, you’ll not be left without compensation. Secondly; you’ll enjoy an abundance of peace of mind knowing your valuables are insured. With their vast experience in moving, you can count on professional Oregon movers to get the job done without damages.

Stress-Free moving experience

Moving companies in Portland have a reputation for being highly-experienced and disciplined. There is no reason whatsoever to do it yourself when you can easily hire movers in Portland to do it for you professionally. Furthermore, packing and unpacking can be a stressful experience for you. All you have to do to enjoy a stress-free moving experience is to hire the right local moving Portland Company.

Affordable service

Hiring full-service movers is nowadays very affordable. For best deals, it is imperative to consider comparing quotes from various Portland local movers. Interestingly; Movers Portland offers high-quality moving services at competitively straight forward estimates depending on the distance you want to be covered. Why trouble yourself when you can just part with a few dollars for the job to be done professionally?

Better storage facilities

Professional Portland movers have better, flexible storage facilities where you can be offered short term, long-term or even overnight storage service at additional charges. With such arrangements, you can go about your business knowing that your valuables are well protected and safe.


Evidently, hiring professional movers is more advantageous as compared to a DIY move.  

How to budget for your Move

How to budget for your Move

A budget is crucial in every cost or finance function in your life. When moving you must plan or you will mess your finances and put yourself and family in unexpected financial turmoil.

The thought of budgeting should not put you off, follow the next steps and you’ll get to your new home solvent and beaming.

Create a Moving Checklist

You can use free online moving checklists or develop yours. List down all your moving requirements in order of priority and tabulate the information in excel or a bookkeeper’s record book. Ensure you recheck to establish if there is anything skipped.

Seek moving estimates from Moving Companies

Enquire from more than one moving company and jot down all their moving costs. Make a breakdown of the moving costs from each company. Remember to include insurance fees, commissions, claims and damage costs, professional packing and unpacking fees, and any additional charges. Compare the costs and include the costs of your preferred moving company in your tabulations.

Analyze Personal Moving Costs

You can opt to move on your own. If so, analyze the costs of truck hire, fuel costs, insurance, labor costs, and any uncertainties. 

You can further compare the professional moving costs with the cost you’re likely to incur if you move on your own.

Take into Account Your Own and Family Transport Costs

Moving your home items is your priority, but you should not overlook budgeting for the personal and family moving costs. You will need to fuel your car, take meals along the way, book lodgings in case you’re moving far, and perhaps seek pet moving services. Include all the applicable personal costs in your moving budget. 

Don’t Forget to Include Packaging Costs

To ensure safe movement of your items, budget for adequate and strong moving boxes, wrapping materials, paddings and moving insurance fees. You can check with your moving company to establish what packaging services they provide to avoid redundant budgeting.

Include Home Selling and Rental Vacation Costs

You’ll likely sell your old house through an agent. Remember to budget for agent’s commission, selling, advertising and repair costs. If you lived in a rental ensure no hiccups when clearing with your landlord. You could lose your deposit by not giving adequate notice.

New Home Costs

Include the costs of buying the new homelike. Agents’ commissions, taxes, insurance, interior decor and cleaning fees. If you’re renting the new home include all rental costs. To avoid cash shortfalls, budget for miscellaneous costs. 

Analyze the costs, tabulate and add a considerable percentage to cater for uncertainties.



Tips on how to prep for an Out-Of-State Move

Tips on how to prep for an Out-Of-State Move

Despite the many positives of moving out of state, your mind never focuses on them until you get there. The reason; the riveting thoughts of moving your property. Your mind is so engrossed until you finger out how to move. 

Well, you need not wallow in stress or spend ages planning your move. Just, tag along with our eye-opening tips on how to prepare for an out-of-state move.

Research about your New State

A move into a new city can pose a bunch of problems if you had not done your homework well.

For seamless entry, collect as much info as possible about the city. Look for restaurant suggestions, malls, fresh food sources, schools, and social activities to help you acclimatize. 

You can visit your expected hometown and ask locals about the area’s challenges, lifestyles, and living standards. Also, do some window shopping to check the pricing of housing items, the info might help you when preparing a moving budget.

Find a New Home 

If you haven’t found a home, enlist a local housing agent to guide you with rentals or home search. An agent has ample information about property market trends and might help you hit your ideal house fast. Ensure you scour the internet and ask locals about the right housing agent.

Source for a Moving Company

It’s crucial to find the right moving company. Be specific and search for an interstate moving company to avoid any hiccups. Ask around for referrals and seek recommendations, analyze several companies and compare their costs before settling on one. Also remember to check if they meet legal requirements, licensure guidelines and insurance. 

Make an Inventory 

First, declutter and get rid of items you cannot move with, compare the costs of moving and new items. Sell or donate all the items you find less useful before inventorying the items you’ll move.

Start Packing 

Start packing as early as possible and source for durable packing boxes. Separate jewels, heirlooms, delicate equipment, and confidential documents from other packs. You might need special moving services for the items. 

Ensure you pack vital identification information in separate folders. These include school records, social security cards, insurance cards, birth certs, employment records etc.

Update Addresses 

Visit the local post office or go online and update your information. Cancel current subscriptions and share out your updated addresses to friends and families.

Update Utility Providers 

Contact your current state utility provider offices and inform them of your moving plan. Furnish them with moving dates and ensure they clear with you before moving.

Ways to prepare for a day of the heavy lifting

Ways to prepare for a day of the heavy lifting

When you’re preparing to move, you must plan well. Remember, you’re set for a physical, emotional, financial and a mental exercise. Besides, moving comes with heavy lifting which nobody fancies.

