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Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Tips for Keep Your New Home Clean and Organized After Residential Move

Have you just moved to your dream home but feel that it just does not come out the way you imagined? This happens especially in a big home, and the first few days or weeks when you haven’t quite figured out what stays where. But how you unpack plays a big part in how the house looks. You must get it right from the beginning of your stay in the new home.

Here are a few tips that will give you the look you desired in your new home and keep your home clean & organized after a move:

1 Finish unpacking:

Do not leave items in their boxes longer than necessary.  Ensure that all boxes have been emptied by the 2nd day.

2 Follow your labeling:

Labeling boxes and items by their room is a basic organizational task when moving. Take boxes to their respective rooms and ensure items are exactly where they should be in every room.

3 Do a second purge:

If there is a newer and more useful item in your new home, why keep the old one? Get rid of what you don’t need.

4 Get more muscle:

It doesn’t hurt to get assistance if you need it. You can retain your Residential movers for a few more dollars.

5 Function before beauty:

Place items where they are of use first before worrying about how they look. Perfection can come later.

6 Clean as you unpack:

Do not place items on dusty shelves or floors. Also do not place items when they are dirty. Dust and wipe as you go along. It saves you more effort in the future.

7 Mark any damage:

Moving is stressful for the furniture as well. Mark what has been dinged and dented and make a to-do repair list for these items.

8 Plan for large items:

Plan for large sofas, the fridge, cupboards and other big items such that you open up space for other items while minimizing chances that you will need to move these large items again. 

9 Check that everything is working:

Ideally, you should do a thorough inspection of the home before moving in, but if the relocation service is done after a long time, do another inspection and mark anything broken.

10 Fix the utilities:

Have the utilities reconnected as soon as everything is in place?  Make an emergency plan for fire as well.

11 Final touches:

Do the first deep clean to give the new home your personal touch and work on all little organization details you need to make it your personal space.

12 Have a party:

Invite friends and neighbors for a house warming party to see your new beautiful home.


How to keep home organized after a residential move

How to keep home organized after a residential move

There is no doubt about it; moving is a very stressful process. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the mere thought of moving, you are not the only one. However, it is possible to keep home organized the period before, during and after a move. It only takes a bit of strategy and planning for you to enjoy the process; at least have some peace of mind while doing it. For most people, the bulk of the planning goes into packing before the move. What about after the Oregon movers have left? It is possible to maintain cleanliness at the new premises and even have it organized days, weeks and even months after a move. Here are some tips to keep in mind;

Get rid of the clutter

It does not matter how much clutter you got rid of at the time of packing before a move. It is the papers, toys, clothes and boxes that you no longer have any use for that make up for new clutter. Get into the habit of putting things back in their spot after use and getting rid of stuff you no longer want.

Take time to unpack

If you can take time off your regular routine, that’s great. Otherwise, do not be in a rush to finish with unpacking. Depending on how much time you have at a time, purpose to finish unpacking a load or entire room. It is quite fulfilling watching how your new spaces transform with your belongings in there.

First things first –

You just waved off the residential movers but no one is in the mood to start unpacking just yet. No worry because you do not have to. Actually, if you can just set up a functional kitchen, sleeping area, and know where your change of clothes is you are good to go. You will adjust better to the move if you can blend into the new space on your terms.

Create a cleaning schedule you will stick to –

The best and sure way to keep the new house organized is to plan on how to keep it that way. How about you list all the chores that need to be done to maintain the cleanliness of the house? You can then go ahead and allocate specific days to do them. If you remain focused, you will gradually fall into a routine that will keep your new home sparkling and looking great all the time.

Have you ever walked into a house that looks like it has been plucked off a magazine? It takes effort and discipline to get there and you can do it too.

