Useful tips to make your move go smoothly

Useful tips to make your move go smoothly

Not always but at time we all need a useful tip to make a long day into a shorter one, especially if we are talking about the day of your move.  If you use the right equipment and materials you will not only save your back and your money but you just might have enough time to grab a drink. Here are some must have for your next move!

Appropriate equipment:  If you want to save your back from hurting tomorrow then you will use the appropriate moving equipment. Now you can purchase them or rent them at your local moving store or U-Haul.

  • Moving Blankets
  • Hand Truck ( also known as a dolly)
  • 4 wheel dolly 
  • Loading ramp ( if you are loading onto a pickup truck)
  • Tie downs ( rope or elastic strap)
  • Glove that have a good grip
  • Plastic tarp or cover ( if it is raining)

Figure out your move strategy before you start moving:

Have you even been at a place where you said to yourself, I wish I could get the last twenty minutes back? Well this is what I am talking about!  I am talking about figure out if you want to load all the heavy items in the back or on the bottom. Remember it’s like a puzzle and you have to figure the puzzle out.

Pick reliable transportation:

When renting a truck for your move, make sure it is a newer truck and not a beat down box truck.  Remember planning ahead will save you in the future from having to call a tow.

Keep your movers in the loop:

If you are hiring movers, try your best to communicate on any changes. Now this does work both ways. So be sure to emphasize this to the movers as well.

Get organized early:

The sooner the better, have a checklist and mark it twice! It never hurt to be extra prepared.

That’s all folks! Happy Moving!!