Heavy lifting requires ample preparation, tact and the right equipment to pack, load and offload the heavy items. Lest you take caution and prepare the right way, you might destroy items or injure yourself. So, how do you prepare for a day of heavy lifting?

Pack on Time

Packing itself is a strenuous exercise. To avoid the last-minute rush, start packing the items at least a week prior to moving. Separate all the brittle items and find a professional way of packing them. Make an inventory of all the heavy items when packing to know what kind of preparation and equipment you’ll require.

Besides, during the inventory, you might find items that you no longer use and moving with them might be unnecessary and costly. The best way forward is to donate or sell to reduce your moving load.

Look for the Right Equipment

Moving heavy items and packages in and out of the house is daunting. Finding the right equipment to simplify the task can be the best idea. While moving the equipment, you also must avoid scratching the floor and wall paints. Meaning you might need rolling blankets, moving dollies, floor protectors, seat covers or hand tracks to ensure seamless moving. You can consult reliable moving companies for the right equipment. If you’re moving on your own, you can rent the moving equipment.

Seek Packing and Moving Help

If you have friends or relatives who can stand by you when moving, great. You can request them to help you during and after moving. If not, you might need to source for a professional moving company. The beauty of enlisting a moving company is you only must supervise the movement or better companies can take over all the moving and set you free from the lifting.

Eat Healthy and Psyche Yourself Up

You must be at your best mental and physical shape when moving. Ensure your diet is top-level, take sufficient water, when moving in the summer. On a moving day, ensure you prepare meals on time and pack some snacks to munch on your way.

Not to forget, when moving, find the right clothing. You can get gloves to protect your hands and use overalls to protect your body. Also, note when lifting items avoid bending your waist to avoid back injuries. Instead, use your core or bend from the knees.


What you need to know about Fall Moving

What you need to know about Fall Moving

It is hard moving during winter, and the scorching sun of summer doesn’t do you any favors. But have you thought of fall moving? The awesome weather makes the season a favorite for many people. But is the season right for people planning to move?

Let’s jump into the things you need to know about fall moving before you move.

Better Pricing:

During fall and winter, few people demand moving services. And it’s because of the schooling season in fall and the bad weather during winter. Many people prefer moving during summer times thus influence moving company’s services demand. The low demand for moving services causes a drop in prices during fall.

Shorter Days Mean You Should Start Moving Early:

During winter and the fall seasons, the days are shorter compared to the nights. Meaning, you must plan your moving times well or ask the moving company to take into consideration sun setting times. A slight delay and you’ll move at the wrong time.

Pathways Might Get Slippery:

As trees shade, pathways pack with slippery leaves and twigs. Ensure cleanliness of your old and new home pathways for the safety of the movers. A slip can lead to injury or breakage of items. Also, when loading and offloading items from and into the new house, ensure dryness of the floors.

Cool Weather:

The daunting nature of moving does not fit in with scorching weathers. Again when it’s winter, the roads might get ice packed and unsafe for movement. It is therefore convenient to move during fall to avoid drastic weather changes like wind and hail storms.

It’s still the Schooling Period:

Moving during the fall is amazing. But if you have schooling children, moving will be difficult since they’d still be going to school. Thus, you must find them a new school beforehand and help with their transitioning. You’ll, therefore, have to plan well.

If possible, you can ask for learning materials beforehand to inculcate your kids with the ideals of the new school. You also must contact the old school and inform them of your plans or else they might assume you have ulterior motives of disrupting your kids learning.

You Can Clinch the Best Mover in Town:

Most people prefer summers for moving, meaning fall often has many moving companies under-worked. You can take advantage of the season, to look for the best moving company at your ideal price. You also need not make an early booking, you can dally with time while searching for the best moving company.

Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Office moves, like residential moving, can be just as stressful and challenging, if not more. There are always more electronics and bulkier furniture to be relocated during an office move; and when there is an entire office building to be emptied, the logistics of moving to a new office can be made all the more complicated.

Office relocations are a lot of work regardless of whether it is a large or small office to be moved. A poorly managed moving process can turn an otherwise manageable situation to spiral out of control, which is the last thing any business wants when there are clients and employees involved. So how do you make an office relocation effortless? Here are some tips for when you are moving to a new office space:

Start planning as early as possible

Before you start moving, you should give yourself plenty of time to prepare for your move. Give yourself and your employees at least 3 to 4 months to put everything together. This should also give you plenty of time to decide what needs to be moved, thrown away, donated or sold because you certainly will not need everything to come with you. Planning early in advance will help you avoid potential problems as well as help to keep your employees in the loop so that they can also prepare in their own way

Charge someone with the responsibility of organizing everything

To make sure that you move to your new office space without any hiccups, appoint someone to act as the move manager or point person that will coordinate all the critical aspects of the move. This person will be in charge of following up on each item on your moving checklist ensuring that it is handled and he or she will be responsible for researching local Moving Portland companies or commercial movers Portland that will handle the task of moving your business to a new office space.

Hire the best moving companies

You will no doubt come across a range of moving companies in Portland to facilitate your move, but you should know that not all movers Portland Oregon are created equal. The best movers Portland Oregon should be affordable and well-reviewed so that your move can be effortless.

The right local Moving Portland company should also have access to the right equipment to be able to transport your electronics safely. If your budget allows it, you should definitely invest in full-service movers that will do all the packing for you as well as the unpacking and organizing when you get to your new office destination.