What to Budget for When Moving Out: Moving Budget Checklist

What to Budget for When Moving Out: Moving Budget Checklist

Whether you are moving out from your parent’s house or relocating to a new address, you will need money for the process. Moving expenses can easily pile up on the day of moving and if you are not well prepared, it is easy to get stranded halfway. It is important to carefully think about what needs to be paid for, bought or replaced before the actual day arrives. If you are thinking of a DIY move to cut costs, you might be successful to some extent. If you are moving across the street from where you currently live, you can organize a barbeque for friends and relative who assists during the move; this will save you lots of money on Portland moving help. Regardless of the distance of the move, these are the standard expenses you must factor into your budget;

Moving help:

Many people prefer moving with professional residential moving companies for their reliability and professionalism. Before you include this cost in your budget, get a service quotation from various Portland local movers. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family. Even though your focus is on spending as little as possible, consider the performance records for each of the mover you are considering.

Moving supplies

It is easy to overlook the many supplies you need for a successful move. A few carton boxes and a roll of tape might not cost much but what if you require a huge pile of boxes and several rolls of tape? Add permanent markers, labels, and padding to the list of what you need and you end up spending a significant amount. Go high on the estimates but focus on bringing the cost down by using old newspapers as padding and borrow boxes from close contacts.

Utilities connection and security:

All you need to disconnect use of current utilities is to stop using them. You however need to have money to pay as connection or deposit charges for utilities to be established in the new premises. Take note of clauses in your current tenant agreement that hold you liable to damages not covered by the deposit money.

Cleaning services:

Vacated property in many cases requires to be cleaned thoroughly. Some people will reduce the size of their budget by doing the cleaning on their own or hiring random help. If you are cleaning because it is part of the tenant agreement, better have a professional do it. There are many in Portland and are willing to offer a bargain.

Food, gas and lodging:

How far from your current location are you moving to? The further it is, the more likely it is that you will spend a few nights in a hotel. Budget for and make reservations early to avoid delays and disappointments.

Hidden expenses should not surprise you but they will cause extreme stress on your finances. Allocate a considerable amount of money to miscellaneous expenses. You are better off with surplus than with a deficit.

Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Thinking of a DIY Move? Why You Should Use Professional Movers Every Time

Relocating to a new home can be physically, emotionally and financially draining. As a result, most people in Portland find themselves debating on whether to opt for a DIY option or hire professional moving companies in Portland for the job. Whilst a DIY move gives you total control over the whole moving process, and saves money, doing it yourself can potentially end up being more complicated than when working with reputable full-service movers. “5 Benefits of hiring professional movers are

Guaranteed Safety

Using professional Portland moving companies is one way of safeguarding the safety of your belongings and family. All certified and fully licensed residential moving companies and commercial movers Portland are well trained and equipped with the right equipment for safe moving. Some of the equipment professionals’ have are ridiculously expensive making them difficult for individuals to afford.

Insured, certified and experienced

All genuine Portland movers are fully licensed and insured. Using such professional Portland local movers can be advantageous when moving. For starters, the safety of your stuff is guaranteed. In an event of any damages or breaking, you’ll not be left without compensation. Secondly; you’ll enjoy an abundance of peace of mind knowing your valuables are insured. With their vast experience in moving, you can count on professional Oregon movers to get the job done without damages.

Stress-Free moving experience

Moving companies in Portland have a reputation for being highly-experienced and disciplined. There is no reason whatsoever to do it yourself when you can easily hire movers in Portland to do it for you professionally. Furthermore, packing and unpacking can be a stressful experience for you. All you have to do to enjoy a stress-free moving experience is to hire the right local moving Portland Company.

Affordable service

Hiring full-service movers is nowadays very affordable. For best deals, it is imperative to consider comparing quotes from various Portland local movers. Interestingly; Movers Portland offers high-quality moving services at competitively straight forward estimates depending on the distance you want to be covered. Why trouble yourself when you can just part with a few dollars for the job to be done professionally?

Better storage facilities

Professional Portland movers have better, flexible storage facilities where you can be offered short term, long-term or even overnight storage service at additional charges. With such arrangements, you can go about your business knowing that your valuables are well protected and safe.


Evidently, hiring professional movers is more advantageous as compared to a DIY move.  

10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

10 Tasks that should be completed on Move-in Day

With the help of moving companies in Portland, moving doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking, frustrating and time-consuming affair. For a hassle-free moving, you should take care of certain essential tasks on move-in day. Here are 10 tasks that should be completed on move-in day:

Be organized with your Stuff

Consider sorting through your stuff before moving out of your current home. Start by separating the important things from the junks. Make extra cash by hosting a yard sale right before you start moving. Alternatively, you can donate the things you don’t need to charity as a prudent way of doubling your blessings.

Get your packing supplies

With the right packing supplies such as boxes, cushioning materials, scissors, tape, newspapers and bubble wrap, moving can be an exciting and stress-free experience. Interestingly; you can also acquire high-quality second-hand boxes and additional packing supplies from commercial movers Portland.

Hire a reputable Moving company

Want peace of mind? Hire a trustworthy local moving Portland company that offers high-quality service at an affordable rate. Consider comparing quotes from different Portland movers until you find the right full-service movers.

Schedule your moving day

 Planning your journey makes life much easier for you when moving to your new home Consider choosing an appropriate moving date, confirm the time of arrival with your movers, know the route to your new address, and check the traffic routines beforehand for your convenience.

Change Your Address

Change your address before moving out of your current home. You can contact your local post office via call, email or even notify them of your new address in person to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. You need to maintain your communication with your insurer, bank, credit card companies, and even friends/relatives/colleagues.

Start Packing Early

Consider starting packing your belongings early enough if you want a smooth moving. Sort your stuff early, fill those boxes with what you need and label them accordingly to avoid a stressful moving out day. Being organized is an excellent way of making your life easier when moving in or out.

Disconnect Your Utilities

Don’t call your local moving Portland Company before ensuring that all the utilities in your current home including gas, electricity, TV, internet, and water are disconnected. Contact all the relevant utility companies as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements to avoid unnecessary hassles with them.

Focus on Your Utilities

Residential moving companies will take you wherever you want, but will not check your utilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that the home you are about to move into has running utilities such as clean water, heat/AC, electricity, gas, phone, internet and TV connections.


Don’t ever start unpacking your stuff before cleaning your new home extensively. You can either do it yourself or seek help from cleaning service companies at a fee. Cleaning makes your life stress-free after moving.

Unpack Your Essentials

You’re finally home at last. Now, start unpacking all your most essential stuff including beddings, foodstuffs, toiletries, clothes, and cleaning supplies for easy accessibility.

Items you should personally pack during your Move

Items you should personally pack during your Move

Enrolling the services of a professional moving company doesn’t mean you’re free from all packing responsibilities. Despite your desire to give your mover ample packing autonomy, you still must pack some items yourself. Their value, size, and sensitive nature demands your presence and attention during moving.

First-Day Moving Box 

After moving into a new home, you won’t unpack straight away. That is why you require a special moving box containing items that you’ll need for the first week in your new house. Only you know precisely what you will need the first days. The first-day moving box will probably contain toothbrushes, bathing soaps, cleaning detergents, towels, beddings, chargers and a bunch of clothes to last a few days.

First Aid Kit

You never know what will happen when packing and moving. Handling heavy equipment and brittle items exposes you and your family members to injuries. You’ll pack, therefore, need to pack the first aid kit in a place you can access fast or place it in a visible place where everyone can see it.

First Week Utensils and Food Items 

You might find unpacking challenging on your first day. Unorganized offloading can also cause a mix-up of moving boxes. Ensure you pack aside utensils and cutleries to run you the whole week. Unless you’ll eat out or order ready-made meals, you must pack a separate box containing food ingredients to last one week.

Confidential and Important Documents

You never want movers to come across confidential documents or your certificates. Plus, you can’t trust anyone 100% with any hush-hush information. Besides, you must know where the documents are located every time. Only you can pack and ensure the safe movement of the documents.

Heirlooms and Jewels 

Heirlooms and jewels hold great value and the size of some jewels requires personal handling. Some heirlooms need specialized handling, storage, and moving. So, you’ll pack them yourself, keep them close when moving. And for better safety, you might need special heirloom and jewels moving services.

Classified Items

Everyone has items they want no one to come across maybe only their spouse. Such items can include sex toys, adult magazines, lingerie, X-rated videos, etc. If you hold them and you do not want the embarrassment that comes with their exposure, bar anyone from entering your room until you have safely packed them.

Personal Electronics

You perhaps have a special electronic gadget you hold close to your heart. They may include earphones, sporting headsets, microchips, music players, watches etc. it’s advisable you pack the items in special packs and yourself.

Tips for storing Family Heirlooms and Valuables

Tips for storing Family Heirlooms and Valuables 

Family heirlooms and valuables are prone to theft and damage. Plus, you hold them close to your heart. Meaning you have to be ultra-careful when handling, packing or storing them. Besides, each type of valuable or heirloom comes with its own material and handling techniques. There are things you need to know to ensure their full protection. Find out in the next part of the article.

Store in Dry and Cool Places

Heirlooms and valuables comprise different materials. And changes in humidity and temperatures influence their longevity. For instance, heirlooms made of wood or paper cannot withstand low humidity areas as they crack. Metal made valuables stored in low humid areas rust. Moderate humidity suits many heirlooms.

Fluctuating and extreme temperatures are harmful. They could lead to breakages when your heirlooms are ceramic or antique made. To ensure safety store the materials in cool places.

Ensure no sunlight penetrates into the room or hits the valuables to limit fading and chemical reactions that wear out the material.


The financial and emotional value of heirlooms puts them at risk of theft. When you’re moving in your new home, ensure you use lockable safes to store valuables with extreme value. Put them in a less frequented room or in a private cabinet in your home.

When you’re moving, enlist a trusted moving company to transport the valuables. Ensure it insures them for the sake of damages cover in case of loss or blemishing. In addition, you can take photos of the valuables before assigning them to a moving company.


If you leave your valuables in the open, people will always want to touch them. And some antiques and valuables are susceptible to lotions and oils. Therefore, any touch or exposure to oils can degrade them. Ensure you use special gloves and equipment when cleaning or touching to avoid depreciation.

Consider Packaging Material

First, all packaging material should be acid or chemical-free. You should not fold textiles antics anyhow but mark them as fragile to ensure proper handling. Use drying agents and insecticides to inhibit humidity and insects.

Avoid storing abrasive and metal heirlooms together with brittle items. And mark boxes containing brittle items “fragile “to enhance handling care.

Separate jewelry with mini boxes to avoid material mix-up, reactions, and corrosions. Ensure the boxes are strong and well-padded for enhanced protection.

When you’re moving and you have doubts about packaging, enlist a professional, take an inventory and leave packaging to them.




The demand for moving companies professionals is on the rise. Many people are moving houses and for one reason protect your items during your move, they cannot organize and facilitate the move. The advantage of hiring Full-service movers is that they have been moving clients for a while so they are experienced in the job. They can also work long hours and arrange a new house for you. As one of the professional moving companies Oregon, every move is a delicate mix of speed and safety of the property. Here are the main steps we take to ensure that every move is a success;

Bumpers on doors

If you watch Portland local movers at work, you will notice that most of the time they are either moving inside or outside a building. This is the same thing that happens within the rooms inside the house. Not that it will make the move easier, but putting bumpers on doors ensures that the action of opening and closing them does not damage the adjacent walls. Furniture and belongings are also protected because the doors do not hit against them.

Equipment is wrapped

Yes, because we do a lot of moving, the equipment we use also comes with us. To prevent damage to equipment, we wrap what we use to move in blankets. Damaged or poorly treated moving equipment has the potential to damage property.

Use the right equipment

Have you ever imagined that there was a rubber band large enough to wrap around a padded chair? Hire moving company Portland, we have it! We anticipate damage before it happens and therefore bring along items that will ensure that it does not happen. Moving large household items requires a delicate balance between proper packing and condition of the road. The best we can do is a thorough job at packing so that property does not stand a chance of damage while being moved.

Wrap everything

From dining table chairs to your kids’ toys, wrapping is our way of securing your belongings. This is mostly applicable for people who have items that do not completely fill a truck. To avoid movement when the truck is moving, the available luggage is securely attached to the truck.


Residential moving companies have been moving people from house to house for a long time and some of the precautions we take are based on mistakes from the past. We understand that clients may not understand the necessity but this is the best way to ensure a secure move for your property.

Downsizing? Moving into a Smaller Space

Downsizing? Moving into a Smaller Space

Rent can easily become the greatest check item on your monthly expenditure list. For most people owning a home they can call their own is among their major life goals. If achieving this call for moving into a smaller space, then there is no way to avoid hiring help Moving Portland Oregon. Do not expect it to be an easy adjustment to make. If you have children, prepare for the constant complaints before they finally settle in. Here are some tips to cope though the process;

Write down your priorities

Are there some items you feel you will not be able to manage without? Some that makes your life far much better or sentimental items that you will feel broken if you left behind? To start with, narrow your list to five but the less the better. If you are having a hard time creating this list, think of parts of your current house where you do not use often. Items in that area are not as important to carry over to your new space.

Look for inspiration

You are definitely not the first one to plan to move from a large living area to a smaller space. With the internet, you are likely to find others just like you. People who planned and executed the same and who are living fulfilled lives today. Organization ideas for small spaces, multi-use spaces and smaller than average are ideas to explore to make your story a success too.

Consider large furniture items

Before you get rid of that couch because you believe you will not need it, try to fit it into your new home. Some items you might already have might appear too bulky to move with but only when you settle in without them will you realize how important they are. Professional Residential moving companies can help you carry and arrange such large items in the new house before deciding what else to bring with you. You will be amazed at just how multipurpose large furniture items can be. If you have a large table, how about you close up the sides and use for storage as well?

Get rid of duplicates

This will work really well in the kitchen area where multiple appliances can do a single task. Put aside all items that appear to duplicate tasks already done by others. You might not want to give them out yet so setting them aside will help you in making storage arrangements.


Downsizing is never easy because apart from living without many of the things you were used to, you must adjust to a smaller space. Take your time to think through what is important to carry and stick to it. If it feels better, give out excesses to homes and relatives.



If you have hired Residential moving companies or your friends are taking care of the move, you might feel like there is nothing left for you to do. Are you thinking about hovering over everyone’s space trying to get things done in the right manner? Well, that is going to be in bad taste because people expect you to trust them and constantly watching over them might make them nervous. Here are some things you can do to keep yourself busy as well as help the Portland local movers;

Pack and code ahead of time

If you feel like you must make a contribution towards the move, start the packing process early by requesting boxes from the moving company or local store. Pack items based on the rooms they belong to and then label them once they have been sealed. The movers will definitely be glad that you made work easier for them without getting in their way.

Pack some fragile items in your car

While you are working with a professional team that knows how to pack and transport delicate items, accidents do happen. If you are worried that some sentimental items might get damaged or lost in the process, create room in your vehicle and pack them there. Leave the movers to focus on the heavy part of the work with the assurance of knowing the whereabouts and condition of your belongings.

Serve refreshments

Well, no one is looking to have a lunch break or tea break. Do not work out yourself trying to impress the team. You know that they are using up physical strength and depending on your move package, could be at this job for several hours. Cold soft drinks are always welcome and so are snacks like energy bars and bananas that boost energy levels instantly.

Get out of the way

You hired Portland local movers to help because you were certain they can handle the move with as little hassle as possible. It is annoying to do a job you are good at with the client watching your every move. At the very least, allow them space to execute a successful move – they know what they are doing.

Feel like you have too much time on the day of the move and nothing at all to do? Lucky for you if you signed up for the all-inclusive package for the movers to pack and unpack for you; this is an awesome opportunity to spend time at your favorite getaway spot.